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Old Woman's Lane, Storytown

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The Property

Shoe Cottage is a Grade I listed cottage featuring eccentric, flexible architecture dating back to the Nursery era. Blueprints suggest that the original design inspiration was based around a small ankle shoe, but further additions to the original owner's large family meant that this was extended to resemble a hardier walking boot.

Its charming exterior hides a huge amount of space inside, capable of housing around 20 people - making it ideal for large groups and extensive families seeking a fun, exciting break in the heart of Storytown's countryside. The home contains many features for children, including an outdoor play area on the toecap, but adults should be aware that access to the upper areas is only available by ladder as the home's leather walls cannot support stronger structures.

While a double room is available in the upper part of the shoe - where beautiful views can be seen from the rim - groups will prefer the larger sleeping room situated towards the toecap. The cottage is mainly self-catering, and visitors will need to purchase their own bread, but broth will be available upon arrival to keep little ones from going hungry before bed.


Two bedrooms: 1 with double bed, 1 with 18 single beds. 1 bathroom with bath and WC, plumbed in through heel. Kitchen with pot, open fire and air ventilation via laceholes. Garden, play area and rooftop access require adult supervision due to sloping surfaces.


Architectural wonders can be found throughout Storytown, and Shoe Cottage is available with detachable wheels for a truly unforgettable way to explore the surrounding woods and country. Alternatively, reduce your carbon footprint and take a horse ride across the surrounding fields - you'll find a whip available in the large bedroom.

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At a glance

Rating: TickTickTickTick
Sleeps: 20
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Pets: No

Cottage features

  • 1 bath, 2 bed; sleeps 20
  • Expandable via adjustable laces
  • Sole owner, very accommodating
  • Family-friendly with plenty of space to explore
  • Complimentary broth

About the location


Set within one of the most beautiful corners of Fairytaleshire, Storytown is charmingly untouched by modern developments - in fact, much of the town remains just as it was hundreds of years ago. With a welcoming and diverse community of giants, pixies, princesses, gnomes and all kinds of talking animals, it's the perfect place to get away from it all.

You could easily spend all day exploring Storytown's mysterious towers and castles, and if you enjoy a good long walk, there are plenty of trails to follow in the nearby enchanted forest (some of which lead to surprising places). Adventure's never far away in Storytown - just go wherever your imagination takes you!

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Sorry, due to popular demand, our Storytown cottages are already booked for imaginary holidays this year...

We brought a group of children to Shoe Cottage as part of a school trip, and found it more than suitable for our needs. There was plenty of sleeping room for a whole class of children, and the owner was strict in getting the kids to help with the housework, ensuring that everybody got involved in the polishing and upkeep of the shoe. Would recommend to anybody looking for a group holiday.

Doctor Marten, Teacher

I stayed here with lots of other children and we had a lot of fun in the shoe house! The owner was very busy most of the time so we had lots of space to explore and run around in the countryside - although we had to go to bed when she told us to, otherwise we'd get into trouble!

Chelsea Lace, aged 10