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Get your supernatural fix with a Halloween cottage holiday. Discover the spell-binding history, a cauldron of creepy tales and things that go bump in the night. 

We’ve done some digging and uncovered some of Britain’s eeriest villages, spookiest cemeteries, abandoned buildings and most haunted pubs. For those of you who enjoy learning about the supernatural, a visit to any of these locations would be time well spent. To turn your night of fright into an unforgettable weekend away, consider our range of Halloween cottages.

See 6 of the spookiest UK destinations you can visit this Halloween below…

1. Visit… Scotland

Certainly, one of the UK’s spookiest places, Scotland’s compelling heritage and eerie architecture make it a must-visit during Halloween. Over 3,000 castles have stood across the country over time, each telling its own captivating tale. This along with spine-chilling landscapes and historic cities are a few of the many reasons to visit Scotland.

Cawdor Castle, resting just outside of Nairn and featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, combines architectural beauty with a gruesome story. Upon visiting, you may sight the ‘handless ghost‘ of Muriel Calder. Her father chopped off her hands as punishment for falling in love with a rival chieftain.

Horror movie fanatics can take a trip to Culzean Castle on Scotland’s east coast, where The Wicker Man was filmed.

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, is a breeding ground for the paranormal and is known as one of Europe’s most haunted cities. This hilly, coastal city comes lined with impressive towering buildings displaying far-reaching views and captivating pasts. The most notable of which is the 11th-century Edinburgh Castle, adopting a striking elevated position overlooking the city. Many ghost stories have emerged from the home of the Scottish crown jewels.

Hidden tunnels lie below the streets of Edinburgh, running from the castle to the Royal Mile. It is said that the sounds of bagpipes can still be heard after an intrigued piper got lost while exploring.

Stay at… Thomas Hope Lodge (Ref. 932202)

Thomas Hope Lodge

Find this converted Thomas Hope Hospital just north of the English border, in the burgh of Langholm. The character of this Grade B listed building is evident from its classy exterior, while the inside adopts a more modern finish. It accommodates up to four people through its smart, well-presented interior. Bring family or friends together to use this holiday home as the base for your Scotland break.

Historical Langholm itself was the birthplace of bridge builder Thomas Telford, as well as the infamous Armstrong Clan. For a spooky day trip, cross the border into England and find the haunted Chillingham Castle in Alnwick, Northumberland. Also discover castles at Drumburgh, Lochmaben and Caerlaverock nearby.

2. Visit… North West England

Pendle Hill Gloomy

This region of England is rife with jaw-dropping ghost stories, with cities, landscapes and coastline telling the tales. Find buildings bursting with olde worlde character and landscapes with an air of fright once the sun sets.

On the outskirts of the city of Preston, find the black and white, 14th century Samlesbury Hall. Many strange events have been claimed to have happened in this Grade I listed building. Embark on a ghoulish ghost walk, or perhaps dare to enjoy a bite to eat among the eerie atmosphere. The village of Samlesbury is also known for its history with witches, you can learn about these along another enticing walk.

Head north to Muncaster Castle in Ravenglass for a hair-raising experience. Owned for over 800 years by the Pennington family, ghosts of their ancestors are often seen in and around the castle. You may experience unexplained door-opening and handle-turning, or hear the voice of a baby crying while roaming the corridors. Try and uncover the castle’s creepy secrets with the scientific research team on one of the popular ghost vigils.

Pendle Hill dominates the skyline of East Lancashire and has some fascinating stories to match its size and beauty. It’s known for being a site of evil witches during the 17th century. In 2011, archaeologists uncovered a creepy 17th century cottage here, well-preserved with a cat skeleton bricked into its walls. For an unforgettable Halloween experience, join those who climb the hill on the search for witches on 31st of October.

Stay at… High Hall (Ref. 969711)

High Hall

A Grade II* listed country house exuding elegance and telling a unique, historical story. High Hall rests in the southern hills of the Yorkshire Dales and dates back to the 16th century. It was built by Sir William Craven, known as being an inspiration for the story of Dick Whittington.

The accommodation is bursting with characterful, period features including quirky wooden beams, stonework and rustic fireplaces. Roam the idyllic manicured gardens in the summer, with a hot tub also on hand to fully relax you. Both Pendle Hill and Samlesbury Hall rest easy-to-reach from here for you ghost hunters to get your fix.

3. Visit… East Anglia

Sunken Village Dunwich

This region in the east of England boasts a fascinating heritage, with ancient buildings telling a wealth of spine-tingling tales. The rolling landscapes, dramatic coastline and intriguing old towns and cities have many a story to tell. A holiday in East Anglia around Halloween is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Discover the entrancing sunken village of Dunwich just off of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB. Once the capital of the area, Dunwich was an international port before a great storm in 1287. Coastal erosion demolished the town, reducing it to its now village status. Ruins can still be seen along the coastline where parts of the town once stood. Learn all about this unusual natural disaster in the village’s museum.

For an unforgettable ghostly experience, head to the Adam and Eve pub in the cathedral city of Norwich. It is the oldest pub in Norwich, said to be haunted by a mischievous yet relatively friendly poltergeist. Don’t let random bell-ringing ruin one of the best pints of real ale in the city. For the especially daring, set out on a creepy ghost walk around Norwich’s beautiful and historic streets.

If you’re in Cambridge, be sure to take a look at the quirky haunted book shop, Sarah Key. Found down one of the narrow alleyways that make up the city, step inside for a chance to spot The White Lady. This refers to a woman dressed in white and smelling of violets that have been seen walking the stairs. She is said to have been cited at least twice within the last 15 years, are you brave enough?

4. Visit… North Wales

Garth Fog

Known to many as the castle capital of the world, you will be told heart-stopping ghost stories no matter where you visit in Wales. North Wales in particular is said to be filled with spooky spirits and ghouls. The renowned rolling hillsides and landscapes also occupy derelict buildings and inns centuries old.

In North East Wales, the Jacobean Plas Teg house is known by locals as being haunted by several ghosts. You can take tours around this 17th-century building, which was used as a court where people were tried and hung. It is more unusual not to see the supernatural when visiting Plas Teg, promising a fascinatingly terrifying experience.

Travelling along the North Wales coast, when visiting the town of Prestatyn you may come across The White Lady. Dressed all in white, she is said to stroll along the promenade alone while reading a book. Sightings have been reported on multiple occasions, making it one of North Wales’s most popular ghost stories.

Stay at… Plas Gwynfryn (Ref. 5051)

Plas Gwynfryn

Beautifully sandwiched between the West Wales Coast and the hills of Snowdonia, find this magnificent Edwardian country house. Fit for 18 guests, it is a characterful retreat for large groups seeking a ghostly getaway. Many of the property’s original features still remain, with antique furniture, period fireplaces and an AGA cooker.

Roam the sizeable, formal gardens in the sunshine as you are surrounded by picturesque North Wales scenery. The castles at Harlech and Criccieth rest within reach, both showcasing astonishing views of the coast and countryside nearby.

Within driving distance of Plas Gwynfryn is the enchanting Powis Castle, a haven for ghost hunters. Guests have been known to hear the piano playing by itself, as well as the stool moving. Ghosts and spirits have also been spotted, as well as people feeling hands on their necks and hearing mysterious knocks at the door.

5. Visit… Cornwall

Bodmin Jail

Perhaps better known as one of England’s most scenic holiday regions, Cornwall has its fair share of spooky stories. Not surprisingly, Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor is the base of many myths and legends, with eerie landscapes and quirky old buildings aplenty.

The picture-perfect Bodmin Moor is abundant in eerie sights, buildings and reported ghostly sightings. Whilst strolling the countryside of the moor, many have claimed to have spotted the mythical ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’. Said to be a large, panther-sized cat that prowls around seeking cattle to feast on. Many livestock owners have claimed that their animals have been mauled by the Beast of Bodmin, however, its existence is highly unlikely.

The Jamaica Inn is thought of as one of the most haunted places in Britain. This 18th-century coaching house hosts a number of resident ghosts spotted frequently. A mother and child haunt the mirror in one of the rooms, while a highwayman can be seen drifting through closed doors. Bodmin’s creepy-looking jail was once the site of popular public hangings which occurred until the mid-1860s. Now a museum, you can discover some of the sickening crimes committed in the 19th century.

Stay at…Olde Carpenters Cottage (Ref. 920463)

olde carpenters cottage

What makes this property in any way spooky? Well, it might have something to do with its location, being opposite possibly the world’s largest collection of objects to do with witchcraft in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Cornwall. Establishing itself in 1960 in Boscastle after facing opposition and outcry in its two previous UK residences, the museum has remained there ever since.

With exhibits regaling the harrowing tales of witch trials where over 50,000 persons were burned at the stake, reaching their climax between the years 1580 to 1630, as well as the modern Pagan religion of Wicca educating those who don’t know about the beliefs, rituals and Wiccan celebrations.

The Olde Carpenters Cottage itself is a classic stone cottage, with just a single-storey and beautifully furnished throughout, perfect for a Halloween getaway.

6. Visit…Peak District and Derbyshire

The Peak District and the Derbyshire Dales have no shortage of rolling hills and open countryside where history has seen people of all kinds up to no good. Old tales of headless horsemen and haunted hotels from the Peaks and ghosts travelling across the dales live on today.

Near Castleton lies Winnats Pass, where two young lovers’ lives were brought to an untimely end. On their way to being married in the Peak Forest, Alan and Clara were robbed and killed by local miners, their bodies were thrown in the mine shaft.

The story goes that they paid for their crimes with what was to follow; the first fell to their death from a cliff near the murder site, another was hit by a stone falling from where the lovers were killed, one took his own life, the other developed psychosis and the final miner was so guilt-ridden all his life he confessed to the murders on his death-bed.

Over in Bleaklow, it is thought that there was an old Roman road linking Snake Path to Longdendale, because of the ghosts of Roman soldiers being spotted on several occasions, marching over the lands and around the hills.

A royally spooky tale comes from the town of Bakewell at Haddon Hall, where Prince Arthur (Henry VIII’s older brother) was staying. It is said that he saw a ghost, who told him that his new wife Catherine of Aragon had arrived in Britain from Spain and was to be widowed early. And just four months after their wedding, when Arthur was lying on his deathbed, his last words were “O the vision of the cross at Haddon!”

Stay at…Winster Hall (Ref. 30946)

Winster Hall bedroom dining room and exterior

The large and grand Winster Hall is a Grade II listed country house, set within its own grounds in the Peak District National Park with a few scary stories of its own. The locals say that a daughter of the house fell in love with a servant. Of course, it was a forbidden affair and ended when the two lovers leapt from the parapet of the hall to their inevitable and untimely deaths. It is said that the forecourt where their bodies landed is haunted by a white lady or ghost, wandering back and forth.

Make sure you don’t bring the faint-hearted along with you to this historic property, although nowadays it features modern furnishings and decor, whilst still keeping some of the classic older style and theme running throughout. A fantastic place to host a large group, whether it’s family or friends for a hair-raising holiday!

If you’re looking for a spooktacular UK break this Halloween, browse our full range of Halloween cottages that are still available to book.

Image Credits: Amy Lloyd(CC BY-ND 2.0)


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