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Famed for its bountiful orchards and rolling emerald hillsides, the Lyth Valley is an unspoilt haven tucked away in a forgotten corner of Cumbria. Surprisingly, the valley has gone virtually unnoticed for decades, making it the perfect destination for a peaceful and secluded cottage holiday in the Lake District.

Discover the beauty of Cumbria with a Lyth Valley holiday cottage

Step from the door of your Lyth Valley cottage and discover one of Cumbria's prettiest dells; a place where trees teem with fruit and the horizon is peppered with undulating hills. Recently, Lonely Planet placed Lyth Valley alongside other internationally renowned beauty spots in their book 'Beautiful World' - book a holiday cottage here, and you'll see why.

Without doubt, one of the best times to plan your visit to the Lyth Valley is in early Spring, when clouds of white blossom hang in the Damson trees, and locals celebrate the arrival of this plum-like fruit by hosting Damson Day- a popular event which sees local producers and growers crafting all kinds of delicious Lyth Valley Damson recipes. These fruity festivities usually occur in mid-April, so consider booking your cottage in the Lyth Valley around this time to join in the fun!

Thought you'd seen all the beauty that Cumbria had to offer? Think again. The Lyth Valley may not be the most popular destination in the Lake District, but it's certainly one of the prettiest. Take a walk along the ancient pathways that connect the villages of Bowland Bride, Crosthwaite and Underbarrow. Hike to the summit of Gummer's How to revel in the views of Windermere and Cartmel. Set sail on the waters of Fell Foot Park or enjoy a traditional Cumberland sausage in the village of Brigsteer. With so much to do in the Lyth Valley, it's a wonder the place isn't crawling with tourists- discover it before everyone else with a self-catering holiday from Sykes Cottages.