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A staycation offers the perfect chance to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether it’s breathtaking views or exploring new destinations, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing your holiday spot.

We recently conducted a survey among UK holidaymakers to uncover what helps them relax during their trip.

Based on our research, Cornwall, the Lake District, and the Scottish Highlands were identified as the top three most relaxing holiday destinations. Almost half of the participants stated that leisurely walks were the ultimate way to unwind during their getaways.

Using the survey results, we have compiled a hub of sights and sounds to help you recreate a relaxing atmosphere.

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Top 10 Things to Help You Relax on a Staycation

Click the drop-downs, enjoy the visuals and take in the sounds of the most relaxing elements of a holiday in the UK.

1. Scenic walks

Exploring the great outdoors offers numerous advantages to enhance your overall wellbeing and vitality, through breathing fresh air, listening to natural sounds and taking in the scenery. In the UK, there are abundant walking routes suitable for individuals of all levels, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the joys of nature.

jurassic coast walk

2. Sounds of the sea

41% of survey respondents said that they find the sounds of the sea to be one of the most relaxing elements of their holiday. With this in mind, we’ve created our very own sounds of soothing waves crashing on the beach to help you unwind.

3. Exploring the town/city

Whether you’re immersing yourself in the grandeur of Edinburgh‘s architectural marvels or wandering through the iconic shambles of York, many cities and towns across the UK promise an enchanting visit.

Find yourself in an unfamiliar place, explore your surroundings and allow yourself to forget the troubles of everyday life. Unveil the captivating history of a castle, stroll a scenic coastline and uncover the local treasures that await a city break.

4. Room with a sea view

Take your pick of properties with sea vistas, allowing you to soak up the natural beauty from the comfort of a cosy hideaway.

5. Reading a book

Delving into a good book is another way to enjoy the simple pleasures while on holiday that you perhaps wouldn’t usually find time for.

Here are our top recommended holiday reads to help you stay relaxed and take you off into another world of imagination.

Recommended Holiday Reads

Best feel-good book: The City Baker’s Guide To Country Living, Louise Miller

Best autobiography: Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton

Best-selling book of all time: The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

Best-selling book series: Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Best beach read: The Summer Place, Jennifer Weiner

Best kid’s book: Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

6. Beachfront eateries

There are plenty of seaside eateries across the UK letting you explore the best of cuisine and coastal delights at the same time.

Whether you’re exploring local gems like Holyhead’s Harbourfront Bistro on Newry Beach, or indulging in a lobster lunch at Emily Scott’s Cornish restaurant, you’ll find an array of eateries where you can sample fresh seafood and local cuisine.

Be sure to check out our guide to the best beach restaurants in Cornwall for your next seafront escape!

7. Travel at your own pace

With a staycation, you have the freedom to reach your desired location in a relaxed manner, in your own time, without having to worry about the stresses of airport wait times.

Staying in the UK is also the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint in comparison to flying, and there are many epic drives across the UK offering stunning views to observe on your journey. Explore our guide to Britain’s most scenic road trips, designed to ignite your imagination and inspire your next idyllic getaway.

8. Local pubs

A trip to the pub was said to be one of the top 10 things people find would help them relax while on a staycation. 19% of respondents claimed that this would be the thing to help them unwind the most, and it’s no surprise with the UK boasting so many to choose from!

If you’re seeking a holiday with a difference, you can even stay in a pub for the week! Sure to offer an unforgettable break.

9. Outdoor hot tubs

Immersing yourself in a hot tub holiday offers an unrivalled opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Picture yourself relaxing in the soothing warmth of the bubbling waters, while indulging in the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings.

10. Watching the world go by

A staycation presents an enticing escape from the routine of everyday life, where you can capture a fresh environment and indulge in its unique offerings.

One of the delightful aspects of a break is the chance to engage in “people watching”, which ranks as the tenth most relaxing activity during a holiday, according to our survey.

Most Relaxing Sounds

Click on the drop-downs below and enjoy the sounds we’ve re-created.

Waves Crashing on the Beach


Birds Tweeting


Wind Blowing Gently Through the Trees


Food Sizzling on the BBQ


Crackling Fire


Top 3 Most Relaxing Locations

1. Cornwall

Think beautiful beaches, coastal walks, and tasty cream teas. Cornwall is a haven at any time of the year with its idyllic atmosphere and activities aplenty. Explore the scenic splendour of the county for yourself with a relaxing hot tub break in Cornwall.

2. Lake District

The Lake District is a scenic paradise, flaunting imposing scenery that has holidaymakers coming back year after year. From rich history to rugged mountains, there’s plenty to be discovered. Be sure to stop and appreciate your surroundings, with no better relaxing experience than a hot tub escape to the Lake District.

3. Scottish Highlands

Whether you want to explore the wonder of Loch Ness or looking to challenge yourself with a hike up Ben Nevis, the Scottish Highlands offers every kind of experience. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, a lodge stay in the Scottish Highlands makes the perfect choice at any time of year.

If you’re ready for your next relaxing break in the UK, then take a look at holiday ideas and trips for all occasions, to find the ideal escape full of calm and tranquility!

Our travel guide offers plenty of inspiration if you’re unsure of where you want to go and what adventures you might want to embark upon.

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