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It’s a common misconception that dogs are man’s best friend when in fact these fluffy, energetic, lovable pups are everyone’s best friend! Always happy to see you dogs offer a shoulder to cry on, a friend to play with and are very generous when it comes to giving away cuddles.

Here in Britain dogs are considered part of the family and when off on your holidays no family member gets left behind, so for this addition of Sunday Snapshots we’ve been cooing over thousands of pictures of dogs on holiday! Keep scrolling  to view a shortlist of our favourite pictures.

Via Flickr.

Via Flickr.

If you’re planning a family holiday this year and don’t want your pup being left behind then make sure to visit our pet friendly cottages page. We have over 2,000 dog friendly properties available where your dog will feel right at home snuggled in front of the fire!


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