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Scented candles are one of life’s little luxuries. They fill rooms with wonderful scents and the flames add a cosy atmosphere to any room. This tutorial from Rebecca at Really Pretty Useful shows you how to create winter scented candles easily and inexpensively.

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Who doesn’t love a scented candle – especially at Christmas? But they can be ridiculously expensive which might put you off buying them. Making them at home, especially if you want to make lots to give as presents, works out much cheaper. And while you might be worried about making a mess, if you use soy wax, which is natural and chemical free, it’s super easy to clean up.

Scented Candles Tutorial

What you need

Soy wax – widely available online, it comes in flakes.
Essential oils – for the winter spiced scent use cinnamon, clove and orange
Tabbed votive wicks – also available online
Some pretty jars, votives or small glasses
Wooden spoon

How to

Step 1: To work out how much wax you need for each of your candles, fill your jar with wax flakes – it should be tightly packed – and double it.

Step 2: Put the wax into a pan and melt gently over a low heat until all the flakes have dissolved. Stir to encourage any clumps of wax to break up. Turn the heat off and leave for a minute to cool.

Step 3: Add in your essential oils – to create the ‘winter spiced’ scent, use 18 drops of orange oil, 12 drops of cinnamon and 8 drops of clove. It may smell strong at first but the smell will fade with the heat of the wax. Give it a stir before using a funnel to pour the wax into jars.

Step 4: Allow the wax to cool and turn slightly opaque before putting in the wick. Once the wax is cloudy and thick, but not set, push the wick to the bottom of the jar and it will stand by itself. Leave your candle to harden overnight and trim the wick leaving 1cm above the wax.

Step 5:  Tie the jars with ribbon or twine to give as a gift, or light the candle to fill your home with the wonderful scent you have created.


If you notice any little splashes of wax on your jar or worktop, just run the hot tap, soak a cloth and wipe the wax away. Soy wax melts at a lower temperature than paraffin wax so it’s much easier to clean.

If you have any left over wax pour it into a paper cup to either use again (cut the cup up so you can get it out and re melt the lump), or pop it in the bin. Don’t pour leftover wax down the sink or you’ll clog the drains.

You can see more from Rebecca and her stunning photography at her blog, Really Pretty Useful.

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