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For me a holiday is all about relaxation, after all you can’t beat a week of kicking back and escaping from it all. Now I know that there are some people out there who would rather go on a long ranging hike or bike ride and so I’m going to try and convert you using a couple of cunning tools – hot tubs and swimming pools! Year on year our properties that have these features tend to book up faster than their counterparts which suggests that they must have something going for them! So read on and see why you should try out a cottage break with a pool or hot tub.

Hot Tubs

There aren’t many things that are more relaxing than sitting back in the bubbling warmth of a hot tub, whether it’s making the most of a sunny afternoon or slipping in a spot of star gazing on a clear night. Our owners know this and so nowadays we have over 200 cottages around the UK and Ireland with a hot tub so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that is perfect for you!

Suidhe lodge - 22429

Suidhe Lodge, The Cairngorms, Ref: 22429

Why not take a look at Suidhe Lodge? Tucked away in the Cairngorms National Park it’s the perfect place for getting a bit of respite from everyday life no matter what time of year it is. You could spend the warmer months enjoying a gentle ramble around the beautiful countryside and when it gets a bit chilly there’s always the lovely bubbling hot tub waiting for you.

The Summerhouse, Isle of Wight, Ref: 20969

The Summerhouse, Isle of Wight, Ref: 20969

Or there’s always The Summerhouse on the Isle of Wight which would be perfect for a more typical summer holiday with countless beautiful beaches just a stone’s throw away and a hot tub perfectly placed to make the most of the glorious sunsets.

Swimming Pools

Nothing makes a holiday like a swimming pool. Whether it’s frolicking with the family in the water or getting lost in your favourite book at the pool’s edge you just can’t beat it. Because of this we’ve tried to get as many cottages as possible with swimming pools in the grounds, and for when the Great British weather threatens to put a dampener on things we even have a selection of cottages with indoor swimming pools!

Brookway Lodge, North Wales, Ref: 27085

Brookway Lodge, North Wales, Ref: 27085

Brookway Lodge is the perfect cottage for a family get together; loads of bedrooms, a games room and a home cinema, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the fantastic fully heated indoor swimming pool!

The Barn, North Wales, Ref: 5687

The Barn, North Wales, Ref: 5687

Or if you’re more interested in an outdoors swimming pool why not take a look at the Barn which has a retractable canopy over the pool so that you can enjoy it all year around!

Hopefully after reading this you’ll share my love for a good swimming pool or hot tub, if so you’d better get browsing as they always book up fast. However don’t worry if they still aren’t your thing, you can always have a quick look at our wide selection of luxury cottages where you’re bound to find something that is perfect for you!

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