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How to Name Your Holiday Cottage: Guide and Name Generator

How to Name Your Holiday Cottage: Guide and Name Generator

Naming your holiday cottage can be a difficult task. You want a name that is memorable, but appealing. Evocative, but not cheesy. Original, but not difficult to pronounce.  Your cottage name is like a brand name; it should define your property and appeal to potential guests. To help you make this decision, we have created a quick guide full of hints and tips to help you pick the perfect name. Give our Holiday Cottage Name Generator a go, or read our four steps for some extra inspiration.

Holiday Home Name Generator

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Top Tips for Picking your Holiday Cottage Name

How to name Your Holiday Cottage

1. Location, Location, Location.

Think about where your property is located and what is in the vicinity. Could you incorporate this into the name?

Local Landmarks

Think big and small; are you near any local landmarks? You could have a property with a view of Anglesey’s famous Menai Suspension Bridge, and consequently name your property Menai View. Equally, you could have a property overlooking the village green and pond, so a potential name could be Duck Pond Cottage.

Natural Landmarks

Is your property close to any natural landmarks or geographical features? A property situated on the brow of a hill could be Hilltop Retreat. Likewise, a property tucked away near the beautiful Malham Cove, could be called Malham House.

Local Wildlife

Native flora, fauna and animals can be a great source of inspiration when naming your holiday cottage. Flowers can evoke a quintessential English Cottage feel; Lavender Cottage, Rose Cottage and Primrose Cottage, all being popular examples. Just as plants and animals can infer a countryside retreat, Lady Bird Hideaway, Pear Tree House and Woodpecker’s Rest.

How to name Your Holiday Cottage

2. Culture and Language

Many regions of the UK and Ireland have a strong cultural identity, often boasting their own traditions, slang or even language. This can often be a great way to find a name for your cottage, as it gives it an authentic feel. An example of regional slang/dialect, could be Yaffle Cottage - a ‘Yaffle’ being a slang term for a Green Woodpecker in South Yorkshire and Kent. If your cottage is situated in the Lake District, words like ‘Tarn’, ‘Ghyll’ or ‘Thwaite’, would work well. If your cottage is in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Cornwall, it could be worth translating to the local language. Glanyrafon is a popular name in Wales, meaning ‘Riverside’.

How to name Your Holiday Cottage

3. History

Does your cottage have an interesting history? Or was the property used for another purpose at some point? This can often give you some interesting holiday cottage name ideas that could give your property a bit more personality. Names like The Old Post Office, The Forge and The Rectory, are popular options. Although sometimes the more original the better, as it can help make your property that extra bit more memorable.

How to Research your Property’s Past

If you’re property has been around for a few years, it should be fairly simple to research its history. Older properties will often have dates carved into the brickwork or eaves, which can help. However, the easiest way could be to look at local archives, at Valuation Office Survey index Maps and Census Records. This way, you should be able to find out about previous owners and uses.

How to name Your Holiday Cottage

4. Make it Personal

Your holiday cottages is ultimately just that - yours. So why not name it after something that means a lot to you?

Family Names

Using your surname can be a great way to put your own stamp on your holiday cottage. Take Harris Hall, Stewart Cottage or Anderson House as examples. Names of children or pets can often be popular choices too; Jenny’s Nook, Henry’s Home and Duke’s Den, are just three examples.

Popular Culture

Why not take inspiration from a favourite film or book? Think Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice. Winterfell from Game of Thrones. The Burrow from the Harry Potter series. Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

How to name Your Holiday Cottage

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