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We are thrilled to announce that a winner has been chosen in the competition that Sykes Cottages have been running in association with the Tesco Books blog. We were delighted to team up with award winning author Carole Matthews to celebrate the release of her new book ‘A Cottage by the Sea’, to offer readers a chance to win £750 towards their very own cottage holiday in the UK or Ireland. That’s a pretty great prize, if we do say so ourselves!

A Cottage by the Sea - Carole Matthews

A Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews

Clare O’Brien of Cheshire is the lucky winner and was chosen for her clever and well-written response to our question, “Who would you bring on a cottage holiday by the sea, and why?” Below is Clare’s winning entry.

A week in a holiday cottage by the sea,
Who will I ask to come down and join me?

I will bring Brian Cox – he’s a trusty alliance,
I’ll take in the sights with his knowledge of science.

Michel Roux Jr will holiday with me,
And cook up some delicious feasts for our tea.

And when it gets dark we’ll need music and song,
So I’ll bring a guitar and Ben Howard along.

And last but not least I would like to invite,
Carole Matthews to make any rainy day bright.

With a story share with us down by the sea,
In our holiday cottage – just my friends and me!

A big congratulations goes to Clare and we can’t wait to help you plan your perfect cottage holiday by the sea!

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