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The Property

In spite of receiving some bad press in recent years, Gingerbread House on Candy Cane Lane remains one of our most sought-after rental properties in Storytown. Situated in the heart of an enchanted forest, this delectable guest-house is the definition of a sweet-tooth's paradise.

As the name suggests, the majority of the house is crafted from delicious yet sturdy gingerbread, but there are plenty of other tempting treats to nibble on, from the icing-piped windows to the tastefully-patterned sugar wallpaper. Remarkably, the house has remained intact after many hungry visitors, and will be yours to munch on throughout the duration of your stay.

The property also benefits from a live-in housekeeper, and whilst she can be a bit of a witch, there's no need to feel ill at ease; she loves fattening up her guests and sharing a good cackle over a bubbling cauldron. She's also particularly fond of children, making Gingerbread House an ideal holiday property for families.


One double room and one twin room with 2 x single beds (all featuring extra-soft marshmallow mattresses and pillows). On-site cooking facilities include cauldron, extra-large oven, chocolate teapot, and all other standard mod-cons. Spacious house bathroom and en suite in the double room, both featuring luxury chocolate baths.


Nearby you'll find plenty of lovely walking routes through the enchanted forest, although it is advised that you leave a trail in white stones to help you find your way back. Ma Hubbard's pub or Jack and Jill's scenic hill-top restaurant are recommended for those who have had their fill of sweet treats.

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At a glance

Rating: TickTickTickTickTick
Sleeps: 4
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Pets: No

Cottage features

  • Full-board service provided, as well as complimentary snacks from walls, floors etc
  • Set within an enchanted forest; several picturesque walks nearby (although the white stone trail comes more highly recommended than the bread-crumb trail)
  • Live-in witch housekeeper
  • Cauldron and extra-large oven for all your culinary needs
  • Children welcome

About the location


Set within one of the most beautiful corners of Fairytaleshire, Storytown is charmingly untouched by modern developments - in fact, much of the town remains just as it was hundreds of years ago. With a welcoming and diverse community of giants, pixies, princesses, gnomes and all kinds of talking animals, it's the perfect place to get away from it all.

You could easily spend all day exploring Storytown's mysterious towers and castles, and if you enjoy a good long walk, there are plenty of trails to follow in the nearby enchanted forest (some of which lead to surprising places). Adventure's never far away in Storytown - just go wherever your imagination takes you!

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Sorry, due to popular demand, our Storytown cottages are already booked for imaginary holidays this year...

At first I really enjoyed staying in the Gingerbread House; the marshmallow beds were really comfortable and great for a midnight snack. The witch was always happy to feed me too, although it got a bit annoying when she kept trying to weigh me. When she started seasoning me, Gretel and I decided to head home.

Hansel, aged 10

I often pop over to Gingerbread House if I need to borrow some powdered eye of newt or a bit of hell-broth, and have always been partial to a nibble on the candy-cane piping, but I was truly impressed the first time I stayed there as a guest. There was always a cauldron bubbling, and as a lover of children, I was thrilled to note that so many youngsters were drawn to visit the house. I recommend Gingerbread House to all of my friends!

Griselda, President of the Witches' Institute