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Halloween home decorations

Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday, the ideal time to go all out with your at-home celebrations.

UK Halloween festivities will probably look a bit different this year; social distancing is still very much in place and trick-or-treating is probably not on the agenda, and with that in mind we’ve come up with some alternate ideas so you can enjoy Halloween at home.

From virtual parties to creating spooky snacks and camping in the garden, discover 11 ways to celebrate Halloween 2020 at home…

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving

The quintessential scent, taste and vegetable for carving at this time of year, think Halloween and you think pumpkins.

Whether you’re venturing out to your nearest pumpkin patch to carefully select your own, or picking one up from a local supermarket or greengrocer, pumpkin carving is an inexpensive, fun activity for your Halloween at home.

Make it a family competition and judge who can sculpt the most unique design, or try your hand at carving a turnip or even a pineapple, and carve out an entire family of fruit and veg! Pumpkin carving can provide hours of entertainment and is a great way to celebrate Halloween 2020.

2. Scary movie marathon

At home cinema night

Scary movie fanatics come into their element on Halloween; is there a more perfect way to get into the spooky spirit than with a good horror film?

Whether you’re wanting to delve into the classics, like the Halloween series, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Rosemary’s Baby and The Fog, or you fancy discovering a more modern interpretation, grab some popcorn and a duvet and get cosy.

You can discover a huge selection of scary movies on various streaming devices; choose one of Netflix’s best scary films and settle down for a night of chills and thrills this Halloween. We double dare you!

3. Make spooky treats

Halloween biscuits

Looking for things to do on Halloween? Baking and creating spooky-themed sweet treats is a great way to celebrate. 2020 may not be the year for trick-or-treating, but you can still satisfy your sweet tooth with a home-made Halloween creation.

For Halloween baking inspiration, discover BBC Good Food’s collection of Halloween recipes. Fancy an eyeball fruit punch, candy apple, spider biscuit or a black cat cake this Halloween? You will find these recipes, along with nearly 60 others, which are sure to brighten up your Halloween at home.

4. Host a virtual party

Virtual party

Don’t let lockdown restrictions prevent you from celebrating Halloween in style; have a virtual party! By now you are probably well acquainted with Zoom, or a similar video conferencing sight, so will be a dab hand at hosting a socially distant Halloween party for your closest friends and family.

Throw on your best witches outfit or devil horns, pour a glass of wine and let the fun commence. There are team games you could take part in, quizzes you could host, or simply just catch up over a few glasses of the good stuff! Halloween 2020 is sorted!

5. Create a Halloween playlist and dance the night away

Halloween Party

If you’re planning to have a Halloween celebration in the house, what better way to accompany this than with a kick-ass playlist of Halloween classics? The monster mash, Thriller and Somebody’s watching me immediately spring to mind.

But whatever gets you into the Halloween spirit can be easily added to a Halloween playlist on Spotify or your preferred music streaming service and you can make it collaborative; share with friends and family and encourage them to share their favourites too. Spend Halloween 2020 dancing the night away!

6. Play Halloween games

Apple bobbing

There are so many fun games to be enjoyed at Halloween, and they don’t all have to involve apples! Although, who doesn’t love a game of bobbing for apples (after all, an apple a day…)?

Alternatively, you could have a fancy dress or face painting contest, a race to wrap the mummy, pin the spider on the web, musical chairs with the aforementioned Halloween playlist or perhaps you want to create your own Halloween scavenger hunt, sure to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

You can find a host of Halloween games and activities that will help you celebrate this spooky day in style.

7. Camp in the garden

tent in a garden

There’s nothing spookier than camping out in the garden on Halloween, listening out for things going bump in the night, shadows forming on the side of the tent and your mind playing tricks on you as to what could be the cause.

Grab your sleeping bag and pillow, plus the essential refreshments and sweet treats and head out into the wilderness! If you’re brave enough to make it the whole night, we applaud you.

8. Tell ghost stories/read a scary story

playing in a tent at night time

Up the ante this Halloween with a spooktacular storytelling session. Create your own ghost stories; huddle up around a cosy fire or sit out in the garden by torchlight for added impact.

If you prefer to consume a scary story on paper rather than in conversation, try one of these truly terrifying novels. If you’re looking for some family-friendly fiction, try this selection of spooky stories for kids. A perfect way to celebrate Halloween for adults and children alike.

9. Observe the full moon

Full moon

Did you know that Halloween 2020 is meant to be a full moon? This is an extremely rare occasion, with the last full moon to fall on 31st October back in 2001.

It will be the second full moon to be seen in October, and is traditionally known as a blue moon due to its rarity. Be sure to get outside and observe it for yourself, but of course, be vigilant and look out for Werewolves!

10. Go on a family walk

Family walking in the woods

Whether it’s a picturesque walk in the brisk autumn air, observing the pretty autumnal colours that can only be enjoyed at this time of year, or a night-time stroll with a spooky twist, taking on a ghost walk or a creepy escapade in the woods, a Halloween walk is an ideal way to celebrate Halloween this year.

11. Spend the weekend at an unusual cottage

unique cottages

You can stay in your very own unique cottage this Halloween (L-R: St.Mary’s & The Retreat & The Shooting Folly)

Still looking for things to do on Halloween? How about celebrating this unique Halloween in a unique way? Book a stay in an unusual holiday cottage that you can call home for the Halloween weekend.

Embrace the spooky theme with a property adjacent to a grave yard, such as St Mary’s, a 15th century Grade II listed church set in the foothills of Mount Cader Idris and The Retreat, situated in the middle of a Baptist cemetery, surrounded by picturesque Peak District hilly countryside, both pictured above. Or enjoy your own slice of luxury with a castle-like property, à la The Shooting Folly, also pictured.

And you don’t just have to choose from this small selection, there are a host of fascinating properties all over the UK; from unusual places to stay in Cornwall to quirky cottages in the Lake District, there are a host of extraordinary cottages for you to choose from to enjoy Halloween at a home away from home.

Excited for Halloween 2020? Why not book your very own unusual cottage to spend a spooky weekend away? And check out 6 of the UK’s spookiest locations, ideal for a Halloween escape. Be sure to share your Halloween adventures with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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