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When you’re on the move, whether miles from home or right in your own backyard, smartphone apps can save you time and money. Whether you need help finding your way to the hotel, or a language translator to aid your market haggling prowess, there is a travel app out there for you. Here are Sykes Cottages pick of the bunch, our favourite apps to make the most of your travel experience.

Up, Up and Away

If you’ve ever found yourself lost and confused when trying to navigate a foreign airport you’ll appreciate GateGuru, a customized airport tour guide that can fit in your pocket. Not only does this app provide real-time flight status, but it also includes a wealth of airport content customized to you. How long is the estimated wait time at security? GateGuru will tell you. Where’s the best restaurant? They’ve got you covered! What’s the fastest way to get from gate to gate with a short layover? All you’ve got to do is ask. You can’t ask for much more than that.

What Does That Cost in Real Money?

There are few things more confusing while travelling than dealing with currency conversion rates. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been ripped off because you just couldn’t remember how much a Thai Bhat is worth in Pounds Sterling. If you’re math skills are a little rusty (like mine), the first app you should download is XE Currency, a universally optimized currency app for iPhone and iPad. All you need to do with this simple app is choose the currencies that you want converted from and to and enter the amount you want converted. It’s as simple as that!

Eat Where the Locals Eat

If you want to get away from the hotel restaurant Urbanspoon is the app for you. Urbanspoon scans your location and offers suggestions of local restaurants, bars, and pubs, giving you options you might never have otherwise heard of. Looking for a specific type of food or price bracket? Urbanspoon can help you with that too. Just use the search function to narrow your options down by type, price, or rating.

Wherever I Lay My Hat

The list of top free travel apps just wouldn’t be complete without Sykes Cottages very own holiday cottage app. In only 6 easy steps, the Cottage Finder app allows you to browse and book a holiday cottage while on the move. Wherever you are in the UK or Ireland, the app uses GPS technology to show nearby cottages that are available and ready to book. Don’t cut a day trip short just because you don’t yet have anywhere to stay. Just load up the Cottage Finder app and we can have a cosy cottage ready for you in mere minutes! Take a look at our how-to video to see just how easy it is.

What travel app could you just not do without?

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