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Across the UK we are spoilt for things to do. Whether we fancy going for a walk, visiting a museum, art gallery, theme park, a play centre or travel back in time we can do it all. Hang on; did I just say travel back in time? Yes, I did and in the UK there are plenty of museums and days out that allow us to do just that; travel back and experience what life would have been like in times gone by. Today on the Sykes blog we’re taking a look at those museums and activities that not only educate visitors about the past, but also allow them to experience it.

Dewa Roman Experience in Chester

Image via Flickr.

The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester is just that, an experience, and one that doesn’t disappoint! Not only does The Dewa Roman Experience have the usual museum like qualities; featuring artefacts and snippets from Roman history in Chester but it also allows visitors a more hands on approach. Children can try on Roman armour and uniforms, before heading out with a fully costumed tour guide to march around the city streets of Chester. A must visit for a family day out in Chester!

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Jorvik Viking Centre in York

Image via Flickr.

With authentic scents and sounds whilst you travel through the reconstructed Viking streets, Jorvik Viking Centre really does allow you to travel back in time and experience what it would have been like to be a Viking. Not only are there life-like Viking figures in the displays, but around the exhibition space you will find actors dressed in full Viking kit willing to answer any questions you may have about the museum!

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Flambards in Cornwall

Image via Flickr.

Flambards in Cornwall is a must visit for any Victorian enthusiasts, history buffs or just anyone who wants to know what it was like in the Victorian age. Visitors to the Victorian village can take a wander through shops and businesses that were necessary to Victorian life and experience first-hand what it would have been like shopping in the Victorian era. A visit to the Britain in the Blitz takes visitors (safely) back in time to the World War Two home front to experience the struggle experienced by families during the Blitz.

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The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

Image via Flickr.

A must-visit for any fans of the Time Lord, The Doctor Who Experience takes visitors on an interactive journey through time.  The experience allows Doctor Who fans to appear in their very own time-travelling Doctor Who adventure. Not only does The Doctor Who Experience allow fans of the Doctor this fun experience, but it is also home to the world’s most extensive collection of Doctor Who props and costumes, spanning back to the very first series in 1963.

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We hope that some of our ideas for days out in the past have inspired you to head out and get historical on your next day trip in the UK! Don’t forget to tweet us and let us know what your favourite place is in the UK to head back in time.

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