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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Do you have shelves and shelves of well-maintained books that you can gladly read cover to cover? Do you often enjoy the timeless and contemporary masterpieces found in art galleries? Can you waste hours in countless museums absorbing historical artefacts and information?

This area of our site is for art and culture lovers.

Join us in honouring the many notable writers who have shaped global literature. Retrace their footsteps around the UK and Ireland to cement their legacy. Discover unique festivals, exhibitions, and fairs for the whole family.

If you want to learn more about these incredible locations, find cottages near National Trust attractions, cottages near Longleat Safari Park, or near cultural hotspots including Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and Edinburgh.

Uncover more about Scottish, Irish, Welsh and England culture here. Browse our country’s rich legacy via articles and blogs on world-renowned architecture, art galleries, and museums.

28th February 2024

Leap Year Facts, Traditions and Myths

We already know that leap year occurs every four years, but did you know that the year is full...

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10th August 2023

Yorkshire Slang 101: Embrace the Local Lingo

Discover the essence of this region’s culture through its unique Yorkshire slang! From “‘ey up” to “nowt,” this blog...

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1st June 2023

9 Fun Pride Facts that you need to know

June is officially LGBTQ+ Pride Month! So, here are 9 fun Pride facts that you need to know, whether...

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Arts & Entertainment
1 year ago

The 10 Most Surprising Facts About St. Patrick

Every year on the 17th of March, the world illuminates green to honour St. Patrick. But how much do...

Arts & Entertainment Welsh Flag in Green with Two People Saying Hello to Each Other in Welsh
1 year ago

16 Welsh Words and Welsh Phrases You Need to Know

Our guide to Welsh words and phrases that you need to know will come in handy when you’re visiting...

Arts & Entertainment Powis Castle
1 year ago

Castles in Wales: Exploring the Best of Welsh Architecture

Castles in Wales are incredible architectural feats, and range from medieval fortresses that tell the tale of war to...

Arts & Entertainment easter 2020
1 year ago

10 Fun Facts about Easter you Probably Didn’t Know

Every year, we all rush to tuck into the sweet treats that are awaiting us on Easter Sunday, but...

Arts & Entertainment St Michael's Mount
1 year ago

14 of the Most Magical UK Castles to Visit in 2023

UK castles embody the rich heritage and fascinating culture for which Britain is renowned, making them one of the...

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