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From August 1st until August 25th the city of Edinburgh will play host to the largest arts festival in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This three week festival showcases thousands of performers over hundreds of stages across Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. With so much to see, the show’s organisers have issued over 1.8 million tickets for this year’s event and expect to see visitor numbers soar in the Scottish capital. Attending this large event can seem a little daunting at first but don’t worry because we’re here to help! Below you will find a short visitors guide to The Edinburgh Festival filled with money saving tips and transport advice.

What to expect at The Festival Fringe

Picture via Flickr.

Picture via Flickr.

The origins of The Festival Fringe date back to 1947, when a group of performers turned up at the Edinburgh International Festival uninvited and began to perform. Instead of stopping their performance, the shows organisers let them stage their show on the fringe of the festival. As the years ticked by, more and more performers turned up at the festival to showcase their talents and in 1985 the Festival Fringe Society (now a registered charity) was born.

From the eight performers that turned up in 1947, the show has now grown to host thousands of performers specialising in a number of talents. This year’s performances are set to include hundreds of acts in the following disciplines:

  • Cabaret
  • Children’s Shows
  • Comedy
  • Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Music
  • Musicals and Opera
  • Spoken Word
  • Theatre

For more information on the individual acts please download the official programme.

Getting around Edinburgh

Picture via Flickr.

Picture via Flickr.

The Festival Fringe will be hosted at a number of different venues throughout Edinburgh so finding the right style of transport for you is essential. To help find your way around Scotland’s Capital here are just a few of the transport links you may want to consider:


Walking may be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel but it definitely requires the most energy; we would suggest this method of transportation to visitors who are used to walking long distances as some of the venues are located 45 minutes apart.


Edinburgh is a fantastic city for cyclists but just remember it’s quite hilly! There are a number of bike racks located throughout the city and even designated cycle paths – for a cycling map of Edinburgh please click here.


There is an excellent network of buses throughout Edinburgh which will be able to transport you quickly from one venue to another. Single fares coast around £1.50, but if you’re planning on taking the bus more than twice it would be wise to purchase a Day & Night ticket.


Please be aware that if you are thinking of bringing your car to Edinburgh there is very limited parking available in the city. If you wish to travel by road and not bring a car then you are in luck as Edinburgh has a variety of taxi ranks throughout the city, but for a truly unique travel experience we suggest a rickshaw ride. Rickshaws can be picked up throughout the city as the driver’s cycle round (We would advise agreeing a price before you start your journey in a rickshaw).

For more information on the location of each Fringe venue please use this interactive map.

Festival Tips

Picture via Flickr.

Picture via Flickr.

To help you make the most of your time at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe we have come up with some handy hints and tips that will be of use to both first time festival goers and those who have had a little more practise.

Save money

Did you know that there are a number of free shows taking place during the festival, or that there are tons of discounted and 2for1 tickets available? We would highly suggest making the most of these money saving offers. For more information on discounted tickets and free shows simply visit this page and filter your results for ‘special pricing’.


Although the festival is held during August we would suggest coming prepared for all weather conditions; bring a hat and suntan lotion for hotter weather and a rain coat and boots for colder weather. The more prepared you are the better your festival experience will be.

Try something new

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe you will find a variety of art forms; some you will have experienced before and some that will be completely new to you. We suggest visiting numerous shows and trying a little of everything; you’ll never know if you like something unless you try!

Take it easy

There is a reason that this special festival is spread out over a three week period, if it wasn’t then there wouldn’t be enough time to take everything in! Our advice would be to wake up early and get the tickets you really want rather than rushing about and missing your favourite acts.

If you’re attending this year’s Festival Fringe we hope that you have an amazing time and get to experience all the wonders of Scotland’s capital city.  For up to date information on the festival make sure to visit the official website.

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