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Low Deposit Bookings


1. These terms and conditions relating to the "low deposit" offer ("The Offer") apply in addition to, and should be read alongside, the Booking Conditions and the related policies detailed on the Site.

2. If any of the provisions in these terms and conditions or the Booking Conditions or policies conflict, the provisions of these terms and conditions will prevail.

3. The Offer is only available for Bookings made in Pounds Sterling

4. The Offer is only available for Bookings where you are not required to pay all the Rental Charges at the time of Booking (for example, The Offer may not be available if you would like to make a booking at short notice).

5. When The Offer is available, we will only require you to pay an initial instalment of £25 at the time you make a Booking with us. References to a "Deposit" in the main terms and these terms therefore refer to this £25 instalment. When you pay this Deposit, you will also need to make a payment for:

a. any other applicable fees or charges (for example, heating supplements, pet charges, or linen charges); and

b. any insurance cover and /or ferry tickets you have bought through us.

6. When you authorise us to take payment for the amounts referred to above, you also agree that you will make one of the following payments to us:

a. if you cancel your Booking (which you can do up to six weeks before the first day of the Holiday Period), then you agree to pay us the difference between the initial deposit that you would have paid if we had not applied the Offer to your Booking and the Deposit, plus the Booking Fee. You can see what your initial deposit would have been on the Site and we will tell you how much you will have to pay if you cancel when you make your Booking. This payment will be due as soon as you confirm to us that you would like to cancel. If you cancel a provisional Booking in accordance with paragraph 6.6 of Booking Conditions, this payment will not be required; or

b. if you do not cancel your Booking, then six weeks before the first day of the Holiday Period, you agree to pay the Rental Balance (being the balance of the Rental Charges payable by you after you have paid the Deposit), plus a Booking Fee. When you make your Booking, we will tell you the date of this payment and how much you will have to pay.

If you would like to make either of these payments using a different payment method, then

please contact us by telephone using the number in the Contact us section on the Site before the date that payment is due to be taken from your card.

7. We reserve the right to extend or withdraw The Offer at any time.

8. By making a Booking with us, you confirm that you accept all these terms and conditions and that you agree to comply with them.