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Have you ever been on a holiday and ended up a bit bored after a couple of days? All of that relaxing and spending time with the family can seem like a good idea in theory, but in practice it can get a little tiresome after a while. Monotanous is not what you want your holiday to be so you need to find something with which to occupy yourself.

Learning a new skill, or brushing up on an old one, may be just the ticket to breaking out of the holiday humdrum. Across the country there are local schools and courses that are perfect for the holidaymaker. Fancy learning a bit about charcuterie? How about how to bake the perfect Yorkshire pudding? Maybe a bit of basket making would help you break out of your boredom? Sign yourself up and get more out of your next UK holiday.

Kate’s Country School, Abergavenny

Sheep Husbandry Course at Kate’s Country School

Have you ever harboured a secret fantasy to someday own and run your own smallholding, with little chickens running around the lawn and the sound of sheep baa-ing floating softly on the breeze? If you are one of the thousands who dream of getting back to the land then the courses at Kate’s Country School in Abergavenny will be right up your street. With one day courses on everything from lambing to cider making you’ll quickly become a dab hand at all things country.

River Cottage, Axminster

River Cottage HQ

River Cottage HQ Via. Flickr

If you have even a passing interest in local and seasonal cooking then the chances are pretty good that you have heard of River Cottage. This country enterprise has grown from one family fleeing the big city rat-race and setting up a small holding in rural Dorset in 1997, to today’s eco and ethically conscious food haven that draws gastro-pilgrims from around the world. The cookery courses at River Cottage HQ range from day long interest courses in topics such as wild food foraging, butchery and bread making, to longer two and four day courses that take you ever deeper into the River Cottage ethos. You’ll want to sign-up for your course well in advance though because places go quickly!

Humble By Nature, Wye Valley


Cider making at Humble By Nature

Looking for something to keep both you and the kids occupied while on holiday? Well, Humble By Nature has you covered on all fronts. With a great selection of courses designed just for the young ones, as well as adult courses on food, animals and rural skills, there is something to keep the whole family entertained. Leave for your holiday a city slicker and come back as a qualified bee-keeper – not everyone can claim that of their holiday!

The School of Artisan Food, Sherwood Forest

Cyrille Gives a Roulade Masterclass

Roulade Masterclass at the School of Artisan Food. Via. Flickr

There’s more to the Sherwood Forest than just men in green tights, and the School of Artisan Food is good proof of that. Here it’s all about food, glorious food, with the widest range of cooking courses that you’re likely to find in the country, and as if the amazing courses weren’t enough, they are also a registered charity and not-for-profit institution that is committed to providing the widest possible access to its facilities. The only guilt that comes from taking a course here is from the copious amount of calories that you’re likely to devour! Bread, cake, cheese, meat, chocolate and cider, oh my!

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