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Being an island, Ireland is surrounded by water. Not only does it help Ireland’s countryside to grow that luscious green stuff that has earned it the pet name ‘The Emerald Isle’, but it also leads to a whole lot of fun! Despite the chilly temperatures that are usually the case in Ireland, no matter where you are near the coast you are sure to be close to some kind of water based fun! Today on the Sykes Cottages blog we are taking a look at some of the best watery ways to spend a day in Ireland.

Go on a Boat Trip

If you fancy heading out into the open water then why not book yourself onto a boat charter? Whether spending time with family or a celebrating with friends they are the perfect way to spend a day out if you fancy something a bit different. Whether you want to try your hand at angling, do some sightseeing or visit one of Ireland’s many other islands, places such as Ewing’s Sea Angling and Boat Charters are the place to go. Providing everything you could need for your trip, including a highly experienced Skipper, chartered boat trips in Sligo are the perfect way for anyone and everyone to spend time on the Atlantic Ocean.


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With such chilly temperatures, it is hard to imagine taking a dip in the waters surrounding Ireland, however the rugged and vast coastlines of Ireland make it the perfect place to go surfing! Whether you are a novice or have a bit more experience, Ireland is the place to pick up your board and go ride the waves. For complete beginners, Ireland has no shortage of surf schools where experienced surfing instructors can show you the ropes. So why not put on your wet suit, and go for a surf on your next holiday in Ireland?

Dolphin and Whale Spotting

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There is perhaps nothing more breath taking than seeing a Whale or Dolphin take a leap out of the water right in front of your eyes, and when in Ireland, it is a sight that you don’t need to travel far to see. If you are staying near the Irish coast you won’t be too far from Whale and Dolphin watching boats that can allow you to get an even better view of these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Booking to go Dolphin and Whale spotting is not only fun, but it is educational as the boat guides will provide you with all you need to know!

Book a Holiday Cottage in Ireland

If you’re now feeling inspired to hit the water, why not book a holiday in Ireland? We have a great selection of holiday cottages in Ireland that would be perfect to head back to after a water-filled day out.

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