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From the humble Cheddar to the majestic Stilton, Britain is famed for its wide selection of delicious cheese products. As the French look on with jealousy, British cheese makers continue to strengthen our cheese heritage with a vast range of traditional and modern flavours. Travelling through Britain’s various regions you’ll find that the taste, texture and smell of cheese varies but the exceptional quality remains. If you’re in search of a new addition to your cheese board or a secret ingredient for your cheese sauce, then keep reading as Sykes Cottages gives you a guide to the best of British cheeses.

Blacksticks Blue

Blacksticks Blue from Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Blacksticks Blue from Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Described as the daddy of all blue cheeses, Blacksticks Blue is a multi-award winning blue cheese from Lancashire produced by the good people at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. This unique, blue veined cheese has its own distinctive amber hue and the extremely creamy flavour is the perfect accompaniment to a thick slice of bread or salty cracker. Ideal for cooking, this scrumptious cheese is also a firm favourite with chefs and wonderful when stirred into hot mash potato!


Caboc supplied by International

Caboc supplied by International Cheese

The oldest cheese in Scotland, Caboc is made using a double cream and is coated with toasted oatmeal. This unique cheese is extremely creamy with a slight sour note finished off beautifully with its chewy, nutty edge. This cheese is completely different to most others you’ll find on your average cheese board, so when serving, we would suggest small slices teamed with a lightly peppered cracker and a glass of single malt Scottish whisky.


Cheese from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company maturing in Gough's Cave

Cheese from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company maturing in Gough’s Cave

The earliest reference to Cheddar cheese in Britain dates back to 1170 and the village of Cheddar has been synonymous with cheese since the 15th century. It’s no wonder then, that Cheddar is home to one of the nation’s most loved cheeses. With their cheeses maturing in cloth for up to 18 months, the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company has won several awards over the years and with its new cave matured cheeses, we’re sure it will be winning competitions for years to come.



Picture via Flickr.

This very special blue cheese is made in a brick built dairy located on the northern edge of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.  Stichelton is one of the very few British blue cheeses which are made using unpasteurised milk; this traditional technique adds to the cheeses sweet and creamy flavour. Instead of piercing the cheese by hand, the cheese makers at Stichelton use a specialised machine which speeds the bluing evenly throughout the cheese giving it a rich, gentle blue note.


Cornish Yarg

Picture via Flickr.

Wrapped in a natural rind of wild nettle leaves, the fresh and creamy Cornish Yarg is extremely popular here in Britain and over at Lynher Dairies they are experts at brushing the nettle leaves onto the cheese in concentric circles. After five weeks of maturing, the cheese takes on a unique mushroom taste which works perfectly in a creamy cheese sauce. The clever cheese makers at Lynher Dairies have even come up with a wild garlic yarg, which uses Ramson leaves instead of the traditional nettle coating; a real talking point for any cheese board!

We hope you have enjoyed our choice of the best cheeses Britain has to offer. For more information on the cheeses mentioned, please follow the appropriate links to their suppliers.

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