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If you’re struggling with what to do on Father’s Day 2022, look no further! Here at Sykes Holiday Cottages, we have compiled an extensive guide that covers many thoughtful Father’s Day activities to choose from!

Make Father’s Day extra special this year by treating Dad to something he’ll enjoy. From relaxing activities to do together at home to spectacular days out, you’ll find something he will love in this guide.

Be inspired by this list of 25 things to do on Father’s Day 2022…

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Days out and experiences
Outdoor activities
Activities at home

When is Father’s Day 2022 and why is it celebrated?

First and foremost, make sure you know when it’s taking place! Every year, Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday in June, and this year it falls on Sunday 19th of June.

In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd founded the event as a way to honour her father, who raised her and her siblings alone. It has since turned into an international holiday and each year people around the world celebrate fatherhood on this special day.

What to do on Father’s Day 2022

Days out and experiences

1. Enjoy a mini-break


We’re starting off this guide on what to do for Father’s Day with a special experience, a mini-break. You’re bound to make dad’s day unforgettable by taking him away on holiday! If you can’t figure out a holiday destination, then we recommend gifting dad with a stay in Whitby.

This North Yorkshire gem is the perfect break for dad as it is home to many things to do. Spend time unwinding on the town’s beautiful beach, cycling along The Cinder Track and touring its handful of intriguing museums. After exploring the sights, be sure to sit down for a mouthwatering meal at one of the town’s eateries, including The Endeavour.

Plan your break further by reading our Whitby travel guide.

2. Tour a brewery

beer being pulled on tap

Commemorate Father’s Day 2022 by touring one of the UK and Ireland’s many breweries. This is a fantastic opportunity to try a new drink or indulge in one of your dad’s favourites.

While there are so many breweries to visit, we have a couple of recommendations that we’re sure dad won’t say no to! One of these is Sheffield, a city that is alleged to have the most breweries in the UK. Here, you can choose from over 20 beer breweries to visit!

Does your dad prefer whisky? Take him to the renowned whisky region of Scotland. There are some amazing distilleries here, including the Glenfiddich Distillery; one of the biggest in Scotland.

3. Treat him to afternoon tea

man and woman enjoying afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a wonderful way to spoil dad this year. With this activity, you can take him out and sit down to an array of sumptuous treats. It’s also a great way to catch up on things you’ve been up to, especially if you haven’t seen him in a while.

There are several places hosting Father’s Day afternoon tea across the UK, including Dorothy Clive Garden, where you can enjoy tea before strolling around idyllic grounds. Alternatively, you can tuck into sweet and savoury delights amidst parkland scenery at Groundwork’s event in Alyn Waters Country Park.

However, if you want to cut costs this year, you could host a homemade affair and it’ll be just as thoughtful!

4. Send him to the spa

man relaxing in sauna

Want to put some R&R on the Father’s Day 2022 itinerary? Whisk dad away for a spa day where he can receive the pampering he deserves! Dad can escape the hustle and bustle with a wealth of different spa activities, from sweating it up in the sauna to relaxing his muscles with a massage.

In some spas, he can even follow up his treatments with an appetising afternoon tea. There are an array of spa cottages available, too, so he can enjoy a getaway packed with relaxation without venturing far.

5. Make a difference

father and child cleaning beach

Make dad’s day a unique one this year by going out and volunteering. Not only is this a superb way of giving back to the community, but it allows you both to spend some much-needed time together.

There’s no shortage of ways to make a difference in the UK. The pair of you can go and donate a range of secondhand items to local charity shops, clear up nearby beaches of litter or create care packages for those in need.

6. Explore a castle

leeds castle

For a day packed with grandeur, take dad on an exploration of one of the UK and Ireland’s breath-taking castles. These glorious landmarks are home to immaculate furnishings and beautifully landscaped gardens for you to while away the day in. Some even have shops, so you can pick up a Father’s Day keepsake.

There are several castles to uncover, but you can make dad’s day extra memorable by whisking him around a couple of the best castles in England. Even better, you can make him feel like a king by booking your very own castle rental!

7. Watch the races

horses racing

For an entertaining day out this Father’s Day, be sure to visit the races. There are plenty happening all over the UK and it gives the whole family an opportunity to dress up and head out. In fact, the Pontefract Races are hosting a Father’s Day event!

If you’re after a more relaxed day at the racecourse, some offer family fun days that take place near 19th June. However, if you want to make a break of it, why not stay near a racecourse by booking a Cheltenham holiday cottage or a Cartmel holiday cottage?

8. Wander through a museum

father and daughter in museum

Step back in time by heading to a museum together this year. There are many museums in the UK, all offering plenty of culture and masterpieces to admire. Most are low-cost or free to enter, making this a cost-effective Father’s Day trip.

There are a couple of museums with events on for the day, too. The British Motor Museum is hosting the annual Vintage Motor Cycle Club’s Banbury Run, where you and dad will get the chance to admire 500 vintage motorcycles.

The Milestones Museum is offering fathers a ‘green ration card’ which they can exchange for a pint of beer or two ounces of sweets. The museum’s pub, The Baverstock Arms, will host a range of pub games and sing-alongs for you to enjoy on the day.

9. Experience a live show

microphone on stage

If your dad enjoys music, then a concert is ideal. Whether he’s into country, hip hop or jazz, there’s bound to be a show on or around Father’s Day this year. If you want to make it truly special, transport dad back to the ’80s or ’90s by taking him to see his favourite band from back in the day.

Alternatively, if your dad’s a jokester, take him to his favourite comedian’s stand up show! There are plenty of these throughout the UK and Ireland, where you’re both bound to have a good time!

10. Board a steam engine

jacobite steam train

This list of things to do for Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a steam engine excursion! Britain is packed with heritage steam engines for you and dad to board, all of which boast astounding views.

If you want to make your locomotive experience even more noteworthy, why not treat Dad to on-board dining? The renowned North Yorkshire Moors Railway offers tasty meals in its Pullman Dining Train, while the Jacobite Steam Railway also serves food on board.

11. Try out go-karting

person gokarting

If you’re trying to figure out what to do on Father’s Day for a thrill-seeking dad, look no further than go-karting. This exhilarating activity will send you zooming around a circuit, where you can unleash your inner Formula 1 driver!

There are several go-karting experiences dotted around the country, including experiences for two, where you can both battle it out, or group experiences for the whole family. You can even treat him to a solo experience, where dad can show off his driving skills as you cheer him on.

12. Soar through the air with skydiving

two people skydiving

This year, get dad out of his comfort zone by going on a 10,000-foot (or higher) skydiving experience. This thrilling escapade is perfect for any adventurous father and will make his Father’s Day feel like one of a kind!

He’ll get to earn some bragging rights, too, because how many dads can say that their loved one treated them to a skydiving experience? Browse this complete map of skydiving drop zones to find the closest one near you.

13. Visit the beach

family at the beach

A great way to make memories on Father’s Day 2022 is by soaking up the sights together at the beach. Treat dad to a day out to one of the best beaches in the UK, and spend time beachcombing or paddling through the waves.

Why not turn your Father’s Day on the coast into a getaway and book one of these coastal cottages? Alternatively, make the most of your visit by booking a table at a nearby restaurant and treating dad to a spot of sea-view dining.

14. Venture to a football match

football on stadium pitch

If dad is a footie fan, then this is a fail-safe option! Don your colourful scarves and head to the stadium to watch his favourite team play. Even if his favourite team aren’t playing over Father’s Day weekend, there are plenty of matches happening across the country.

Additionally, some stadiums are hosting Father’s Day events. Birmingham City Football Club and Burnley Football Club offer packages which include three-course meals overlooking the pitch. Aberdeen Football Club is also hosting a carvery lunch accompanied by a stadium tour.

15. Challenge him to a bowling game

man bowling

Another fantastic Father’s Day outing is bowling. This experience is affordable while still being incredibly fun! You’ll get to engage in a friendly competition with dad while making long-lasting memories.

This activity is not only low-cost but it’s accessible, so if dad’s a beginner he can still enjoy it. You can make it a family outing by inviting your loved ones to join you and grabbing a bite to eat afterwards.

Outdoor activities

16. Hike together

father and son hiking

We’re continuing this guide on what to do on Father’s Day with a scenic yet invigorating activity, hiking! The UK and Ireland boast stunning scenery for you to explore, from mystic trails winding through forests to coastal hikes with panoramic views. There are trails suited to all abilities, including family-friendly and dog-friendly hikes.

If dad is a big fan of walking, you can really make his Father’s Day this year by turning it into a break. Check out our Walking Holidays guide or these top UK walking holiday destinations for some inspiration.

17. Go cycling

two people cycling

Looking for more scenic things to do on Father’s Day? Get outdoors with dad and go for a bike ride. This is a marvellous way to spend some quality time together.  You can soak up the sights on an idyllic cruise through some of the UK’s best places to cycle.

You can make this an easy activity by cycling through charming farmland, or take it a little further by riding up rugged mountains. Either way, you’re guaranteed to come across some magnificent vistas together. If dad is a cycling aficionado, why not treat him to a cycling holiday cottage?

18. Spend time angling

father and son fishing

When it comes to what to do on Father’s Day, an activity that is bound to be a hit with dad is fishing! This relaxing activity is perfect for bonding, as you can really escape the hustle and bustle together.

The UK and Ireland are home to a wealth of fishing lakes and beaches for you to choose from. Wherever you decide to go, you can look forward to kicking back in front of the glistening waters and spending some quality time with dad. You can make your Father’s Day angle a special one by booking a fishing holiday cottage.

19. Take part in watersports

father and son kayaking

A great way to enjoy each other’s company is by partaking in some watersports together. The best part about it is that it’s easily accessible, as the UK is packed with bodies of water. There are so many types to try, too, from canoeing along rivers to surfing the waves lining the nation’s beautiful beaches.

This is a great way to exercise while also getting a chance to bond. If you’re a pair of watersports enthusiasts, why not turn your outing into a longer trip by booking a waterside break?

20. Try rock climbing

man climbing

Get a sweat on and build your strength by going rock climbing with dad. The country is filled with places to try this sport, including Lands End and the Peak District National Park.

This activity, while challenging, is a great way to work as a team and build your relationship. Once you reach the top, soak up the magnificent sights and snap a picture together for Father’s Day!

For more inspiration for adventurous excursions, be sure to look at our guide to Activity Holidays.

Activities at home

21. Enjoy a movie

family watching movie

Need help with what to do for Father’s Day at home? Take it easy by bringing out the popcorn and settling down to a movie. You may have to leave the film choice up to dad this time…

This is an excellent way to unwind together and make dad feel special. Not only is it affordable but it’s completely effortless once the film has started!

However, if you do want to go the extra mile this year, you can sit down to a movie night at one of these holiday cottages with home cinemas.

22. Arrange a scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt sign

Looking for an exciting yet low-cost way to show Dad you care? Set up a scavenger hunt at home! The great thing about scavenger hunts is that you can make them as thoughtful and personal to him as possible. Something he’ll really appreciate!

One idea could be to write positive affirmations or memories you’ve shared together on notes and hide them around for him to find. Alternatively, you can tuck away cards with riddles to give him clues on where to find his ultimate prize.

The prize could be an array of his favourite tipples and treats, a homemade gift or even one of the experiences on this list.

23. Bake together

family baking

Perhaps your dad is someone who is hard to buy for, or maybe you’re simply at a loss for what to do on Father’s Day! Then, you could try baking together. This activity allows him to show off his culinary skills while you work together to rustle up a sweet treat.

Afterwards, you can tuck into your homemade delight; it’ll be extra rewarding because you spent time making it together! If you need baking inspiration or recipes, look no further than pages 32-47 of our UK Foodie Cookbook.

24. Try his hobby

father and son playing guitar

When it comes to things to do on Father’s Day, let dad take centre stage and dedicate some time to learning about his favourite thing. Whether it’s playing the guitar, painting or woodworking, he is certain to have something he wants to share with his loved ones!

Not only will you be able to learn a new skill through doing this, but you’ll make him feel heard and appreciated. That’s the most important way for him to feel on his day.

25. Get gardening!

dad gardening with children

If your dad has a penchant for gardening, then join him outside in the backyard or allotment! This rewarding hobby will allow you to learn more about growing your own produce and help you to bond this Father’s Day.

When it comes to figuring out what to plant, you can rely on dad’s knowledge if he’s a green thumb. However, if you want to make this a special experience, why not surprise him with in-season vegetable seeds? These include runner beans, beetroot and cabbage. If you’re looking to brighten up your garden with in-season flowers, try planting fuchsias.

If you’re still needing inspiration on what to do for Father’s Day, why not treat him to a special break at one of these holiday cottages for Father’s Day? If you do, plan your getaway with our handy UK Family Breaks guide.

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