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There can be a number of reasons why you're looking for a 'no pets' holiday cottage. Perhaps you're allergic to cats and dogs and suffer terribly when you come into any kind of contact with them. If you stay in a cottage that normally accepts pets, no matter how thoroughly we clean the property in between stays, there would always be the chance of a stray pet hair. That's why it's much better to book one of our 'no pets' holiday cottages instead.

Or maybe it's nothing to do with allergies - you may have all kinds of pets back at home - but a holiday where you can have a complete break from them. A time when you can really chill out and relax, without worrying about daily exercise and grooming, feeding times and general poop scooping!

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And remember…when you book a 'no pets' holiday cottage, any furry friends can have a holiday too, with all kinds of special pet hotels, kennels and catteries on offer throughout the UK. So don't feel guilty; just book it!