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The Valentine’s weekend is in full swing and all around us are happy couples celebrating their love, showering each other with gifts and lightening the mood on this otherwise dreary Saturday. We hope you have been enjoying our Valentine’s specials on existing couples and their happy memories, so far we have interviewed Mike and Michelle from Anglesey and Simon and Sue from East Yorkshire. Today is the final interview so keep reading to find out about this interesting couple from Wales.

Lisa and James 2013

Lisa and James 2013

Our final couple is Lisa and James from Anglesey in North Wales. James grew up in Holyhead before moving to Bangor for University where he met Lisa. Lisa spent her childhood exploring the coast and national trust properties around north Wales with her grandparents. They moved to Menai Bridge 3 years ago and now live in a wonderful community with their 2 year old son Adam, they plan on getting married in a small traditional Welsh church in 2017.


Thank you for agreeing to take part in our interview, if you could start by you telling us a little bit about yourselves…

James: Well we’ve been together 7 years.

Lisa: 7 long, long years. But there is nothing much to tell really, we are pretty boring

James:  Yes I’m pretty and you’re boring

Lisa: (laughing) To be honest I was the only girl drunk and foolish enough to throw myself at you

James: Good thing I can catch


How did you both meet?

Lisa, James and Adam at  Pili Palas

Lisa, James and Adam at Pili Palas

Lisa: My mum forced us together

James: Through a mutual friend, her mother, Michelle. We were on a night out and Michelle asked me for a favour, she said “James will you look after my 19 year old daughter” and I said “yes Michelle, I will!” because I’m a good guy like that.

Lisa: During the night I was getting a lot of unwanted attention so mum asked James to keep an eye on me and he’s been looking after me ever since.


Have you ever been on holiday together? Where was your most recent holiday?

Lisa: We’ve been on holiday a few times; our most recent holiday was going up to Scotland for a wedding in Kirkcaldy. It was beautiful there with a big castle and lots of open space with stunning county views.


Do you have any holiday disasters or funny moments you would like to share with us?

James: We once went on holiday with Lisa’s parents, when we got there we found out that they had booked two rooms with a conjoining door!

Lisa: Every five minutes my little brothers would barge through the door to show us pictures of transformers. Take our advice, if you ever want to go on a romantic holiday together don’t take your mum, dad and two brothers and definitely don’t have conjoining rooms!


Lisa on a walk in Penmaenmawr

Lisa on a walk in Penmaenmawr

If you could take a holiday anywhere in the UK where would you most like to go?

Lisa: I’d like to take Adam to Logo Land in Windsor or to the Lake District because he would really enjoy the nature and all of the activities there.

James: Yes the Lakes would be nice, not a city though, never a city.

Lisa: That’s right we don’t really enjoy city breaks, we much prefer the country

James: That would be a good holiday, me you and Adam at a country cottage.



If you could go on holiday with any celebrity couple, who would it be?

James: Well we love to read and like a lot of authors but there would be no point holidaying with them. We would either harass them about their books or lock them in their room until they finish the next book!

Lisa: Maybe a rich celebrity, someone who can spoil us.

James: I would go with Brewster from ‘Chuggington’.

Lisa: (laughing) James he is not a person he is a train, a fictional train!

James: But he is famous! Adam loves him.

Lisa: Oh what about Mick Foley and his wife?

James: Yes, he’s a wrestler and an author, we read his autobiography and he seems really funny.


Lisa and James just after baby Adam was born.

Lisa and James just after baby Adam was born.

What are your partner’s best and worst qualities?

James: Let me see the worst one, she takes about a week to put her cloths away! But then she puts up with my random obsession with things and she listen to me… occasionally.

Lisa: Worst quality, his random obsessions with things! But best quality is that he is incredibly sweet and he remembers things that I don’t even think he’s picked up on.

James: Yer I listen.

Lisa: There you go listening, that’s his best quality.


Is there anything that your partner does that you wouldn’t be able to do yourself?

James: Well Lisa can wrap presents and she has handwriting that is legible and people understand so she writes my cards.

Lisa: James keeps me financially stable by giving me good advice on what’s needed and what isn’t

James: And by locking the door so she can’t get out and spend!

Lisa: He also does all the laundry, I’m awful at it.

James: Lisa cooks; she is a fantastic cook and always really impresses our friends and family when they come round.


Lisa and James celebrating Christmas 2013 in Chester

Lisa and James celebrating Christmas 2013 in Chester

What is that most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your partner?

James: I went all the way to Aberystwyth to surprise her on our first Valentine’s Day together.

Lisa:  That’s right he was stood outside my work with flowers and ice cream! I was so shocked it was such a sweet gesture and I had no idea he was coming. I don’t know what I’ve done thought, he likes it when I randomly come home with stake.

James: Yes she comes home with steak and she cooks it too!


How did you propose?

Lisa: I forced him into it! I found out my little sister was going to get engaged before me and I wasn’t happy. So one day we were in town at a jewellery shop when he said “do you want a ring then?”

James: We had just bought a house and I thought that showed a big enough commitment in wanting to be with her. But the ring makes her happy so I’m happy.


What would you say is the secret to a long lasting relationship?

James: You have to be happy doing simple things together not just an activity or a big event. To be happy just spending time together doing simple things like watching TV and eating a bag of crisps or playing a board game.

Lisa: If you’re happy just being in the same room together that’s going to last a lot longer than if you are only happy going out.


And finally do you have any plans for this Valentine’s Day?

Lisa: We have a favourite pizza place called Bella House, so we will be treating ourselves to a pizza.

James: And playing our new board game, just making the most of our time together when Adam has gone to bed.




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