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Bridgerton: Where Pride and Prejudice meets Gossip Girl. The scandal-filled period drama has gifted viewers with some jaw-dropping moments, amidst luxe locations that we simply must share with you.

‘Where was Bridgerton filmed?’ you may be wondering. Don’t worry, we have all the answers. From royal palaces to iconic stately homes, the Jane Austen-inspired Netflix drama is a visual treat!

We have uncovered some incredible Bridgerton filming locations, ranging from The Bridgerton House to Clyvedon Castle, to the royal residence of Queen Charlotte, all of which are here in the UK.

If you cannot wait until the release of Bridgerton season two for your period drama fix, you can look forward to visiting these real-life filming locations.

Wondering where was Bridgerton filmed? Continue reading to find out…

1. Painshill Park, Surrey – Promenade

Painshill Lake

First on the list of Bridgerton filming locations is the spectacular gardens of Painshill Park, which features as Primrose Hill.

Here is where we see the Featherington family enjoying a leisurely picnic, as well as Daphne and Simon taking strolls and riding horses, all against the backdrop of the park, which was landscaped under the 18th-century aristocrat Charles Hamilton, and boasts a beautiful Chinese bridge and the famous lake.

2. Royal Crescent, Bath – Bridgertons’ and Featheringtons’ neighbourhood

Royal Crescent, Bath

Though the period drama is set in London’s high society, it is the streets of Bath that make up most of the scenes of Regency London.

It is in fact Bath’s iconic Royal Crescent that plays a starring role, standing in for the exterior of the Featherington’s Regency London home, which sits opposite the Bridgerton House.

The Grade II listed stone crescent, overlooking the Royal Victoria Park, is today home to a museum, a five-star hotel and private housing. You may also recognise the iconic façade from films such as The Duchess and Pride and Prejudice.

3. Ranger’s House, London – The Bridgerton House

The Ranger's House

The beautiful wisteria-draped frontage of the well-to-do home of the Bridgerton family is set in the heart of Mayfair. It is the residence of Daphne Bridgerton, her many siblings and widowed mother, where they cast a watchful eye over the drama-filled street.

In reality, the Palladian-style mansion actually belongs to Ranger’s House in Greenwich and does not neighbour the imposing terraced houses that occupy real-life Mayfair.

The English Heritage property was formerly the home of aristocrats and royals, including King George III’s elder sister, Princess Augusta, who occupied the mansion during the early 19th century, when Bridgerton is set.

Ranger’s House is also home to the Wernher Collection, a 700-piece 19th-century art collection, belonging to Sir Julius Wernher.

The interior of the Bridgerton house was filmed at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire and was used to create the grand hall and stairs, the hallway and the smoking room. Whilst the exterior of the Royal Air Force Station is rather unappealing, the interior is certainly grand with a period feel.

4. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire – The interior of The Featherington House

Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Our next Bridgerton filming location is no stranger to the big screen! You may have caught a glimpse of Hatfield House in Netflix’s Rebecca and Enola Holmes, as well as in the action-packed Lara Croft and Batman franchises.

Whilst you may not recognise the exterior of the Jacobean-style house, the interior of the property perfectly complemented the Featherington family’s vibrant wardrobes.

The Netflix Bridgerton crew used the interior of the stately home of the seventh Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury, as well as the RAF Halton, to match the personality of the family that owns it.

5. Castle Howard, North Yorkshire – Clyvedon Castle

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

To much dismay, Clyvedon Castle, the home of newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Hastings, does not exist in real life.

The exterior of the castle actually belongs to Castle Howard in York, a huge stately home that has been one of the great palaces of Europe for over 300 years.

Today, visitors can explore the treasure trove of inspiring architecture and grand interiors, which is home to world-renowned collections. It is little surprise that this property was used as a Bridgerton filming location.

6. Hampton Court Palace, London – The royal residence of Queen Charlotte

Hampton Court Palace, London

St James’s Palace and Buckingham House may actually have been where Queen Charlotte held court, but it is the red brick of Hampton Court Palace that is used as the exterior shot during Bridgerton season 1.

We first see the royal residence of Bridgerton’s fictional monarch in the first episode, where the debutantes arrive to be presented at the beginning of the social season during Queen’s Charlotte’s ball. Interestingly, this is a real event that was founded by George II as a birthday celebration for his wife.

7. Chatham Dockyards, Kent – Boxing Ball

Chatham Dockyard, Kent

The boxing saloon, where we often see Will and Simon, was filmed at Chatham Dockyard in Kent, a striking contrast to the usual glitz and glamour of other Bridgerton filming locations.

Will’s home was also filmed in this East London location, as well as the slum where Mrs. Featherington takes Marina.

8. The Holburne Museum, Bath – Lady Danbury’s House

The Holburne Museum, Bath

For the exterior of the massive mansion belonging to rich widow Lady Danbury, the Netflix crew sought the stone façade of the Holburne Museum of Art, found in Bath.

The interior of Lady Danbury’s residence was filmed at the beautiful stately homes of Badminton House and Wilton House, as was the Duke of Hastings’ home.

9. Leigh Court, Bristol – Many a Ballroom

Leigh Court

Did you catch the string quartet plucking 21st century songs by Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish too? It is little wonder that these young debutants wanted to spend most of their time out on the dance floor at one of the many ballroom events.

Speaking of ballrooms, several of them were shot at Leigh Court, a prestigious wedding venue to the west of Bath.

Throughout the series, you will see the characters dance amongst the different rooms of this 19th century property. This included the iconic Ingenue Ball, where Daphne makes a dramatic entrance to catch the gaze of Prince Friedrich.

10. Syon House, Brentford – Hastings House

Syon House

Several locations actually stood in for the London residence of the Duke, where we see many flashbacks to his childhood.

You will recognise Syon House’s impressive hall, lined with statues and a black and white chequered floor. This property is used as a Bridgerton filming location in one of many ball scenes.

This impressive Grade I listed property also acted as the former Duke’s study and Simon’s own dressing room.

Have you been inspired to visit these beautiful Bridgerton filming locations? If so, use our handy travel guide to help plan your visit and secure a stay with us today! Alternatively, find even more regal locations with our guide to The Crown filming locations

Image credits: Pauline E – (CC BY-SA 2.0); Mark Percy – (CC BY-SA 2.0); Katie Chan – (CC BY-SA 3.0); Ian Capper – (CC BY-SA 2.0); Kent Wang – (CC BY-SA 2.0); Chatham rating(CC BY-SA 3.0)

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