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Ever since I joined the team at Sykes Cottages last year, I’ve felt more inspired to explore more of what lies on my own fair isle. In the UK we’re truly spoilt with history, great days out and fantastic outside space. Heck, this year it looks like we might even be spoilt with fantastic weather and the best thing about it is that there’s no need to sit on a long flight. When looking for my next UK-based adventure, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere that I’d never been to before. Spending much of my 9-5 time with a proud Yorkshireman was bound to rub off at some point, and so the decision to take a trip to the historic city of York was made. For my blog today, I’m going to write something a little more personal than usual and show you some of the things that I got up to on my short time in York to perhaps give you some ideas on what you can get up to with even just a short time in this fantastic city.

Go on a City Bus Tour

The stunning York Minster is one of the must see sights of York.

Being in a city with as much history as York, going on some kind of tour is an excellent way to spend an hour especially if you’ve never been before. There are a variety of walking tours that are available around York with fantastically knowledgeable tour guides, but if time is of the essence, I personally think that a bus tour is an excellent way to see and learn about the city. The great thing is that you can either stay on for the whole hour tour or hop on and off at bus stops along the route to visit the many attractions and explore York a little more!

Get Scared Silly at The York Dungeon

See the horrible history of York as told by terrifically funny actors at The York Dungeon

For a fantastic experience and a look at the history of York as told from the perspectives of those in the know, The York Dungeon is a must visit! Each tour group are guided around the dungeons into a variety of rooms where you see, smell and hear about different parts of York’s history. You’ll find out about Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot, see the doctor’s assistant for a plague cure and head to the courtroom to be charged by the judge. In each room you will meet a different character, all of which are played by fantastic actors and actresses who really help bring the horrible history of York to life!

Go for a Walk

The Shambles in York has fascinating architecture

Sometimes when you’re in a new city the best way to make the most of it is just by walking around. With such stunning architecture and cobbled streets York is the ideal city to wander about in – weather permitted of course. No trip to York is complete without walking the walls and, as it has more miles of wall still intact than anywhere else in England, it is no surprise that this is such a popular thing to do. Once you’ve walked the wall it is worth taking a stroll down York’s oldest street; Shambles. Fans of architecture will delight in the fifteenth century buildings and the cobbles whilst fans of shopping will love popping into the many shops and tea rooms.

This is just a small number of things that I got up to on my trip to York, there is so much to do in this city that I don’t think you could ever get bored! If you fancy taking a trip to York, you can see our lovely holiday cottages within close proximity to the city by clicking here. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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