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How to run your holiday let

There's so much to consider when you decide to start up a holiday let, from the furniture you choose and the equipment you provide in the kitchen to managing the cleaning and changeovers of your property. Whatever your situation, we're here to help you get everything in order so that you can make the most out of holiday letting without the hassle.

How should I furnish and equip my holiday cottage?

We appreciate that every property is unique with its own particular charms and challenges, however the look and feel of your property and those little unexpected extras are often what tips the scales to get you those all-important bookings.

Whether it's seating suggestions, wall colours, the absolute essentials or the finishing touches, we're here to help. Our property experts and local managers have years of experience in what works best for different property styles and locations, helping you to present your holiday home in the very best light.

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.

How many dates can I book for my own use?

If you're looking to enjoy an excellent level of bookings, but still hope to block out your own dates from time-to-time then Sykes are a perfect choice.

We'll work closely with you to ensure your holiday let receives the best booking levels possible throughout the year. However, we know it's your property, and that's why we'll provide you with the flexibility to get the best out of it and use it when you need to.

Contact our property experts to find out more about our flexible approach to holiday letting and discover how we can bring you more bookings with less hassle.

How should I run my holiday let?

When it comes to managing your holiday property, Sykes will take care of your bookings and payments, but we can also help with any other services you might need.

We know that each of our owners have different requirements. Some enjoy handling the maintenance and cleaning of their holiday property, whilst others rely on the support of a managed service. This is why Sykes are the best choice, as we'll work out your requirements and tailor our service to meet your needs. From expertly marketing your property and handling your bookings to taking care of everything needed to run a successful holiday let.

Seeking more information about how to manage your holiday let? Whatever you require we're here to help, with our dedicated team just a phone call away.

Are you thinking of buying?

You don't need keys in hand to start your owner journey with Sykes. Get in touch with our friendly team, who can support you in choosing the right property. With over 27 years' experience we have helped thousands of owners get started; from helping secure holiday let mortgages to giving tips on furnishings.
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How much could I earn with Sykes?

We understand that letting properties can be a main source of income and a full-time job, so we want to make sure you're offered a competitive price.

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