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Meet the Sykes Cottages pets!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014
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As you can probably tell by the fact that we have over 2,400 pet friendly cottages, here at Sykes, we’re big pet people. Because of this, we thought we’d take you behind the scenes and introduce you to some of our pets. So read on to meet some of our four legged friends!

Anne ‘Annie’ Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Tell us a bit about her

Anne Hathaway (or Annie for short) is a domestic long-haired feline with the personality and neediness of a pooch. Her hobbies include following people, scratching stuff and sleeping.

How old is she?

Two and a half years old

Does she have a favourite food or treat?

Anne Hathaway is likely to chow down on anything that comes from a cow, pig or chicken. One of her favourite treats is cat milk and a slice of wafer thin ham.

What is her favourite game or toy if they have one?

Annie adores laser pens, shoe laces, headphones, string and electric cables. She’s also fond of stalking and loves hunting house plants and shadows.

What would be her ideal UK holiday destination?

Anne Hathaway was born and raised in the city, so she loves escaping to the countryside whenever she can, her favourite destination being East Yorkshire.




Tell us a bit about him

Duke (or Dukie, Dukulton, Fluffy Butt…) is a cross breed commonly known as a Lionhead-Rex, he is white with brown markings or maybe it’s brown with white markings! He has an extremely cheeky personality and likes to nudge you with his nose as a sign to pet him. He loves being the centre of attention and hates it when you pack to go away; he will usually jump into my suitcase and start pulling the clothes out so I can’t leave!

How old is he?

He is still a baby bunny, nearly two years old.

Does he have a favourite food or treat?

It’s very cliché but Duke adores carrots! He is also really fond of pears, cucumber and lettuce.

What is his favourite game or toy if they have one?

Duke has a small teddy that the breeder insisted we take with us; he loves to throw it about and rub his chin all over it (this is how rabbits leave their scent).  He also enjoys running in circles and having you chase his tail whenever he runs in front of you.

What would be his ideal UK holiday destination?

Duke loves to visit my mum in Menai Bridge, Anglesey. She has a large back garden that he can run about it and a small puppy who just happens to be Duke’s best friend! My nephew loves having Duke home to Anglesey and smothers him with hugs and kisses as soon as he sees him.


Rupert and Colin

Rupert and Colin

Tell us a bit about them

As you can probably tell by the squishy black faces, Rupert and Colin are both pugs. Despite being brothers and being inseparable, they are both very different! Colin is very boisterous and friendly, whereas Rupert is mostly calm and is happy with his own company, although he does bark like a fog horn to let us know its dinner time!

How old are they?

They’re both three years old but still act like puppies!

Do they have a favourite food or treat?

We try not to give them too many treats, as pugs have the tendency to get a bit tubby! They do love a good chow down on a pedigree dentastix or a pig’s ear, though. They both also like the occasional slice of cucumber or cherry tomato!

What is their favourite game or toy?

Strangely, Rupert has no interest in toys whatsoever. He does love a good play fight or game of tick, though – either with Colin or a willing human! Colin is the polar opposite of Rupert as he absolutely loves playing with toys; he loves a game of football and will happily spend hours chasing the ball about.

What would be their ideal UK holiday destination?

They’re both yet to go on a UK holiday! As Rupert loves to sunbathe, I think he would love to holiday in Cornwall so that he could just lounge on the beach whilst watching the world go by. Colin is much more active and is happiest when he is running or walking about, so I think that a holiday in the Peak District would be his ideal location!




Tell us a bit about him

Charlie (or Charles depending on whether or not he’s in trouble) is a golden retriever who seems to be on the go 24/7. He’s never happier than when he’s in the back garden digging up the lawn (much to our annoyance) although he does also enjoy his daily walk and the odd powernap to recharge the batteries.

How old is he?

He’s still just a puppy, albeit a big one. He’s around ten months old now so he’s just starting to enter the moody teenager phase.

Does he have a favourite food or treat?

Like Rupert and Colin, Charlie loves his dentastix, he gets one every night and has to show it off to everyone in the house before he scoffs it. Aside from that if he’s lucky there’ll be some leftovers from the night before that he can tuck into for his breakfast but his favourite is probably roast chicken.

What is his favourite game or toy?

Charlie seems to have some strange obsession with footwear so you’ve got to keep any shoes or socks well out of reach. We have tried to get him to play fetch but he’s so easily distracted he normally forgets all about the ball and comes back with a random stone found en route instead.

What would be his ideal UK holiday destination?

We took him to Rhosneigr on Anglesey a few weeks ago where we had to drag him away from the beaches, so he’d probably love to go anywhere coastal. Because of this places like Northumberland or East Anglia would probably be a good options for the long seaside walks.

Hopefully you all enjoyed reading that and like us have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to our pets; if so then why not treat them to a little break? We’ve got plenty of pet friendly cottages for you to take a look at and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find one perfect for you and your four legged friend.

Jamie Tomkins

By Jamie Tomkins

Jamie is a big fan of long weekend walks with the dog, especially when there is the chance to refuel with lunch in a country pub. Living in Lancaster for three years gave him the perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Lake District.

Sykes’ Best Places for a Pet Friendly Holiday

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
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You might not be aware of it but this month is all about our four legged friends. That’s right, from the first of April right the way through to the fifth of May it’s officially National Pet Month, and what’s more it’s the 25th edition of the event with a special theme of ‘celebrating our pets’ and this is exactly what we’ll be doing here at Sykes.

For our first National Pet Month we’ll be looking at one of the best ways to treat your dogs: taking them away with you next time you go on holiday. Here at Sykes, we have over 2,000 pet friendly holiday cottages for you to pick from and whilst this number gives you plenty of options we know that it can be difficult to find the right place to plan your getaway. So, we’ve had a look to see if we could narrow it down a bit by finding some of the best areas to go away with your dog.

Lake District

via. Flickr

If you’re looking for the perfect pet’s playground then the Lake District could well be the place for you! With beautiful woodlands, mountains and more lakes than you could shake a stick at, ‘Scamp’ will well and truly be in his element. You could maybe treat your pooch to a walk in Grizedale Forest or even go on a little cruise on Lake Windermere, and if your furry friend starts to run out of steam then I’m sure you’ll be able to find a tasty snack in a country pub or tea room. So take a look at our pet friendly properties in the Lake District as you’ll need somewhere for a bit of R&R after all those long walks in the country.


via. Flickr

Another old favourite for a dog friendly holiday is Norfolk. Whilst you’re there you’ll never struggle to find a beautiful beach where the pooch can stretch his legs, with Old Hunstanton and Holkham Bay both coming highly recommended. Or if you fancy heading inland you’ll be able to find miles and miles of beautiful woodlands, pay a visit to one of the counties fantastic country estates or even take a little boat trip along the Norfolk Broads. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a pet friendly cottage in Norfolk and get packing!

South West


via Flickr

For a long time the South West has been one of our more popular holiday destinations with its pristine beaches and beautiful countryside but both of these things also make it an absolute haven for our four legged friends. Cornwall makes for the ultimate doggy holiday destination with its miles of sandy beaches and open grasslands that are perfect for stretching those legs. Or there’s also the Exmoor National Park in Devon where you’ll find over 250 square miles of moorland, woodland, valleys and cliffs for ‘Fido’ to explore. What’s more, we have over 200 cottages in the South West of the country that welcome pets, so there’s no excuse for you to leave the pooch in kennels whilst you’re living it up.

So there you go, some of the best places in the country to go away with a dog, and what’s more all three of them feature in our very own dog walking guide containing the best routes for you and your four legged friends to stretch your legs together. But don’t forget that there are plenty of other options open to you, just take a look at our full selection of dog friendly cottages and wait for one to catch your eye.

Jamie Tomkins

By Jamie Tomkins

Jamie is a big fan of long weekend walks with the dog, especially when there is the chance to refuel with lunch in a country pub. Living in Lancaster for three years gave him the perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Lake District.

Best Walks In England for You and Your Dog

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
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This week is English Tourism Week and what better way to celebrate the beautiful English countryside than by taking your four-legged friend out for a walk? Here at Sykes Cottages we love to lace up our boots, grab the lead from the back door and head out on a long walk with man’s best friend. We have recently produced a dog walking guide which highlights a few of our favourite walking routes in the UK, but if you’re still in need of more inspiration then keep reading for our choice of the top pet friendly walks England has to offer.

Ninesprings, Yoevil Country Park

Ninesprings in Yoevil Country Park is the ideal space to exercise dogs of all shapes and sizes. With a diverse landscape on offer there is something to suit everyone and as dogs are allowed off the lead you’re sure to have a great work out! This communal park is top of our list for puppies, with a wealth of dog owners around it’s perfect for socialising your pup and getting them used to new sights and sounds whilst they make a few doggy friends.

Holkham Beach, North Norfolk

This wonderful beach incorporates 4 miles of white sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes and a dense pine forest, perfect for a diverse walk with the family. Whilst out for a walk along the glorious Holkham Beach why not treat the family to some light refreshments whilst the dog plays in the surf? This beach offers everything you will need for a family day out; from free parking and toilet facilities to refreshment stands and picnic tables.

Tarn Hows, Cumbria

Managed by the National Trust, Tarn Hows in Cumbria offers an unrivalled dog walking experience. Whether you have an active pooch who loves wide open spaces to run in and steep hills to climb or a water dog who just loves playing fetch in the lake, then Tarn Hows is the place for you. With its on-site facilities and stunning scenery this park should not be missed when visiting The Lake District!

Goit Stock, Cullingworth

For a dog walk with a difference we would suggest taking an enchanting stroll through the woodlands at Goit Stock. This peaceful dog walk takes you through deep woods and along a gentle path, passing by majestic waterfalls and a handful of farm yard animals. This picturesque walk is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon and makes for wonderful photographs and maybe even a cheeky selfie with your pooch.

We hope our selection of the best English walks for you and your dog has inspired you to take the lead and get out and about with your pup. For more holiday inspiration and family friendly cottages which are happy to accept your four-legged friend make sure to check out our pet friendly cottages page.



By Nicole Westley

As a food lover Nicole can often be found in the kitchen, covered in flour and experimenting with new tastes! When not making a mess she loves to explore her Celtic roots by roaming the Scottish countryside or exploring the bays along the Anglesey coast with her fiancé.

Dog Friendly Holidays This Summer

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
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For those of us with furry family members, we know that leaving our pets behind when we go on holiday just isn’t an option. Here at Sykes Cottages, we understand that pets are members of the family too and we don’t see why they should miss out on a fun-filled family holiday! This is why we have over 2,000 properties that are suitable for our four legged friends so that everyone can come along.

Dog Friendly Activities

image via Flickr.

There are plenty of activities that you can do with your dog on a self catering holiday in the UK. Not only does the UK have a variety of amazing walks that both you and your dog will love, but many attractions and day out destinations such as the Eden Project also have dogs allowed sections, so you can enjoy a day out with your beloved pooch! Depending on the time of year, many beaches across the UK will be dog friendly so your canine can sunbathe along with you. If you’re after a relaxing holiday filled with trips to the pub then don’t fear as there are many dog friendly pubs up and down the UK will also let your furry friend come in.

No one gets Left Behind

Image via Flickr.

No matter where you are or how much fun you’re having, being without your four legged companion can be difficult and you’re bound to miss them whilst you’re away- and they’ll certainly miss you too! Whether you’re leaving dogs with a family friend or taking them to the kennels, leaving them can be stressful; taking your dog with you on holiday can not only save this stress but also save some of the costs that come along with boarding your dog for a week. As there is no charge for bringing your pup along to most of our holiday cottages, you can remove the excess kennel fees from your holiday budget and have more money to spend on enjoying yourself when you’re away!

Book a Dog Friendly Holiday with Sykes Cottages

Image via Flickr.

Here at Sykes Cottages we have dog friendly properties up and down the UK and Ireland, so no matter your desired location you are sure to find the perfect holiday cottage for the whole family. Whether you want to go sniffing around Scotland, wagging your tail in Wales or lounging around the Lake District at Sykes Cottages, we’re sure that we can find you the perfect pet friendly holiday cottage!

Leanne Dempsey

By Leanne Dempsey

A lover of reading, eating and shopping Leanne will often be found spending time with her two pugs or snapping away on instagram. A big fan of the city, She likes nothing more than getting away for a weekend break in the UK, her favourite places being London and Bath.

Take the Lead- A Guide to Great Dog Walks

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
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I’m sure all you dog lovers out there are fully aware of how spookily smart your canine companions can be at times, but did you know that they can also read and write? Well, they can! Recently, one such clever pooch contacted us to ask if we’d be interested in featuring a collection of his favourite walks on the Sykes website, and, curious to hear what this fuzzy mastermind had come up with, we accepted his offer.

‘Take the Lead- A Guide to Great Dog Walks’, is a superb dog walking guide aimed directly at the fourlegged explorer in your family. Featuring a hound’s eye view of some of the best dog walks in England, this informative, engaging and suspiciously witty guide is perfect for when you want to discover never-before-seen surroundings and go off the beaten track with your beloved pooch. Here at Sykes Cottages, we’re delighted to put our name to the work of this well-travelled canine, and hope that you and your dog enjoy this lovable mutt’s musings as much as we did. For a sneaky peek at some of our favourite meaty morsels from this charming guide to England’s best dog walks, read on!

Let loose in the Lakes

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

The Lake District has been one of Britain’s favourite walking destinations for centuries, so it’s hardly surprising that this striking national park has been given the wag of approval by our fourlegged friend too. Delight in the cheekiness of our canine chaperone as you traverse the beautiful Coniston Fells; pay your respects to William Wordsworth and his family in St Oswald’s Church; enjoy a game of fetch amongst the daffodils of Dora’s Garden; and treat your pooch to a few tasty titbits from Grasmere’s Gingerbread Shop after you’ve returned from your ramble around the inspiring Rydal Water.

Enjoy a nosey around Norfolk

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

From romps along the Norfolk Coast Path to revealing strolls around the historic streets of Cromer, our dewy-nosed explorer has sniffed out some truly wonderful dog walks in Norfolk. Take a 2.5 mile leg stretch around Cromer Town, past its medieval church, Victorian hospital and picturesque Happy Valley. Or, opt for a brisk walk along the Norfolk Coast Path between Weybourne and Sheringham, where you and your pooch can discover all manner of intriguing flora, bark playfully at seabirds and explore weather beaten WW2 defences that have been left to waste away beside the sea.

Go wild in the South West

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

  Click here to visit our guide of great Dog Walks in the UK

With a beach that dogs are actually ALLOWED on and a town bursting with local history, our four legged adventurer really has spoilt his fellow pooches with his choice of great dog walks in South West England. As a dog friendly beach, Porthkidney Sands is the perfect place for you and your pal to paddle in the surf, hike up wildflower pecked cliffs and sprawl out on soft, golden sand; whilst a walk in the historic mining town of St Just is just the place to quench your yearning for history and heritage.

For your chance to follow in the paw shaped footsteps of our intrepid canine guide, book a pet friendly holiday cottage in Cornwall, Norfolk or the Lake District with Sykes Cottages. We’ve over 2,000 dog friendly cottages in the UK, so follow your nose, make like a dog and sniff out your favourite today!

Jonathan Tuplin

By Jonathan Tuplin

Jonathan is a lover of books, music and good food. Originally from Yorkshire, there's nothing he likes more than a cycle in the country. One of his favourite spots in the UK is Tenby, where he spent many a happy holiday as a child.