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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Do you possess shelf upon shelf of perfectly preserved books that you can happily read from cover-to-cover, time and time again? Do you frequently indulge in the many gems found in art galleries, from timeless pieces to modern classics? Can you lose hours absorbing historical artefacts and information by wandering through endless museums? This section of our blog is for those who have a passion for arts and culture.

Join our celebration of the many famous authors who have contributed significantly to world literature. Cement their legacies by retracing their origins in various locations across the UK and Ireland. Discover unique festivals, exhibitions and fairs you and your family will thoroughly enjoy.

Our articles will help you explore world-renowned architecture, art galleries and museums; perfect for those seeking to learn more about the great heritage of our country.

14th July 2021

The 10 Best Castles in Ireland that you must visit

There are over 30,000 incredible castles in Ireland scattered across remote moorland, vibrant city centres and coastal havens. We’ve...

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4th February 2021

10 Surprising St. Patrick Facts you Probably Didn’t Know

Every year on the 17th of March, the world illuminates green to honour St. Patrick. But how much do...

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26th October 2020

Stay at your own version of I’m a Celeb’s Gwrych Castle

Be the King or Queen of your own castle, with a stay at a castle identical to Gwrych Castle,...

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Arts & Entertainment cottagecore aesthetic
1 year ago

Cottagecore: A Complete Guide to the Growing Trend

Cottagecore could quite possibly be the biggest trend of 2020 that you have never heard of. But don’t worry,...

Arts & Entertainment Views of York
2 years ago

What is York Famous For?

We already know that York is famous for its Viking and Roman roots, but did you know that this...

Arts & Entertainment st david day facts
2 years ago

8 Facts About St David’s Day You Didn’t Know…

We all know that the 1st of March is the Welsh national day – St David’s Day. We all...

Arts & Entertainment books
2 years ago

The Best of UK Poetry Festivals 2020

World Poetry Day is upon us, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to take...

Arts & Entertainment easter 2020
2 years ago

10 Fun Facts about Easter you Probably Didn’t Know

Every year, we all rush to tuck into the sweet treats that are awaiting us on Easter Sunday, but...

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