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White Christmas 2017

Parts of the UK & Ireland were transformed into a snowy winter wonderland last week, so, naturally, everyone’s thoughts have turned to the festive period in the hopes of seeing a White Christmas. But, where exactly is predicted to see any snow this Christmas…?

Find out what the the likelihood of us getting some seasonal snow is, and where the odds are highest for enjoying all the wonders of a White Christmas this year.

What makes it a White Christmas?

Although many of us dream of scenic drifts of snow, in order for it to be classed as a White Christmas, you only actually need at least one snowflake to fall in the UK on 25th December.

In the popular British imagination, the magic of Christmas is forever associated with the snowy landscapes and traditional festive nostalgia of the Victorian era. Think enchanting sleigh rides, windowpanes edged with frost, wreathes, ribbons, and picturesque streets lit by gaslights and blanketed with snow…

However, our winter climate has changed over the years and winters in this day and age are much milder, making snow in December far rarer than it once was.

Will it be a White Christmas in 2017?

We’ve seen snow somewhere in the UK on 38 Christmas days over the last 54 years. Statistically speaking, then, we should expect one at least every two years. The last time we enjoyed a widespread White Christmas was back in 2010, but will we be lucky this year?

It’s only really possible to accurately predict snow five days beforehand. At the moment, though, the Met Office has forecasted that the approach to Christmas will see bands of rain and hill snow arriving.

“To the end of December, showers are likely to turn wintry at times,” a Met office Spokesman has revealed, “particularly in the North, although temperatures will probably be milder than average.”

Bookies, William Hill, say the latest odds are 1/2 that the UK will see snow during the 24 hours of Christmas Day.

Where is it likely to be a White Christmas this year?

Using the current odds, Met Office predictions, and a little of our fine-tuned Christmas intuition, we’ve pulled together 5 of the top places we think will see snow this Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

1. The Cairngorms, Scotland

Cairngorms in the snow

Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s Grampian Mountains, the Cairngorms are one of the UK’s snowiest spots, throughout the year. According to the Met Office, the weather station at the Cairngorm chairlift has recorded the highest average number of days with snowfall in recent decades. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that it is one of the most popular destinations for winter sports. The Cairngorms National Park is a truly stunning landscape, and the beauty of its wild mountain peaks, deep woodlands, and ice-carved glens is doubled when bedecked with a covering of glittering snow.

2. North York Moors, Yorkshire

North York Moors in the snow

The North York Moors have already seen enormous amounts of snow in recent weeks, and we don’t doubt there’ll be more on the way here for Christmas. The heather-clad moorlands, deep forest, and rolling hills of the North York Moors make up one of the most cherished National Parks in Britain. Christmas morning spent cosily open presents together in front of an open fire as the snow falls gently over the moors outside…. It’s so perfectly festive, we could almost cry with joy.

3. Dartmoor, Devon

Snowy Dartmoor

Though the chances of snow in the South of England are currently not as high as those in the north, it’d come as a surprise if the dramatic landscape of Dartmoor didn’t see some snow on Christmas Day. Home to the highest point in southern England, as well as one of the UK’s highest towns, Dartmoor rarely misses out on a sizeable winter snowfall. This mystical place has filled mankind with awe for thousands of years, seen in the many ancient monuments that cover this wild moorland landscape. Brushed with snow, Dartmoor’s unique and haunting magic is truly something to experience.

4. Cumbrian Fells, Lake District

Lakeland fells in the snow

The Lakeland fells of Cumbria are the highest point in England, so, if snow’s going to be falling anywhere in the country, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll almost certainly be here. Imagine waking up near a lakeside and looking out across the misty water to see the fells all around covered with snow? We couldn’t think of much better than a walk with all the family in this magnificent part of the world on crisp Christmas Day.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Snowy Edinburgh castle

Famous for its metropolitan ambience, dazzling architecture, and iconic hilltop castle, the city of Edinburgh is the jewel in Scotland’s urban crown. With the more northerly parts of the UK being the likeliest to snow, and bookies placing the city’s Christmas snow odds at 7/4, it looks as though Edinburgh’s a strong contender for a White Chritsmas this year. The only thing more beautiful than Edinburgh is Edinburgh dusted with snow. Trust us, it’s like something out of Dickensian novel

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Image attribution: image 1/featured image, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5  – via Flickr. CC 2.0

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