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Just Show Me Chocolate Box Cottages

Everyone loves chocolate, silky soft, rich, gooey and sweet; dark, milk and white. But what's a chocolate box holiday cottage - does it come gift wrapped with ribbons? Well not quite, but almost…

Yummy chocolate box cottages!

They do come in a selection of colours - usually white or pale, pastel shades of pink, coral, yellow and blue. Some come timber-framed with delightfully wonky walls. And rather than a ribbon, they're often adorned with lots of pretty hanging baskets and then their crowning glory is a wonderful thatched roof. You know the kind of cottage you see on a postcard, the kind you often find in those quintessential English villages in Devon, Suffolk and so on. Inside brings delightful surprises too like heavily beamed ceilings, stone-flagged floors and wood burning stoves - they're the Champagne truffle of any cottage collection!

We also feature some holiday cottages that are more traditional in style, with brick walls and a slate roof. They may not be 'chocolate box' themselves, but are included within this category as they are located in a 'chocolate box' style of village. So even if you don't get the wonky pink walls and beds under thatch, you might get the view of one just across the road!