Our Training Programmes

We recognise our world-class employees are the key to the future success of Sykes and pledge to nurture our team to their full potential and drive our continued standard of excellence. We have invested heavily in our training programmes, tailored to each of our departments and accessible to every employee at every level of our business.

Nurturing our Internal Talent

We're a fast-growing business with great aspirations who truly care about our team and are dedicated to investing in nurturing each and every team member's growth!

We understand our people are what make us great and recognise that everyone in our team has a unique role to play and the ability to make a meaningful contribution within our business and success.

We understand success means something different to everyone and we ensure each of our employees has every opportunity to further themselves in whichever area they choose. Whether through their own personal development, taking the next step in their existing role or cross-training in multiple areas of the business, we do our best to accommodate anything our team throws at us!

Sykes fully recognises the talent we already have under our roof and are big on developing the existing skills of our team. We look internally first with any Management opening in our team to utilise the talent and passion we already have under our roof. Don’t just take our word for it, our programmes speak for themselves. Our Learning and Development team annually roll out Management and Line Manager training for prospective employees looking to take their next step, providing in-depth training and support through workshops and shadowing initiatives!

Our Dedication to Grow and Learn

At Sykes Cottages, our Leadership and Management teams work together to nurture a strong culture of personal growth and professional development from the very top of our company to each and every one of our employees.

From day one of your journey with us, we embody our Core Value to Grow and Learn, committing to providing you with every opportunity for growth whilst striving to ensure you reach your full potential. Whether joining our Marketing, Finance, Product, Operations, People and Culture, Tech or Property Recruitment teams, we ensure we provide continued career development, ongoing learning resources and effective succession to all.

Office orientation
Our Values/Communication
Compliance training
Getting to know Sykes
Using the HR System
Reward & Recognition
Lead Manage Coach
MBTI profiles
Time management
The Covey approach
Values driven management
9-month programme
Aspire Programme
Management skills
Policies and procedures
Personal awareness
People management
Nationally accredited
18-month programme
CORE Operations Programme
Customer experience
Emotional intelligence
Negotiation skills
Systems workshops
Values workshops
On–job coaching
Learning Opportunities
Sykes e-Learning
Resource library
Mentor programme
Funding for professional qualifications
Personal development plans
Values workshops

Supporting your Personal Development

We recognise that personal development means more than just climbing the career ladder or growing your professional skills. We know that personal development means something different to everyone and should be tailored to each of our colleague’s individual personal goals, aspirations and priorities.

With our Core Values at the forefront of our mind, we have ensured we provide well-rounded personal growth workshops in line with each of our company values that go hand in hand with professional training for our colleagues.

Our Learning and Development team are dedicated to rolling out monthly eLearning materials and workshops on everything from managing your personal finances, understanding pensions, self-awareness, resilience and mortgages to educate on a range of life skills.

We provide the opportunity to put you in the driver’s seat of your personal and professional development journey

Our CORE values can be seen in each of our training programmes as we help our team Achieve Together, Communicate Honestly, Grow and Learn, Earn Trust and Innovate and Change.

Understanding our culture
Induction / orientation training
Knowing your team
Departmental and technical training
Personal Growth
Open development courses and bespoke workshops
Aspire Programme
Institute of Leadership and Management skills development
Lead, Manage, Coach
Programme Management development
Professional Qualifications
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