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Cleanliness has always been one of the most important factors of welcoming guests to your holiday let, however in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now more essential than ever.

We have put together a list of guidelines and recommendations that property owners, contractors, cleaning suppliers and guests can follow in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. These recommendations are intended as guidance only and do not reflect a minimum level of requirement.

Discover below what we recommend in order to safely welcome holiday let guests during COVID-19.

Cleaning your holiday let during COVID-19 cleaning gloves

During these times, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising your holiday let is vital when welcoming guests to ensure a stay in an environment they know is clean and safe. Here are some guidelines to cleaning your holiday let that you should consider following:

  • If you are wondering which cleaning products are believed to prove effective against COVID-19; most common household disinfectants and cleaning solutions that either contain diluted bleach or are 70%+ in alcohol content will suffice
  • When buying cleaning products for your holiday let, look for items that show the codes EN14675 or EN14476 for extra assurance
  • As well as cleaning all surfaces and items within your holiday let, be sure to thoroughly clean or dispose of your cleaning equipment (mops, towels etc.) in between each clean

Other tips that are likely do reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus include:

  • Steam cleaning – This creates both high pressure and high temperature as well as dry stream, which makes sure that surfaces can be cleaned effectively with water
  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging Machine – A mobile disinfectant cleaning appliance, which when used along with manual disinfectant, can clean a wide range of surfaces more comprehensively
  • Atmospheric Mists/Sprays – These can be used to kill viruses, destroy bacteria and eliminate bad odours in enclosed spaces with little effort

Take extra carestopwatch take time

Now that you are once again welcoming guests to your holiday let, additional attention should be given to items and areas which receive frequent use, such as:

  • Doorknobs, door frames, light switches, handrails and banisters, keys and window handles
  • Remote controls, thermostats, highchairs, books, toys and games
  • Appliances including; ovens, fridges, freezers, toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers and vacuum cleaners
  • Bathroom fittings such as; toilets, taps, sinks, shower heads, shampoo and soap dispensers
  • Bins and bin lids both in and outside the property
  • Umbrellas, mops, dustpans, brushes and brooms
  • Outdoor areas and furniture such as; tables and chairs, BBQs, play areas, toys, sheds, garages, shared entrances and key safes

Some other actions that you could take to improve the safety of you and your guests during COVID could include:

  • Reduce the amount of touch points throughout your holiday let by de-cluttering and removing any unnecessary items and ornaments
  • Open windows and doors during cleaning and changeover to allow ventilation
  • Communal areas such as games rooms and gyms should either be closed and thoroughly cleaned between use

If these additional tasks do mean that you require more time in between your changeovers, you can amend your check-in and check-out times on the Sykes Owner Portal.

Reassuring your guestssmiling guest

It is not only your responsibility to keep your holiday let clean, it is also the responsibility of your guests to ensure the cleanest environment possible. Here are some tips for you to follow to ensure that your guests enjoy a safe and comfortable stay:

  • Provide cleaning equipment such as; disposable gloves and wipes, fresh cloths, paper towels and hand sanitisier
  • Offer hand soap at every sink
  • Do not clean during a guest’s stay
  • Provide your property information via email/website if possible. If not possible, laminate your information pack or place in a plastic folder and clean in between changeovers
  • Laminate your fire evacuation advice and place on the wall in a visible position
  • Advise your guests that you have taken extra steps to clean your holiday let and provide extra protection in order to reassure them during their stay

Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) in your holiday let personal protective equipment

We highly recommend that you and any other staff that regularly enter your holiday let such as cleaners, housekeepers and contractors use Protective Personal Equipment. This may include gloves, aprons and masks which should be discarded and changed after each use.

It is also recommended that anyone cleaning the property regularly washes their hands and uses hand sanitiser when possible.

Changing holiday let bedding, linen and laundrybed linen washing

It is imperative that bed linen and laundry is changed and properly cleaned in between uses during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of our recommendations regarding bedding, linen and laundry include:

  • Wear gloves to remove any bed linen. Once removed, dispose of the gloves, and use a fresh pair to put the clean linen on the bed. (Also applies to towels, bath mats, tea towels, oven gloves and other linen items)
  • Do not shake your laundry. This will minimise the possibility of the spread of COVID-19
  • Thoroughly clean pillow and mattress protectors in between guest changeovers
  • Provide a washable laundry basket for your guests to use during their stay, then wipe clean and disinfect during changeover
  • Recommend that your guests strip the beds and place the dirty linen in a laundry bin before they depart

Disposing of waste waste disposal

  • Any waste should be placed in a plastic bag, tied up and disposed of in an external bin before your next guests arrive
  • Regarding hazardous waste being disposed, follow the guidelines of the government or your local council

Key collectioncollecting keys guests

We recommend using key safes rather than handing over your keys in person. This reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 by limiting contact with others

Hot tubs, pools and spasholiday let hot tub

There is no evidence to suggest that Coronavirus can be spread to people through the water in swimming pools, hot tubs or spas if the correct maintenance and disinfecting has been carried out, as this should kill the virus in the water.

Despite this, we do not recommend sharing hot tubs, pools are spas with guests staying in other properties.

To follow the official guidance regarding maintaining your hot tub in between changeovers, head to the BISHTA website.

Emergency maintenance emergency

We recommend that maintenance during a guest’s stay it kept to a minimum. Ideally only essential maintenance should be carried out in order to limit contact with other people.

If urgent maintenance is required, we advise that any external contractors wear essential disposable PPE and maintain social distancing appropriately.

Legionella diseasetaps legionella

Your holiday let may have been unoccupied for a large amount of time during the COVID-19 pandemic, which could lead to water system stagnation – this increases the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

Water systems must be reused before your guests arrive. This means opening each tap and shower for at least 5 minutes, and flushing each toilet to reduce the risk of Legionella.

*Sykes Holiday Cottages does not take responsibility for the cleanliness of a property. We encourage all our property owners to review this guidance and consult the references provided to create a cleaning plan which is relevant to their individual property.

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