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We’ve done a little digging and uncovered some of Britain’s eeriest villages, spookiest cemeteries, terrifying abandoned buildings and most haunted pubs.

For those of you who enjoy learning about the supernatural, a visit to any of these locations would be time well spent. We have also included nearby Sykes holiday cottages for those who want to turn a spooky evening’s exploration into a fascinating weekend getaway.

Discover 8 spooky Halloween locations…

1. Talacre Lighthouse
2. Pendle Hill
3. Berry Pomeroy Castle
4. Glasgow Necropolis
5. The Golden Fleece
6. Jamaica Inn
7. The Ancient Ram Inn
8. Wharram Percy

1. Talacre Lighthouse

Talacre lighthouse

Talacre or ‘Point of Ayr’ Lighthouse was built in 1776 to guide ships away from the sandbanks whilst they made the journey between Liverpool and Llandudno.

Unusually for a lighthouse, it was built right on the sand of Talacre Beach and when the tide is in, it gives the appearance that the lighthouse is floating amongst the waves. The lighthouse has been unoccupied since the 1840s and there is much mystery surrounding it.

Many people believe it to be haunted and there are an endless supply of accounts and opinions to suggest all is not what it seems. There have been many reports of a figure roaming about the balcony and the light room, even during the day time. The figure is thought to be one of the old lighthouse keepers, who died of a fever.

There was a story published by the BBC that claimed a woman named Jo took her five children to Talacre and within 24 hours, four of them had been struck down with fevers. Others say their dogs have been too afraid to walk near the lighthouse or that they have taken photographs with mysterious dark shadows appearing in them or that they have begun to feel physically unwell when exploring the interior. Talacre is rightly considered the most haunted lighthouse in the country.

Stay at… Crown Cottage (Ref.16474)

Just a 10-minute drive from the coast, Crown Cottage in Trelogan is a great base for exploring the lighthouse and surrounding coastline, as well as the luscious Welsh countryside. Enjoy ever-changing panoramic views of countryside, the Irish Sea and even the Cambrian mountains all from the comfort of this property.

The property comfortably sleeps four, so would be ideal for a couples retreat or a small group of friends, or perhaps a spacious holiday home for two. The cottage overlooks a beautiful meadow lawn, which opens onto a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Prestatyn and Talacre are both within a short distance from the property and each have glorious beaches worth visiting.

2. Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

The infamous scene of a witch trial back in the 17th century, in which 10 people were executed for allegedly being witches, Pendle Hill in Lancashire has a long history with the supernatural.

Over 400 years later, you can walk the moors and follow in the footsteps of this infamous event in history. There was even a ‘witch’s cottage’ uncovered in 2011 by engineers who were undergoing construction work in the village of Barley. They found the skeleton of a cat, which had been hidden within the bricks of one of the walls within a sealed room. It is believed that cats were buried alive in such a manner to protect inhabitants from any evil spirits.

If you want to follow in the ‘witch’s’ footsteps, you can download the route map of the Witches Trail.

Stay at… Pendleside (Ref.971350)


As the name might suggest, Pendleside lies in close proximity of Pendle Hill, less than 5 miles away to be precise. This stone-built, cosy cottage rests on a sheep farm, belonging to the property owner, at the foot of Pendle Hill.

Surrounded by the spectacular Forest of Bowland AONB, this property enjoys a tranquil, rural setting. The interior boasts a rustic feel, with charming wooden beams and warming wooburning stoves to add to the cosy feel.

This property is in close proximity to three magnificent sites of natural beauty; Forest of Bowland, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, as well as being within easy reach of Lancashire’s coastline, so lovers of the outdoor will be truly spoilt for choice.

3. Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Tucked away deep in the woods near the Devonshire village of Berry Pomeroy, this castle is one of the most fascinating abandoned places in the UK, and was originally a gift from the King of England to Ralph de Pomeroy to reward his loyalty during the Norman invasion. The castle remained in the Pomeroy family for around 500 years, but was damaged during the Civil War and by a fire in the early 18th century.

After these dark events, no one wanted to live in the castle and it became abandoned. The building is now managed by English Heritage and they offer audio tours of the castle, recounting many ghostly goings on associated with the grand building. One of the ghosts thought to roam the building is that of the White Lady, who haunts the dungeons. She is allegedly the ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy, who was placed in the dungeons by her sister, Lady Eleanor, said to be very jealous of her sister.

There’s another ghost known as the Blue Lady, who was given the name due to being seen wearing a long blue cape. It’s claimed that she would lure men to their deaths by drawing them towards unsafe parts of the castle.

Stay at… 2 Dart (Ref.959536)

Just 4 miles from the castle, 2 Dart is the perfect place for those looking to combine a fascinating day out with a relaxing break in the Devonshire countryside. It’s in an ideal location for those who enjoy walking, not just around the castle but also for scenic walks around the nearby estuary and the surrounding South Hams area.

The property is light and airy, with French doors that open up onto a pretty veranda, overlooking the quaint garden and making an ideal spot to enjoy breakfast on a pleasant morning. The cottage is also dog-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend along and enjoy long walks together in the stunning countryside.

4. Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow Necropolis

This Victorian cemetery is often eerily referred to as the ‘city of the dead’ and was home to a big vampire myth back in the 1950s. A police officer was called out to the cemetery one evening in 1954 and was greeted by hundreds of young children armed with knives and other sharp weapons, who told the officer they were hunting a 7ft tall vampire (Gorbals Vampire) who had kidnapped and eaten two local boys with its fangs made of iron.

The children returned to the site night after night in search of the vampire, and it’s thought that playground whispers over this rumoured monster were the cause of the escalation and sheer panic amongst the children. Although some people believe the children may have seen ‘Jenny wi’ the ‘airn teeth’, an old hag who has roamed the area since the 19th century, said to lure children away and eat them with her metal jaws.

There are many other paranormal sightings said to have taken place at the Necropolis, including a ghostly white lady who is said to wander through the cemetery at night and whispered voices have also been heard.

Stay at… West-End Apartment (Ref.1008283)

West-End Apartment

This ground-floor apartment is part of a traditional red sandstone property, just outside of the city of Glasgow. The contemporary interior offers bright and spacious living accommodation, ideal for a couple or small family wanting to explore the vibrant city.

The property showcases oak hardwood flooring, as well as high ceilings and ornate cornices. The property is within easy reach of Glasgow city centre, as well as a range of fine galleries and museums and beautiful botanical gardens, while Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park are also within easy reach, for those that love to be outdoors.

5. The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece Pub, York

The Golden Fleece is a long-established pub in the heart of York. The building dates back to 1503 and has been linked to many spooky goings on during its long history. All is not as it seems with this pub; from the outside it’s a charming building and on the inside it has a lovely, cosy feel.

But don’t be deceived by first appearances, this is popularly known as the most haunted pub in York. The Golden Fleece is alleged to be home to around half a dozen different ghosts, who are said to crop up in pretty much every room in the building. Sightings have included a young woman all dressed in black walking past a window, a ghost dressed in a wig and red coat and a grumpy looking old man crouched in an alcove.

Some guests who have spent the night at the pub have also described the feeling of invisible weights pushing down on their shoulders and the ghost of a WWII airman, who is thought to have died there during battle, has been reported to stand over people’s beds in the night and sometimes touch their hands. The Golden Fleece is featured in many of the ghost walks and tours that take place across York.

Stay at… Barn Owl Cottage (Ref.15874)

Barn Owl Cottage

Head to Street Farm just a couple of miles from Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire and discover Barn Owl Cottage, one of three heart-warming and high-quality barn conversions on the owner’s arable farm. Charming wooden features adorn this 4-person accommodation, with the superb added features of a decking with a hot tub.

Enjoy close proximity to the historic city of York, offering something for everybody in the way of quirky shops, traditional inns and fascinating attractions appealing to all.


6. Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

The Jamaica Inn is another supposedly haunted pub to make it onto our list. Regularly hosting its own ghost hunter tours, this pub has also been featured on the popular TV show Most Haunted.

Many people who have stayed at the inn have reported strange occurrences through the night, including conversations being overheard in a foreign language, believed to be old Cornish. Other incidences have included the sound of horses’ hooves running along the cobbles outside and a man in a hat and cloak who walks through solid doors.

Stay at… Laburnum Cottage (Ref.935455)

Just four miles down the A30 from Jamaica Inn, Laburnum Cottage is a fantastic getaway for anyone wanting to explore the Launceston area of Cornwall. The 300-year-old character property is in a tranquil location in the very pretty village of Altarnun, just outside of Launceston. The house comfortably sleeps four, so perfect for a small family or group of friends and has a large cosy open fire, perfect for relaxing in front of after a day of exploring.

7. The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn

Another spooky inn to make the list, this time it’s in Gloucestershire. The Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country and has appeared on several TV shows, including Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures.

The inn was originally built in 1145 and was owned by St Mary’s Church. The building was constructed over two Ley Lines, which are said to have a high spiritual significance. It is also the site of a Pagan burial ground from 5000 years ago. One of the legends that surrounds the inn is that of a witch who was burned at the stake in the 1500s and is said to haunt one of the rooms in the pub, known as ‘The Witch’s Room’.

The current owner of the inn, John Humphries, who acquired the property in 1968, attests to supernatural claims, stating that on the first night he stayed in his new home, he was grabbed on the arm and dragged across the bedroom.

Stay at… Broadridge Mews (Ref.4483)

Broadridge Mews

This mews-style property is surrounded by ancient beech woodlands and sits within the grounds of the owner’s home, just outside of the village of Cranham.

The main feature of this property is its south-facing roof terrace, which is the perfect spot to sit out and enjoy the sunshine and the remarkable views of the surrounding woodlands. Gloucester and Cheltenham are both within easy reach, along with plenty of walking trails and bridal paths to explore.

8. Wharram Percy

Wharram Percy

Wharram Percy is a deserted medieval village in the Yorkshire Wolds. It is managed by English Heritage and is well-preserved, but is also home to its fair share of supernatural occurrences.

The village has been abandoned for more than 500 years and archaeological digs have taken place over the last couple of decades to learn more about how the ancestors lived. Archaeologists have learned a lot about the villagers belief in the ‘living dead’ and how bodies would be dismembered and burned in order to stop ‘vampires’ returning from the dead and attacking the living.

Stay at… New Station Cottage (Ref.929689)

Just 7 miles from the deserted village, New Station Cottage would provide the perfect base for those wanting to have a thorough look around Wharram Percy, as well as the surrounding Yorkshire Wolds.

Just outside the village of Sledmere, the cottage has been built on the site of the former fire station. It has lovely open views of the surrounding countryside and a cosy woodburner to enjoy during cooler evenings. There are patio doors which open up onto a large outdoor seating area, perfect for admiring the picturesque views that surround the property.

Interested in a spook-tacular getaway this Halloween? Browse our range of halloween cottages that are still available to book!

Image credit: Son of Groucho – CC BY 2.0; Nigel RennyCC BY-SA 2.0; Brian Robert MarshallCC BY-SA 2.0

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