Human Resources

Team summary

The HR team we live by the 3 P’s – pilates, pensions and er, psychometric profiles. Why? Our mission is to make Sykes the best place to work in Chester, so we not only look after the traditional colleague benefits and recruitment (there’s your pensions and psychometrics) but we also come up with new initiatives to make Sykes a fun and inclusive place to work. Pilates, anyone? We’re a far cry from any “fluffy” HR stereotype – we love data and we’re committed to driving innovation and change. If you’d enjoy working in a team that supports our colleagues as they grow, learn and develop their careers with Sykes, whilst maintaining a strong sideline in GIFs, memes and chocolate-based goods, then Sykes HR is the place for you.

Employee stories

“I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to progress throughout the company and now hold the position of HR and Payroll Manager looking after nearly 400 staff as opposed to the 20 people all those years ago! We’re a fast growing company and it can be a challenge at times to balance workload however I work within a great team and the distraction of music and the occasional ‘drinks’ trolley definitely help – as well as the daily laughter therapy within our department! Sykes is particularly strong on recognising people's’ strengths and developing potential through mentoring, coaching and training – I can’t think of many places where I could manage payroll as well as project manage our company relocation (twice!). There is a positive buzz around the company and exciting times ahead – and hopefully a lot more years for me here as well! Bring it on!“ Sue, HR & Payroll Manager

2 star Best Company rating

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