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Just Show Me Cottages With Table Tennis

Planning a family holiday or a get-together with friends and need some kind of evening entertainment laid on other than the usual TV and music system? We've found a variety of holiday cottages with table tennis and they're proving hugely popular.

After-dinner fun Victorian style!

Did you know that table tennis was first played by upper class Victorians as a form of after-dinner entertainment? They transformed their dining tables into miniature indoor tennis courts, setting up a row of books in the centre as a net, and then used cigar box lids as paddles and Champagne corks as balls. As the game evolved, early racquets were made from parchment whose sound when striking the ball gave the game the nicknames of 'wiff-waff' and later the more affectionately known 'ping-pong'.

So follow in the footsteps of our inventive ancestors and plan some after-dinner fun in your holiday cottage with table tennis. Or, should it rain, perhaps an impromptu ping-pong tournament, competing in twos or fours. And do be prepared for speed as you spin and smash the ball over the nets at a much faster pace with today's rubber laminated bats! View our full range of holiday cottages with a table tennis table below.