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Over our 25 year history, we’ve donated thousands to good causes up and down the country that we believe are making a difference within local communities and throughout the natural environment of the UK. We strive to support any initiative whose goal it is to preserve and safeguard our country’s natural habitats, and are immensely proud of our contribution to some of the UK’s most important conservation charities.


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From helping protect the homes of dormice and otters in Northumberland, to maintaining rare eco-systems in Newquay, we’re dedicated to doing what we can to safeguard the natural beauty of the UK so that it can be enjoyed and admired by holidaymakers for years to come. After all, without the efforts of schemes like the Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the UK’s inspiring natural world would be in danger of being lost for good.

Beech Trees

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With this in mind, we thought we’d let you know about our latest donation to the World Land Trust. This international conservation charity aims to take direct action to save wildlife habitats across the globe, from the rainforests of Brazil to the grasslands of Kenya. Thankfully, our donation to the WLT of £1,000 will be expended a little closer to home, with the charity planning to use our contribution to help fund the preservation and protection of the Kites Hill Reserve right here in the UK.

Boreal Owl

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The reserve, which covers 40 acres of stunning countryside in the Cotswolds, has been designated as a “Site of Special Scientific Interest” (SSSI) because of its irreplaceable beech woodlands, and was dubbed one of the most “important nature conservation sites in Europe” by Natural England.

The reserve is under threat due to past farming practices, which degraded the quality of the woodland and led to the loss of numerous species. Now in 2013, many of the native species have returned, and the WLT aims to provide the reserve’s recovering wildlife with a sustainable home long into the future. To continue managing Kite Hill’s sustainability, the WLT called upon corporate sponsorship to help fund the preservation effort, and as a UK based company, we thought it only right to come forward and show our support to this worthwhile conservation project.

red kite

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Visitors to the Kites Hill Reserve can expect to find a plethora of beloved British wildlife foraging amongst the flora, including butterflies, bats, owls and rare birds like the Red Kite, Stock Dove and Kestrel. Needless to say, the reserve proves an excellent place for a walk, with its mixture of grassland meadows and dense woodlands providing an enchanting backdrop for a stroll at any time of year.

So why not experience a trip to the Kites Hill Reserve on a cottage holiday in Gloucestershire? We’ve a handful of endearing Gloucestershire holiday cottages within a short drive of the reserve, so be sure to enjoy this priceless stretch of British countryside whilst you still can! And in the meantime, Sykes will continue endeavouring to preserve the wonders of our great country for generations to come.

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