Our People and Culture Team

It's rare that our People and Culture team step into the spotlight but behind the scenes, we are the true embodiment of our five Core Values! Don't be fooled by the size of our team - we may be small but between us we cover some huge projects relied on by the entire company! We are always planning our next area of focus and live by the mantra ‘Go Big or Go Home’, working tirelessly to roll out programmes to benefit every single member of our family.

‘We are passionate about making Sykes the best possible place to work!’

Our small but mighty People and Culture team lie at the very heart of our business and there is little we haven’t had a hand in supporting the success of! We have had a busy couple of years and have expanded from what was a mere bank of desks to a powerhouse department with our fingers in more pies than ever before!

We are interested in two things alone – providing the best for our people and strengthening our company culture! Our Culture side of the team (or the ‘fluff’ as its fondly known) oversees everything from our employee engagement programmes to rolling out a whole new wellbeing initiative and eLearning strategy, all whilst running numerous bake sales, apprentice schemes and on boarding of our new team to boot! Our People side of our team on the other hand work behind the scenes to provide employee support, management guidance and crucial business strategy to our entire company. We love data and are dedicated to driving innovation and change in each and every department. We cover everything from Payroll, to Recruitment to Traditional HR functions and Management of our regional offices and love nothing more than seeing our employees grow and develop during their journey with us and making Sykes the best possible place to work!

Employee stories

“I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to progress throughout the company and now hold the position of HR and Payroll Manager looking after nearly 400 staff as opposed to the 20 people all those years ago! We’re a fast growing company and it can be a challenge at times to balance workload however I work within a great team and the distraction of music and the occasional ‘drinks’ trolley definitely help – as well as the daily laughter therapy within our department! Sykes is particularly strong on recognising people's’ strengths and developing potential through mentoring, coaching and training – I can’t think of many places where I could manage payroll as well as project manage our company relocation (twice!). There is a positive buzz around the company and exciting times ahead – and hopefully a lot more years for me here as well! Bring it on!“ Sue, Group Property and Facilities Manager

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Our Head Offices houses eight department spanning over four floors of our swanky Chester City Centre HQ, all dedicated to building our business and delivering the best possible customer care to our holidaymakers, cottage owners and suppliers alike.

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