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New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. However, our 20 for 2020 are designed to inspire adventure this new year and create memories that go beyond 2020.

2020 is the year you ditch the typical, hard-to-keep resolutions and swap them for our fun ideas, promising an adventure-filled year ahead! By following our resolutions, you can expect to take on new skills and challenges, create life-long memories and make rewarding lifestyle changes.

Read on to discover our 20 New Year’s resolutions for 2020…

1. Llama and Alpaca Trekking

Llama Trekking

If you are looking for an alternative way to experience the UK’s wonderful countryside this new year, then theses domestic animals promise an unforgettable personal experience for you and your loved ones.

Immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings of the UK with theses gentle creatures by your side, with some of them creating an amazing range of sounds, while others remain silent.

Such experiences are available across the country, so we have selected a few to help you meet your new walking companion. Within the North Yorkshire area, there is Nidderdale Llamas, whilst in Cheshire there is the Oakmere Alpacas and in Northamptonshire there is the Catanger Llamas.

2. Stay Somewhere Unusual

quirky property

Looking for a staycation with a twist? Take a look at Tan Y Wawr in Powys for an unusual place to stay in the UK!

If a holiday amidst the North Wales countryside isn’t your thing, then maybe a stay in a converted railway carriage, or perhaps a reflective retreat? Alternatively, take a look at our range of unusual holiday cottages or think about living a life of luxury by holidaying like a celebrity.

3. Enjoy a Spa Day with a Difference

spa day

Across the UK you will find a wide range of spas which offer a relaxing day with a difference.

Experience the tranquillity of Harrogate’s Turkish Baths, where your indulgent day will be surrounded by intricate Italian mosaic floors, Islamic arches and Moorish design. Relax and unwind in the fully restored Victorian Turkish Baths and enjoy a ritual of heating, cooling and cleansing the body, promoting a clean mind.

Hidden away in the enchanting Italianate village of Portmeirion is the magical Mermaid Spa, where you can experience a selection of treatments, including body wraps and aroma massages. Alternatively, dip into their outdoor pool and soak up the views of the North Wales coastline and the breath-taking Snowdonia National Park.

4. Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

Spice up the usual cinema experience this new year by enjoying your favourite film by the light of the moonlight at one of the county’s many open air cinemas.

Make this fun activity your 2020 resolution by bringing your picnic blankets, your camp chairs and favourite treats to an open-air cinema near you, as you indulge in an alfresco night at the movies.

You will find this summer-staple opportunity in locations dotted across the UK, including the Where’s the Nomad which can be found in a number of venues across London, or catch a film in the Roman Gardens of the Moonlight Flicks in Chester.

5. Learn a new skill


You may parallel park like a pro and you may have mastered cleaning like Mrs Hinch, but can you master the basics of cooking or dancing?

Learn to cook

2020 is the year that you ditch the “I am a terrible cook” excuse and make a healthy lifestyle change by taking on the skill of cooking. Even the world’s top chefs once had to learn the basics of cooking, so why don’t you start the new year with a home-cooked treat, rather than a frozen pizza or a Chinese takeaway?

Find online courses which allow you to cook in your own time with a step by step guide, including Delia Online and Gordon Ramsey Masterclass. Alternatively, treat yourself to a memorable experience by booking onto a celebrity chef masterclass and earn from the likes of Jamie Oliver and Simon Rimmer.

Learn to dance

If you have been inspired by Strictly Come Dancing 2019, make your resolution this new year to learn the fun pastime of dancing. Dancing is not only the perfect social activity, it also helps reduce stress and it’s a fun way to exercise.

So if you’re ready to impress your friends at your next party, book one of the dance classes which can be found across the UK, including Berkshire’s Learn to Dance or take an online course.

6. Give back to the Community

Give back to the community

Although it is important to have internally focused new year’s resolutions, make 2020 the year that you help others and make the world a better place! Achieving this goal can be done in big or small sentiments, so we have a picked a few to kick start your 2020 goal of giving back.

Give blood

By giving blood, you are giving an emergency lifeline to people, as well as those who need long-term treatments.

Travel responsibly

This year, choose to travel with awareness. By choosing to walk, cycle, use public transport or using a car share system, you are helping to protect the environment.

Participate in local fundraising

In a world of social media challenges, 2020 is the year that we should come together in-person to make a positive impact on a particular cause. Fun and easy fundraising ideas include, 5-aside football tournament, bake-athon, bring and buy sales or host a cake sale.

7. Monthly Challenges


Doing monthly challenges is a great way in making a change to your lifestyle and finding a new habit that will have a genuine impact on your life. Below are a few examples of monthly challenges that can help you make a difference.


There are many reasons to start the new year by going Vegan in January. For most people, a love of animals is the main reason, however by going vegan you can improve your health and help the planet by significantly lowering your greenhouse gas emissions.


Next November, have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health by taking on the challenge of Movember. Through participating in this challenge and raising funds, you will be helping to bring together best researchers and experts from across the globe to accelerate progress in tackling cancer and suicide in men.

Go Sober for October

Go booze-free during October and help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. By having a sober October, you will be making a difference in the support that cancer patients receive, allowing everyone living with cancer to live as fully as they can.

8. Visit a Film Location

alnwick castle

As a nation, we love spending our evenings curled up in front of the TV and since many of our favourite films are filmed on home soil, what better way is there than exploring areas of the UK that have been captured on the big screens?

You will find the iconic castle of Alnwick Castle amidst the countryside setting of Northumberland which is famous for doubling up as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. The Outer Bailey was used as the area where Harry learned to fly broomsticks and The Lion Arch was used as a way in and out of Hogwarts. Alternatively, find 17 Harry Potter filming locations across the country to explore throughout the new year.

Scattered across the UK are even more filing locations, including Outlander, Macbeth, Poldark, James Bond and Downtown Abbey. Or if you fancy staying at a cottage that you have seen on the small screen, we have a collection of holiday cottages as seen on TV.

9. Attend a Music Festival, Concert or Show

Festival crowd

This is a great way to shut off from the rest of the world with a group of like-minded people who share the same interests as you, whether it be a music festival, your favourite artists’ concert or a comedy show.

There are plenty of reasons why you should make this a resolution for 2020, firstly the sense of freedom such events give you. During this time, scrolling through Instagram will be the last thing on your mind allowing you to live in the moment, once you are absorbed in the performance, it’s the best feeling! Another reason is the community experience, it’s a great opportunity to get your friends together to make lifelong memories!

10. Do Something Daring!

bungee jumping

Throughout the UK there is a magnitude of opportunities to be daring this new year, as well as seeing more of the country whilst taking on a new adventure!


As you lean backwards off a steep drop get ready to conquer your fear of heights! This exhilarating experience takes you down a controlled descent off a ridge, a great way to soak up the scenery of the surrounding area. Plenty of companies across the UK offer this opportunity, including Lost Earth Adventures and How Stean Gorge.

Bungee Jumping

Just another great way to conquer your fear of heights as you plummet through the sky after taking a leap of faith from the ledge! UK Bungee offers opportunities across the UK and promises to be a thrilling 2020 new year’s resolution.

Zip Lining

The UK plays host to the world’s fastest zip line which can be found in North Wales at Zip World, as well as a range of other zip lines across the country, allowing you soar through the skies, enjoy breath-taking views and feel the freedom of flying.

Axe Throwing

This popular experience in North America is slowly becoming a popular hobby over here, so why not give it a go this new year? Become an axpert as you throw differing types of axes and hatchet at purpose built targets and traditional tree log slices. Such companies offering this daring activity include Whistle Punks, Hover Force and Bear Axe Thowing.

11. Do a physical challenge

Park Run

Across the UK you will find a magnitude of physical challenges to take on throughout 2020. Whether you are looking to achieve something incredible, seeking an adrenaline fix or looking to raise money for charity, there’s a physical challenge for you.


Hosted in parklands across the UK is this free weekly 5km run, offering an opportunity for a family of all ages and tastes to come together. During Parkrun you can take in the wonderful scenery of the parkland, as well as exercising in a fun and easy way.

Tough Mudder

Slightly more challenging than the later, Tough Mudder is a 5k to 10-mile course with an atmosphere like no other. During this course you can expect world-class obstacle courses and mud runs, an opportunity to achieve personal and teamwork accomplishments.

12. Invest Time into Wellbeing


During 2020, make one of your new year’s resolutions to invest time into maintaining a state of wellbeing. There are many reasons to take some time out of your day to invest into wellbeing and these include, an increase in productivity, maintain good relationships with others and be able to engage with the world around you.

Take time for yourself by learning a new skill or doing something that you enjoy, whether it be taking a walk in the countryside or going to the cinema with friends.

Another technique to make an investment into your wellbeing this year is by practising yoga. Studies have shown that this non-strenuous exercise leads to a significant increase in serotonin (a contributor to feelings of happiness), as well as a better immune function.

13. Host a Murder Mystery

murder mystery

Hosting a murder mystery party is an excellent way of bringing together your friends for an evening of drama, fun and mystery!

Prior to your party, you must purchase a party kit which will give you a story about the murder and cast your guests as characters in the story. Encourage your guests to dress up for an extra entertaining evening!

Set the stage for your party, whether it be an added ambiance to your own home, or gain some inspiration by taking a look at our 6 spooky destinations with options to rent a cottage for your murder mystery party.

You can select the perfect murder mystery game from Red Herring Games and look forward to an evening of action-packed drama.

14. Travelling around the UK

canal boats

There are plenty of other ways to soak up the UK scenery this new year other than your typical modes of transport.

No matter how you start your journey or where in the UK you are seeking to explore, these alternative ways to tour the UK promise to offer life-long memories.

Boat Rides

Explore more of the UK by boat this year, whether it be a paddle streamer down the River Dart, a cruise upon Lake Windermere or a journey along the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Each trip offers an exciting insight into its surroundings, as well as a unique day out for some.

Steam Train Rides

Be transported back in time to an age where people travelled via steam train and enjoy a journey along the British countryside amidst the historic charm of the train. Jump on board the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the Vale of Rheidol Railway or the South Devon Railway to enjoy diverse landscapes.

15. Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal

Make 2020 the year that you choose to adopt, not shop! By adopting an animal give you the opportunity to save a life and help wildlife conservation work, as well as gaining many personal benefits.

This year you could take a companion for life by visiting one of the many rescues centres across the UK and adopting an unwanted dog or cat, or adopt a farm or zoo animal to help raise money for conservation projects.

Could you give an animal a second chance during 2020?

16. Learn a new Language

learn a new language

Learning a new language has become a vital skill in this interconnected world and comes with plethora of personal and career benefits, making this an appealing resolution in 2020.

Being bilingual give you the advantage of connecting with a wider range of people from differing cultures and languages in a personal and professional environment, as well as making travel more feasible and enjoyable.

By learning a new language, you will gain a host of cognitive benefits including the ability of multitasking, improved memory skills and enhanced concentration.

So if you have a language in mind, find a magnitude of online courses and begin this new adventure.

17. Discover Historical and Heritage Sites


From magnificent cathedrals to grand castles and historical landmarks, the UK has plenty of history awaiting to be discovered. Make 2020 the year that you stop admiring them from the TV screen and get outside to appreciate the landmarks that are found on our doorstep.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Arguably one of the world’s most famous monuments, Stonehenge can be found raising from the Salisbury Plain and promises to be an awe-inspiring experience. The mighty stone circle dates back to the late Neolithic period to around 2500 BC and has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Stretching for an impressive 73 miles is the historical landmark of Hadrian’s Wall giving a taste of Roman life. Walking sections of the wall gives you the chance to discover the UK’s dramatic countryside, from Wallsend through Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

With captivating views across the Scottish city, Edinburgh Castle has become a famous icon and voted a top UK Heritage Attraction.

This was once the home of Queen Margaret and Mary Queen of Scots, however you are welcome to explore its grand rooms, from the Great Hall to The Royal Palace and St Margaret’s Chapel.

Additionally, a fun fact that you may not know is that the castle is rumoured to be haunted, with many people claiming that the prisoners of the castle can be heard roaming the dungeons at night!

18. Indulge in a Fine Dining Experience

fine dining experience

A fine dining experiences should be on every foodie’s new year resolution in 2020! This opportunity allows you to enjoy edible art pieces and cuisine that you could not replicate at home, as well as gaining a taste of the celebrity lifestyle!

Across the country you will find a magnitude of fine dining experiences, including 2 and 3 starred Michelin restaurants and some quirky, yet unusual destinations to enjoy a three or more course meal.

Enjoy the spectacular views of London from one of restaurants located at The Shard, or enjoy the unusual at The Fat Duck.

For those following a plant-based diet, fear not! You can also enjoy a fine dining experience by visiting one of the vegan-friendly Michelin Star restaurants in the UK.

19. Experiences with a Twist

ghetto golf

Dotted across the country are a number of opportunities for an experience with a twist. You and your loved ones are guaranteed to find an unusual activity that will promise a handful of wonderful memories to take away from 2020.

Ghetto Golf

In the cities of Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle is the seriously twisted 18-hole crazy golf experience, Ghetto Golf. Enjoy the combination of crazy golf whilst amidst the quirky graffiti and street art, coupled with a delicious cocktail and the soundtrack of local DJ’s as your background noise.

Bongos Bingo

This isn’t your usual game of bingo, this is an outrageous and extremely fun way of getting your friends together to win some fabulous prizes! At Bongo’s Bingo expect to join everyone else on the tables and wait for the special guest performances at the end of the night. It is fair to say that this is not your average book stamping bingo!

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga has quickly become a hilarious and therapeutic way to practice this ancient form of exercise. This experience with a twist involves doing the downward dog position with a goat standing on your back, releasing calming effects that these animals have and inspiring laughter. Located in Devon is Simply Soulful, where you can enjoy this unusual experience.

20. Take a Food/Drink Tour

Wine tasting

Whilst traveling different parts of the UK in 2020, a food or wine tour can be the perfect thing to do to learn about the area and an excuse to try great foods and drinks that you have never sampled before.

Cheese Tours

Across the UK, you can go behind the scenes of the art of making cheese, where you will be shown around the dairy and can watch the cheese makers craft each truckle of cheese before learning the traditional skill of grading cheese.

Offering theses tours are Quicke’s in Devon, Northumberland Cheese and Wensleydale Cheese .

Chocolate Tours

Unwrap the chocolate making process by making an indulgent tour of one of the UK’s chocolate factories. During the tour expect to learn about how a cocoa bean is transformed into a bar, sample delicious types of chocolate and marvel at the chocolatiers as they craft theses tasty treats.

To indulge in this experience, visit Into the Blue in London, or spend the day at the famous Cadbury World.

Wine Tours

Across the UK’s wonderful countryside are a number of vineyards which offer the opportunity to sample some award-winning wines. This year, you can look forward to exploring the lush landscapes of the UK before raising a glass to the crisp bubbles that this country has produced.

Choose to spend the day at either the superb Sharpham in Devon, Llanerch in the Vale of Glamorgan and Langham Wine in Dorchester.

If you are feeling inspired by our 20 for 2020, download our New Year’s Resolution planner and create your own challenges to take on during 2020. If you have completed any of our 20 for 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, be sure to share your memories with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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