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Located on the stunning Salisbury plains in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, the English Heritage site of Stonehenge is one of the world's most important heritage sites. And what better place to spend a cottage holiday than within walking distance of these enchanting stones. We offer a number of superb self-catering holiday cottages in Wiltshire, perfectly located if you're looking to unravel the puzzling history of Britain's oldest, most famous and most unusual, tourist attraction.

Discover the secrets of Stonehenge

Stonehenge has been considered many things; a calendar, a healing centre, and a place of sun worship. It wasn't until recent years that the true purpose of Stonehenge was discovered. The Neolithic sculptures are now thought to have been erected in the Bronze Age over 2500 years ago, to be used as a ritualistic burial ground (although this remains a point of uncertainty among many historians!). But whatever its original purpose, there's no denying that in 2013, Stonehenge is one of the UK's most important and influential historical sites, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world each year.

Stonehenge Opening Times and Visitor Information

And now you can join them with one of our exclusive holiday cottages located near Stonehenge. Opening times for Stonehenge vary throughout the year, but are usually between 9.30am to 6pm from 1st September to 15th October, and then from 9.30am to 4pm throughout the winter months, so you can enjoy the historic delights of this wonderful site 7 days a week!

Or if you'd like to get up close and personal to these eminent monoliths, why not book a cottage near Stonehenge during the summer solstice? As part of the celebration of the longest day, the English Heritage allow people to get a feel for Britain's oldest landmark; can you think of a better way to rejoice in the British summer?

And there's a lot more to discover here than the stones themselves. Not only are the Salisbury plains extraordinarily beautiful, they are also scattered with a multitude of other prehistoric artefacts, giving visitors the chance to uncover their own little patch of forgotten British history.

So why not book your holiday cottage near Stonehenge today and get set for a memorable cottage holiday chock-full of exploration and discovery!