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Flexible Cancellation Terms

These terms and conditions do not apply to bookings of Forest Holidays properties.

1. Do they apply to you: These Terms apply to a Booking if you paid a Flexible Cancellation fee to Sykes Cottages Ltd (us) when you made it (Relevant Booking).

2. Booking is as defined in the UK Booking Terms and Conditions at https://www.sykescottages.co.uk/terms/booking that you agreed to when making it (Booking Conditions).

3. Definitions: Defined terms used in these Terms, shall be as defined in the Booking Conditions or as defined within these Terms.

4. Flexible cancellation:

a) If you cancel a Relevant Booking more than 6 weeks before it's due to start because you have changed your mind about going to it, we will:

- refund your Booking Fee, Flexible Cancellation fee and Sykes Other Services Charges to you; and

- pay you an amount equal to your Rental Charges that you paid to the Owner, and that we collected on the Owner's behalf for that Relevant Booking,

together the Flexi Cancellation Payments.

b) Clause 4a. of these Terms:

does not entitle you to a refund or payment of an amount equal to any:

- Third Party Other Services Charges that you have paid for - please see the terms that you've got with those third parties (for example you may be within a 14 day cooling off period that enables you to cancel your travel insurance and receive a refund from your insurer); or

- any supplemental fee(s) for Rental Services (e.g. a pet fee);


does not entitle you to Flexi Cancellation Payments, or any part of it, when:

- the Booking Conditions entitle you, or would have entitled you, to a refund or payment of an amount(s) that makes up the Flexi Cancellation Payments; and/or

- the Relevant Booking is cancelled under clause 13 of the Booking Conditions ("Events Outside Our or the Owner's Reasonable Control") e.g. due to a change in law, regulation, Government guidance, flood, epidemic, pandemic etc.; and/or

- the Relevant Booking is cancelled due to a national lockdown, local lockdown, party mix restriction, positive Covid test, requirement to self-isolate or quarantine related to a Covid law, regulation and/or guidance; and/or

- an Owner cancels the Relevant Booking; and/or

- the Relevant Booking is cancelled by you when it would have been frustrated in law anyway; and/or

- if we discover that you have misused, in Sykes opinion, these Terms;

does not entitle you to any refund or payment that you can claim from an insurer or other third party; it is a condition of these Terms that you progress any such claim. If you receive any such amount, let us know, and you agree to repay such amount of any Flexi Cancellation Payment to us within 5 days. 6 June 2023 update:  If any insurance relating to a Relevant Booking would pay out if these Terms weren’t in place, then these Terms shall not apply, and you shall not be entitled to any refund or payment under them for your Relevant Booking.

5) General: Clause 20.6, 20.7 and 20.8 shall apply equally to these Terms.