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At Sykes Holiday Cottages, we want to do our bit to create a cleaner, greener and fairer future for all.

Our purpose is to create lasting holiday memories with a positive social and environmental impact. As a cottage owner, you have a great opportunity to make a difference! Whether that’s using eco-friendly building materials, renewable energy sources or supplying from local, independent businesses.

Keep reading to find out more about our Impact mission…

Our Impact Mission

CEO Graham Donoghue

Our impact on people and the planet is as important to us as shareholder profit. We’ve been making a difference for years, but we want to do even more with the team across the Sykes Family.

“As a market leader, we have a duty to balance all stakeholders and focus on the role we all can play in supporting communities and our environment. We measure what matters and our Impact Pillar will provide a framework for action” – Graham Donoghue, Sykes Holiday Cottages CEO.

As part of our Impact mission, we aim to:

1. Plant 1 million trees by 2024

Working with planting partners to protect habitats and biodiversity, supporting local initiatives for our staff to get involved in, as well as large-scale tree planting projects.

2. Become a carbon-neutral business by 2024

We’re committed to making a positive environmental impact and changing the way we work to combat climate change.

3. Enable 1,000 disadvantaged families to go on holiday, every year

We want to make a difference to families going through tough times and will be working with specialist partners and our owners to make this happen.

4. Inspire and enable 100% of our team to volunteer every year

Every member of the Sykes Family can take two days paid leave every year to volunteer at a charity or community initiative of their choice to make a positive impact.

You can find out more about our Impact mission on our About Us page.

Our Suppliers

Eco friendly products for home cleaning

Not only are we taking accountability for how we work, but we also want to make it easy for you to provide sustainable, eco-friendly holidays. More and more of us are seeking alternatives that take better care of the planet and local economies.

We’re working with suppliers that help us meet our Impact Mission. They’ll ensure your property is guest-ready while creating a positive, lasting impact.

Reducing Single-use Plastic

A great example is Greener Guest who provide eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic. Their products are trustworthy and sustainable, from the raw materials they’re made from, to responsibly disposable packaging.

Not only are their products eco-friendly, but they also work with ethical suppliers, many of which are small businesses based in the UK. You’ll find plenty of tips for sustainable holidays alongside their online marketplace. Be sure to use the 5% discount to Sykes owners through their website!

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We also have lots of eco-friendly companies supplying cleaning products. Our suppliers include Benchguard, The Cheeky Panda and Eco Hygiene products. There are many alternatives to larger brands to help you shop local!

Under ‘Toiletries and welcome packs’ there are lots of suppliers that use only organic and eco-friendly products including Trevarno, Caroline Henry, and Pure Lakes. These include refillable toiletries or those made from plastic-free, compostable materials.

Welcome Packs That Make a Difference

To give your guests an extra special welcome, we also feature on Social Supermarket, the UK’s leading social enterprise marketplace. You’ll discover inspiring gift boxes and welcome packs that’ll give your property that extra touch, whilst supporting great organisations.

Each product has a unique story to tell, from tea that employs refugees to jams that support children’s charities. Sykes owners also receive discounts on their first and future orders! Purchasing from suppliers that align with our Impact Mission can send out ripples of positive change.

Explore our full selection of Owner Offers to find toiletries, cleaning products, waste removal and more.

How Can You Make an Impact?

Energy efficiency mobile app on screen, eco house

Whether they’re long-term or quick fixes, every change counts towards building a better future for all. There are a number of ways you can alter your holiday home to be a little kinder on the planet (and your pocket!).

It’s sure to be an added bonus for a growing number of customers seeking eco-friendly holidays too. We list all eco-friendly cottages so that people can quickly find a more sustainable holiday home.

Better Building Materials

If you’re looking to convert or build a new holiday let, there are building materials and power sources that reduce our impact on the planet.

This includes bamboo, recycled or reclaimed wood, and even straw bales. Adding roof solar panels is a popular choice that provides all the power you need!

More Energy Efficient

To save both energy and money, investing in insulation is a great start to keep your holiday let warm. However, quicker fixes include adding rugs, thicker curtains or installing energy-saving lightbulbs.

There is also a range of eco-techs to help you reduce your energy consumption, from Smart Meters to Thermostats.

Eco-friendly Guests

Help your guests have sustainable holidays by supplying eco-friendly toilet paper, refillable toiletries or installing EV charging points with our supplier, Role EV Charging. There is a 5-10% discount exclusively for Sykes owners!

Or perhaps start with waste management and provide separate containers for recycling, plastic and food waste. Check out our full holiday home waste management guide to keep on top of the waste management costs.

Want to find out more about how you can make a difference? Explore our ultimate guide to eco-friendly holiday letting!

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