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Whether you’re a fan or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and soon shops will be adorned with red hearts and fluffy teddy bears. We’ve been very busy here at Sykes HQ with phone calls from doe-eyed lovers looking to book a weekend away in honour of St. Valentine. As it is such a prime time of year, we thought that we’d take a look at what we think makes the perfect romantic getaway cottage. So, if you’re the owner of a self catering holiday cottage and want to spruce up your property to appeal more to the romantic market, then you are in the right place!

Now we know that people’s ideas of romance differ. Some people want to be in a bustling city centre to see all of the sights with their loved one, whereas other couples prefer a secluded countryside location with nothing but walks and nature surrounding them. No matter the type of romantic retreat couples are looking for, however, there are a few additions we think any cottage should have to make it the perfect nest for love birds.

How about a Hot Tub?

Image from Orchard Cottage Property reference: 13806

For those couples who want to add a bit of luxury to their Valentine’s getaway, a hot tub will be top of the wish list! Particularly in the chilly February weather there is nothing more appealing than hopping into a hot tub with your Valentine at the end of a day exploring and enjoying each other’s company. Our cottages that have hot tubs are often the first to be booked up, so if you have the space to fit one at your property it is well worth it!

Comfy Sofas and Open Fires

Image from Barn Cottage. Property reference 2111.

For the modern couple, where time spent together may be few and far between, having a comfy sofa to cuddle on is important when on a romantic getaway. If this comfy sofa happens to be in front of an open fire then all the better! Romantic breaks are the perfect time for a couple to reconnect and to rekindle their romance; what better way to do this than with a snuggle on a big comfortable sofa? Also, why not have a basket of blankets near the sofa, to let your guests get really comfy?


Image via Flickr.

As much as a romantic getaway is a chance to spend quality time together, having some kind of entertainment for guests to enjoy together can be a very good idea. Having either a CD player or a docking station can allow couples to rekindle their love of old songs or to help get them in the romantic mood. Having a television with a DVD player might also be a good idea, to allow couples to catch up on their favourite television series or watch their favourite film.

The Little Touches

Image via Flickr.

If you know that a couple is coming to your property for a romantic break or honeymoon, why not leave out a few extras. Things like a bottle of wine, some chocolates or some lovely local foodie treats will go down a storm and could help make the romantic getaway really special for the couple.

So there you have it, our top tips of additions you can make to spruce up your holiday home for the romantic crowd. Or perhaps you already have the perfect romantic retreat and would like to join us here at Sykes Cottages? If so, then take a look at our cottage letting page for more information!

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