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You’re probably not aware that today marks the birthday of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. Now this might seem a slightly strange thing for us to celebrate, but when you think about it, there aren’t many things more quintessentially British than 007; he’s right up there with red telephone boxes and orderly queuing. So to commemorate this day, we thought we’d try to find some of the most iconic British spots that feature throughout the series; take a look and see if you recognise them.

Glen Coe

via. Flickr

via. Flickr

Now there’s no prizes for guessing this one, it was the most recent Bond film after all! That’s right, Glen Coe features as the dapper agent’s childhood home in Skyfall and provides some of the most stunning scenery from the whole of the series. What’s more, apparently this would not have come about had Fleming not been so enamoured with Sean Connery’s portrayal of the super spy in the early films, causing him to write in a Scottish back story.

Stoke Park

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via. Flickr

OK, this one is a bit more challenging. Remember that famous round of golf between Bond and his early nemesis Auric Goldfinger? Well it was filmed entirely at the beautiful Stoke Park Country Club in Buckinghamshire. This means that it was also the scene for one of the most iconic moments in the early Bond film, when Goldfinger’s trusty bodyguard, Oddjob, decapitates a statue with one throw of his razor edged bowler hat. In fact, Stoke Park also featured in one of the more recent films, Tomorrow Never Dies, when Pierce Brosnan’s Bond faces off with the assassin Dr Kaufman.

The Eden Project

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via. Flickr

Again this is from one of the most recent Bond films, in fact Pierce Brosnan’s last outing as the suave secret agent, Die Another Day. Remember bad-guy billionaire Gustav Graves and his Icelandic Diamond Mine/Ice Palace? Did the interior remind you of anything? That’s right, filming for that section of the 2002 blockbuster took place inside Cornwall’s very own Eden Project. You might actually remember Halle Berry’s character, Jinx Johnson, rappelling down into the evil genius’ lair, well that was actually filmed on site in our very own Cornwall!

Hopefully you’ll have found this interesting but if you think we’ve missed out any important locations then do let us know on Twitter or Facebook. But in the meantime, why don’t you have a quick look at our collection of stylish cottages that would be enough to make even Bond himself feel at home!

Jamie Tomkins

By Jamie Tomkins

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