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Back to Nature

At Sykes Cottages, we have a true passion for UK wildlife conservation. We work closely with several organisations that share a similar passion and decided it was imperative we dedicated a section of our blog to the important subject.

Wildlife in the UK

This section of the blog is for those passionate about flora and fauna, gardening, sustainability, habitats and more. Pick up ideas on how to optimise wildlife in your garden, how to play your part in the preservation of UK wildlife and fun activities that the children will love to be involved in. Keep those green fingers busy!

The UK is home to a wide variety of wildlife, whether it is in your backyard or in over 200 National Nature Reserves; there are also around 50 zoos and several safari parks. Nature should always be part of your life.

Supporting a network of organisations that aim to preserve our natural environment for future generations around England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!

Follow our wildlife blog to learn all about wildlife in the UK…

27th May 2022

10 Incredible Scottish Animals and Where to Find Them

Scottish animals are curious creatures often found soaring the skies, splashing the seas, and scrabbling across the highlands! Home...

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13th September 2019

16 Rare and Unusual Animals you can find in the UK

There are animals you associate with the UK and then there are some animals that you would never dream...

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8th June 2018

Where the Wild Things Are: Our 2018 British Wildlife Survey Revealed

When we organised a survey to quiz Brits about UK wildlife, we didn’t realise we’d learn so much about...

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Wildlife Norfolk's Nature Reserves
7 years ago

Guide to Norfolk’s Nature Reserves

With a great range of species, including a variety of birds, Norfolk is a fantastic destination for those wanting...

7 years ago

Guide to Wildlife Hotspots in the Lake District

The Lake District is teeming with all manner of stunning wildlife. With so many spectacular landscapes to explore, it’s...

Wildlife orca swimming in the sea
7 years ago

5 unusual animals you can find in Wales

Wales is home to vast and varied flora and fauna, but there are some species you may be surprised...

11 years ago

Fossil Hunting in the UK

Fossil hunting is one of those brilliant and often overlooked activities that we can indulge in not too far...

Wildlife Stargazing Breaks
11 years ago

A Thousand Stars – Stargazing Breaks in the UK, Vol. 2

When darkness falls this winter, lace up those dusty walking boots, don the thermals and step out into the...

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