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As I’m sure you’re aware today is quite a big deal for Wales as it sees the celebration of the county’s patron saint, St David. Because of this, we asked people why they hold Wales dear; maybe because of a treasured memory or a favourite spot they might have. We had some lovely responses back about annual visits to see family and suggestions of special places such as the Llyn Peninsula, Bala and the Mumbles which got us thinking- do we have any beautiful spots that we could recommend to you? Take a look at what we came up with!

Church Island – Anglesey

church island

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Tucked away in a picturesque corner of the Menai Straits, Church Island is one of the hidden jewels of Anglesey. As you have probably guessed, its name derives from a beautiful fifteenth century church that calls the island home- but that isn’t all that there is to enjoy! Church Island also boasts some absolutely stunning views of both the Menai Bridge and the Welsh Mainland, and we can personally recommend a short walk from the end of the causeway right the way through to the foot of the bridge where you’ll be treated to some amazing vistas.

Caldey Island – Pembrokeshire

caldey island

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Caldey Island is found just off the south west coast of Wales, not too far from the ever popular holiday destination of Tenby. Given that the two are so close you might expect Caldey Island to be bustling with visitors come the peak season, however, you’re more likely to find it to be a nice tranquil haven. The island is perhaps best known for the small community of monks who reside there, however, there is more to Caldey than just a monastery. You can easily while away an afternoon soaking up some of the stunning views and observing some of the local wildlife, or you could even treat yourself to some of the famous Caldey island perfume and a bar of home-made chocolate from the monastery.

Portmeirion – Gwynedd


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Ok, chances are you’ll all know about this one, but we couldn’t do a blog on special places in Wales without mentioning Portmeirion. Probably most famous for being the setting of the cult 60’s TV program The Prisoner this curiously designed village brings a taste of the Italian Riviera to North Wales with its beautiful colonnades and gaudily coloured buildings. There is an interesting sight to see around every corner, not to mention the various fantastic eateries from the Caffi Glas (Blue Café) to the Hotel Portmeirion restaurant, which was recently awarded two rosettes from the AA!

Hopefully, you’ll agree with our choices of Welsh treasures, but if you have any alternative suggestions we would love to hear from you. Or if you fancy taking a little trip and discovering them for yourself why don’t you take a look at our holiday cottages in Wales!

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