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From idyllic retreats tucked in peaceful countryside to modern holiday homes by the sea, we offer a considerable choice of bungalow cottages throughout the UK and Ireland, each one carefully handpicked and quality inspected.

Reasons to book a bungalow-style holiday cottage

Of course, everyone has their own individual reason for booking a bungalow cottage. Perhaps you have a toddler just finding his feet and the thought of a stair-free holiday home would alleviate all that stress. You may be taking the grandparents along or fall into that particular age bracket where mobility's not quite as good as it used to be. Your favourite wet-nosed pal may be staying in your bungalow cottage - and he'll whimper significantly less knowing you're sleeping on the same floor as he is! Or you may usually live in a three-storey townhouse and the thought of holidaying in a bungalow-style cottage is really appealing being able to mooch so easily from one room to another.

All our single-storey properties are totally individual, ranging from old stone cottages and traditional bungalows to designer log cabins and luxury barn conversions. Simply browse online and see what takes your fancy…