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Warwick is a genteel town whose main draw for visitors is one of the country’s finest surviving mediaeval castles. If you’re staying at a Warwick holiday cottage, there is much to see and do. The castle is owned by Madame Tussauds and as such resembles something of a theme park, with special events, concerts and themed days taking place on a regular basis. Inside, the private apartments are filled with waxworks in a recreation of scenes from history. Don’t be surprised to bump into the Prince of Wales, or a young Churchill, as you walk around the Kingmaker exhibition, which showcases a mediaeval household in full swing, whilst there are Kingmaker feasts and Highwayman suppers to allow you taste the full experience. Don’t miss, too, the world’s largest siege machine, a unique reconstruction of a massive mediaeval Trebuchet, which is fired twice daily during the summer season.

Other popular Warwick attractions include the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, with its famous Beauchamp Tower, mediaeval tombs and the ducking stool in the crypt, once used to soak loose-tongued wives… For museums, the Warwickshire Museum is located in the market building dating back to the seventeenth century and has displays on archaeology and natural history, whilst St. John’s House is a lovely Jacobean manor house set in fine gardens, detailing life in Victorian times, and with a play area for young children. See also the Royal Warwickshire Regimental Museum. Other Military museums in town include the Queen’s Hussars and all the pageantry of Warwickshire Yeoman Museum.

The Lord Leycester Hospital is a beautiful former almshouse with lovely gardens, and fine architecture, including a guildhall and chapel dating from the fourteenth century. Just a stone’s throw from the castle, St. Nicholas Park is a good spot for those holidaying with children – there’s an extensive range of sports on offer here, such as a BMX track, boules rink and crazy golf as well as a summer paddling pool and pony rides, tennis courts, and traditional play areas. From pony rides to horse racing, Warwick Racecourse is close the to castle – check your dates and book early for flat racing or steeple chasing on an enjoyable day at the Races.

If you would like to see the above sights and attractions, why not take a look at our Warwick holiday cottages?

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