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Golden Retriever on Beach

Dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight are some of the best around for your pups! With over 70 miles of coastline, the Isle of Wight makes for an ideal dog-friendly getaway, whether that’s an active break filled with breath-taking cliff-top hikes or quiet days lounging on the sand.

When the tourist season is over, nearly all the Isle of Wight beaches welcome four-legged visitors. But, during the warmer months, it might be difficult to find dog-friendly beaches.

Our handy guide contains an array of gorgeous sets of sand and shingle that allow dogs throughout the year. So, your pup can easily access beaches to explore and coastal paths to stroll along whenever you visit the island.

Discover 12 of the best dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight all year round below…

1. Alum Bay, Totland

Alum Bay

First on our list of dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight is Alum Bay Beach. Known for its multicoloured sand cliffs and crystal blue water, it’s truly one of the most outstanding dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight.

At the end of the outermost chalk stack on this beach lies The Needles, a famous Isle of Wight monument where you can visit The Needles Landmark Attraction. The beach’s 21 various sand colours make for a striking picture, and paddlers and fishers will find peace in the calm waters.

Leaving the harbour in a pleasure boat is a fantastic opportunity to see The Needles from a new angle. The Needles Lighthouse, the National Trust coastal fort and the Headon Warren walk are just a few of the mesmerising attractions in the area.

Type of beach: Sandy
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO39 0JD

2. Bembridge Beach, Bembridge

Bembridge Beach

The large pebble Bembridge Beach is next on our list of dog-friendly Isle of Wight beaches. Your furry friend is sure to love the fun combination of sand, rock, and stone, accentuated with intriguing rock pools.

With views going out over the Solent and Portsmouth, this beach is perfect for exploration as well as shooting breath-taking photographs.

This stretch of beachfront is frequented by surfers, but the lifeguard station is what draws the most attention. You can reach the station at the very end of the pier, which was built in 1922 but is now 200 metres in length. Once you’ve finished exploring, venture over to one of the independent shops or eateries and tuck into classic pub grub by the seaside.

Type of beach: Sand, rock and pebble
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO35 5NQ

3. Monks Bay, Bonchurch

A terrier on the Monks Bay seashore

Monks Bay near Bonchurch is located on the Isle of Wight’s southeast coast and is claimed to be where French monks from Lyra Abbey arrived from Normandy. At low tide, a wide sandy stretch is exposed, which is perfect for running and playing with your dog as you explore the seaside aromas along the rock breakwaters.

Access to the expansive sandy beach at Monk’s Bay is provided by a stretch of promenade that runs in front of steep cliffs. These cliffs provide shade for dog owners and their canine companions as they enjoy the sun and swim in the sea.

Make sure you find time to wander around the lovely town of Bonchurch. The town is rich in history, with some excellent treks, charming taverns, and connections to Charles Dickens.

Type of beach: Sand & shingle
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO38 1RL

4. Mount Bay, St. Lawrence

Mount Bay

South of the village of St. Lawrence, on the island’s south-east coast, is Mount Bay, a small shingle beach. The beach, along with the rest of the Undercliff, contributes to the particular microclimate that makes this section of England one of the hottest places in the country.

Because of their seclusion, many beaches on the South Wight remain uncrowded, and the cliffs that back the harbour are built of landslide debris. Here, you and your pet can run free without the worry of crowded spaces and a hectic atmosphere, a necessity for dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight.

Meander around the tiny village of St Lawrence when you’re finished and admire the 13th-century-old church or see what the village hall has on that day.

Type of beach: Shingle
Car Park: Yes, at Ventnor Botanic Garden
Postcode: PO38 1UW

5. Orchard Bay, Ventnor

Orchard Bay

Right next to Mount Bay is one of the most secluded dog-friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight, Orchard Bay is a charming beach located on the wild southern coastline.

Your dog will love relaxing on the pebble and sand beach away from the hustle and bustle of Ventnor. And, you can also explore the stunning rock pools and rich red sand that provide a stunning backdrop to this unique microclimate.

If you’re looking for a place to park your car before hitting the beach, the Ventnor Botanic Garden has an astonishing collection of rare and exotic subtropical plants and wildlife within its synthetic ecosystem.

Type of beach: Sand & shingle
Car Park: Yes, at Ventnor Botanic Garden
Postcode: PO38 1UL

6. Rocken End, Blackgang

Rocken End

Next on our list of dog-friendly beaches Isle of Wight is Rocken End, located at the southern end of Chale Bay. The beach has a rugged and wild feel due to its direct exposure to the elements and isolated position.

Known for its Jurassic treats and family-friendly atmosphere, this destination is a favourite with fossil hunters. And just around the bend is the beautiful 19th-century St. Catherine’s Lighthouse, a lovely backdrop for photographers of the group.

You can’t miss out on a chance to visit the iconic Blackgang Chine whilst in the area. This family-friendly hotspot is the first and longest-running amusement park in the UK, a perfect attraction for families to visit.

Type of beach: Sand & shingle
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO38 2HW

7. Seagrove Bay, Seaview

Seagrove Bay

On the northeastern coast of the Isle of Wight, Seagrove Bay is home to some of the island’s most impressive and large waterfront properties. This secluded harbour features a slipway and is a popular destination for beachgoers and children because of its gorgeous crescent of golden sand and wonderful beachfront houses.

You can take your dog here to run around and dig holes on its expansive stretch of golden sand and enjoy the luxury beachside feel.

Once you’ve dried off, wander into town and peruse the selection of boutique shops and charming restaurants. You can even make it a day trip and head out to Puckpool Park and enjoy a day of outdoor adventure activities.

Type of beach: Sandy
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO34 5BP

8. Shepherd’s Chine, Atherfield

Shepherd's Chine

Located at Brighstone Bay on the southwest coast, Shepherd’s Chine is one of the best Isle of Wight dog-friendly beaches in the area. A chine is a river valley that has been carved through the soft cliffs that descend to the sea. This is a frequent geological feature along this coastline.

The beach is a bit of a hike to get there, but once you get there you’ll be rewarded with a sand and shingle beach that is only sometimes overrun by other beachgoers and features gentle waves.

Other beaches in the area which may have seasonal restrictions for your furry friends include Atherfield Bay, Brightstone Bay and Chale Bay.

Type of beach: Sand & shingle
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO38 2JH

9. St Helens Bay, Saint Helens

St Helens Bay

Located approximately north of Bembridge on the Isle of Wight’s east coast, St Helen’s Beach offers both sand and pebble beach. It’s one of the quietest Isle of Wight dog-friendly beaches, popular with tourists seeking a relaxing dip, a stroll, and birdwatching.

From the seawall to the harbour entrance, there is less than a kilometre of sandy beach, but there are sand dunes, a cafe, and beach cottages along the beach promenade.

If you want to enjoy more of the area, enjoy the atmosphere at one of the charming restaurants in the village before taking a stroll around the peaceful village green.

Type of beach: Sand & pebble
Car Park: Yes, at a charge
Postcode: PO33 1XZ

10. Watcombe Bay, Freshwater

Watcombe Bay

Another charming Isle of Wight dog-friendly beach, Watcombe Beach is a lovely rural cove located just north of Babbacombe in a secluded spot. With its massive white chalk cliffs and crystal-clear sea, you would assume you’re on a tropical island rather than just off the coast of the UK.

The beach is only accessible at low tide, so it’s a calm spot for a dog stroll but make sure to check the tide times. If you find the beach at a high tide, don’t worry! You can stroll into the nearby village of Freshwater and take in the local sights on a tranquil stroll.

The village boasts the popular Freshwater Bay which may have dog restrictions in the summer months. Nestled between two striking chalk cliffs, Needles Headland is within reach of the bay, as are the caves that were historically popular with smugglers.

Type of beach: Sand & shingle
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: TQ1 4SH

11. Yaverland Beach, Sandown

Yaverland Beach

A delightful Isle of Wight dog-friendly beach, Yaverland Beach has a wide sandy area and calm, shallow seas, making it ideal for your furry companion. There are a lot of water activities to do nearby, and this beach provides a more calm setting to enjoy the area’s beauties.

The area is well-served by amenities, including a beach store and cafe, as well as public restrooms powered by solar cells and a wind turbine! If you’re a history buff, you’ll be pleased to know that you can possibly unearth fossils near the cliffs, too.

You can also head further into Sandown where you’ll find some of the best family days out at Sandham Gardens, Dinosaur Isle, or Wildheart Animal Sanctuary.

Type of beach: Sandy
Car Park: Yes
Postcode: PO36 8QB

12. Steephill Cove, Ventnor

Steephill Cove

Last on our list of dog-friendly beaches Isle of Wight is Steephill Cove. Located on the fringes of the bustling resort, this little stretch of golden sand sits at the eastern end of the peaceful Ventnor Botanic Garden.

The beaches are protected from the sun by the Ventnor Undercliff, making them ideal for sunbathing. From Ventnor Esplanade, take a leisurely stroll down the Isle of Wight Coast Path to reach the cove. You’ll be greeted with pristine white dunes and breath-taking views of the English Channel.

Just beyond the cove, you’ll find the Beach Shack and The Crab Shed, two casual restaurants with stunning ocean views. If you love this area, try out a range of Isle of Wight walks nearby.

Type of beach: Sand & rock
Car Park: Yes, at Ventnor Park
Postcode: PO38 1UG

Pets go Free with Sykes, so you can discover a whole range of dog-friendly beaches in the UK, as well as dog-friendly cottages in the Isle of Wight for you and your pooch. You can even check out our dog-friendly travel guide for more inspiration.

Image Credits: John Hardy(CC BY-SA 2.0), Mypix(CC BY-SA 4.0), Mike Finn(CC BY 4.0), Multichill(CC BY-SA 2.0), Paul Coueslant(CC BY-SA 2.0)

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