We aim to recognise our world-class employees within Sykes Holiday Cottages as they are key to the future success of our company.

Our personal growth & career development

We encourage individuals to perform to their full potential and continue to drive our ever-high standards of excellence. In addition to this, we inspire our line managers to recognise and develop individual potential within their teams to guarantee effective succession.

To achieve this, as a company we must understand what is required to make our business successful in the future. This includes supporting everyone within the team and offering continued career development within the company.

Grow & learn

Sykes Holiday Cottages leadership team and our managers place a great emphasis on the development of our teams. We are committed to providing opportunities for professional growth and we strive to assist each employee in reaching their full potential.

Office orientation
Our Values/Communication
Compliance training
Getting to know Sykes
Using the HR System
Reward & Recognition
Lead Manage Coach
MBTI profiles
Time management
The Covey approach
Values driven management
9-month programme
Aspire Programme
Management skills
Policies and procedures
Personal awareness
People management
Nationally accredited
18-month programme
CORE Operations Programme
Customer experience
Emotional intelligence
Negotiation skills
Systems workshops
Values workshops
On–job coaching
Learning Opportunities
Sykes e-Learning
Resource library
Mentor programme
Funding for professional qualifications
Personal development plans
Values workshops

E-Learning & training

We recognise that personal development is not just all about work, that’s why our personal growth workshops also cover:

  • Personal finances
  • Understanding Pensions
  • Making sense of Mortgages
  • Self awareness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Personal nutrition & exercise

We provide the opportunities and put you in the driving seat on your personal development journey.

We aim to assist in developing yourself, helping to improve your knowledge and share your experiences.

Understanding our culture
Induction / orientation training
Knowing your team
Departmental and technical training
Personal Growth
Open development courses and bespoke workshops
Aspire Programme
Institute of Leadership and Management skills development
Lead, Manage, Coach
Programme Management development
Professional Qualifications
  • Personal Development Plans
  • E-learning
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Support
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