Our Culture & Values

At Sykes Cottages, we do things differently! We believe an ambitious, collaborative workplace is crucial above all else and we know exactly what type of employer we want to be! We constantly strive to create a great place to work and a company culture our team can be proud of!

Why we are different

At Sykes Cottages, we understand that with great growth comes a great responsibility to our team! We are under no illusion that our passionate employees are one of the main reasons for our year-on-year success and owe it to them to create the best possible workplace for each to thrive, shine and grow!

Our Unique Company Culture

Our people and culture are what sets us apart and has helped us earn our title as one of the Sunday Times' ‘Best Companies to Work For’ for two consecutive years. Our strong company identity and culture is something we ensure remains at the heart of our business and is ingrained heavily in each and every one of our employees from day one of their Sykes journey.

Simply put, we strive to build a company we can all be proud of, a place where you know you can make a difference and a place you can grow alongside us!

Living our Core Values

We may have come a long way from the kitchen table 27+ years ago but our Core Values have stayed the same and are one of the reasons why more people than ever are choosing to join our family!

Created and decided on by the team themselves, our Core Values represent who we are, how we do things and where we want to be and are embedded in everything we do. By Achieving Together, Communicating Honestly, Growing and Learning, Earning Trust and Driving Innovation and Change, we have been able to remain true to our original ethos and ensure we stay true to our Customers, Owners and Colleagues.

Don'’'t think we simply pay lip-service to our Core Values though. Whether through our Cultural Orientations, Personal Development of each of our employees or our impressive list of Learning and Development Workshops, our team live and breathe each value, making each cemented within our identity and ensures we remain an employer of choice year on year.

We Achieve Together
For the best interests of our Colleagues, Customers, Owners and the Business.
We Communicate Honestly
Share information effectively with each other, respecting confidentiality.
We Grow & Learn
Try new approaches, develop our skills and learn from our mistakes.
We Earn Trust
Consistently treating individuals with respect and dignity.
We Drive Innovation & Change
Adding Value by exploring and implementing the best solutions.

Recognising our Team!

As part of our dedication to our Core Values, we make sure we shine a spotlight on those standout team members who embody each value every month! Nominated by our team, we ensure we recognise those employees who personify our five Core Values by awarding them at our monthly floor brief with one of our Values Awards!

We love to make a song and dance about our employees and this is a Sykes ritual loved by our entire team. Whether recognised for Growing and Learning through personal development, for Communicating Honestly on a project or helping a colleague to Achieve Together, we make sure to recognise our team across our entire business for the superstars they are!

Giving Our Employees a Voice

We are lucky to have built a team of determined, strong-willed employees who rarely shy away from making change for good within our business! We go out of our way to make sure our team not only have a voice but are given every platform to make significant changes – and our team are only too happy to take this opportunity to build Sykes into the Company they are proud to be a part of.

VIBE is one of our biggest platforms for change and action within Sykes! VIBE stands for Values Inspired By Excellence and is our employee forum made up of representatives elected by the team members of each department. Whilst the Leadership Team are strictly banned from their bi-monthly meetings, our passionate bunch of change-makers, regularly discuss all manners of concerns, upcoming events and proposals with members of the management team and HR to help us make Sykes the best employer we can be.

What it takes to be a VIBE rep
In a nutshell, they are the voice of their team as well as being a Values Champion!
They act as the Rep for their team, ensuring their ideas and thoughts are heard.
Presenting the team views to other reps and the management team.
Becoming a driver, ensuring we all live our values every day.
Helping us shape our employee policies and procedures, less red tape, keeping it simple!
Be the point of consultation for any changes within the business, this may include changes to company documents etc… Ensuring we keep our feet firmly on the ground!
Helping us keep our employees safe, yes that does include discussing Health & Safety from time to time.
Helping develop and organise charity events for the company’s chosen charity.
Promoting a fun working environment. Crazy ideas are sometime the best!
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