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Sample the British Army Officers' favourite pastime whilst stationed in India many moons ago and book a cottage with a snooker table. Yes, we've a variety to choose from and they're a fantastic choice for families and friends, with entertainment on tap!

On cue with Sykes Cottages!

Some of our cottages with snooker tables boast huge private games rooms with full-size tables. Just imagine how great it would be to have your very own snooker table - so much better than waiting in a queue at the local club with coin-filled pockets! When you book a cottage with a snooker table, simply stock the fridge with pizza, beer and wine and look forward to exciting snooker tournaments with your pals. Or even quality bonding with your children - when it comes to potting the black, Dad always knows best and would be thrilled to show youngsters his technique.

We also feature some cottages that share facilities, with on-site games rooms offering snooker, table tennis etc. These are a great choice for impromptu gatherings with likeminded folk and often lead to enjoyable sporting challenges. And remember, a cottage with a snooker table also solves the problem of wondering what to do on a rainy day!