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Halloween home decorations

As shades of fiery red and golden yellow paint the landscapes of the UK, we thought it was time to share our favourite Halloween activities to get you in the spooky mood!

It’s a time when cobweb-covered decorations and the scent of pumpkin spice fill the air. But what if we told you that you can take your Halloween celebrations to the next level this year?

Join us as we delve into enchanting and spine-tingling Halloween activities.

Find our favorite Halloween activities below…

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving

To kick-start our guide to Halloween activities we have pumpkin carving! The quintessential scent, taste and vegetable for carving at this time of year, think Halloween and you think pumpkins.

Whether you’re venturing out to your nearest pumpkin patch to select your own, or picking one up from a local supermarket, pumpkin carving is a must Halloween activity.

Pumpkin carving can provide hours of entertainment and is a great way to celebrate Halloween 2023.

2. Go Trick or Treating

Treats for Halloween

Another traditional thing to do on Halloween is to go trick or treating!

To do this Halloween activity, all you need to do is put on your costume, grab a bucket or bag, and venture into your neighbourhood to collect sweets and treats!

3. Outdoor scary movie night

At home cinema night

Scary movie fanatics come into their element on Halloween; is there a more perfect way to get into the spooky spirit than with a good horror film?

Whether you want to delve into the classics, like the Halloween series, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Rosemary’s Baby and The Fog, or you fancy discovering a more modern interpretation, grabbing some popcorn and a duvet and getting cosy is one of the best things to do on Halloween.

You can discover a huge selection of scary movies on various streaming devices; choose one of Netflix’s best scary films and settle down for a night of chills and thrills this Halloween. We double dare you!

4. Visit an abandoned place

abandonded place

If you want to escape the ordinary this Halloween, we recommend visiting some of the most spine-tingling abandoned places in the UK!

From forsaken villages to deserted hospitals and vacant castles, there’s an array of intriguing and eerie deserted places across the UK for you to explore. The perfect Halloween activity for the brave!

5. Halloween baking

Halloween biscuits

Looking for more Halloween activities for kids? Baking and creating spooky-themed sweet treats is a great way to celebrate!

For Halloween baking inspiration, discover BBC Good Food’s collection of Halloween recipes.

Fancy an eyeball fruit punch, candy apple, spider biscuit or a black cat cake this Halloween? You will find these recipes, along with nearly 60 others, to brighten up your Halloween at home.

6. DIY Halloween decorations

DIY Halloween decorations

Craft your own Halloween decorations to make your home or party venue feel more festive. From cobwebs and spiders to paper bats and witches’ broomsticks, the possibilities are endless.

This Halloween activity ensures that the whole family can get crafty this spooky season!

7. Create a Halloween playlist and dance the night away

Halloween Party

If you’re planning to have a Halloween celebration in the house, what better way to accompany this than with a kick-ass playlist of Halloween classics? The Monster Mash, Thriller and Somebody’s Watching Me immediately emerge.

But whatever gets you into the Halloween spirit can be easily added to a Halloween playlist on your preferred music streaming service. Share with friends and family and encourage them to share their favourites too.

8. Play Halloween games

halloween games

There are so many fun games to be enjoyed at Halloween, and they don’t all have to involve apples! Although, who doesn’t love a game of bobbing for apples (after all, an apple a day…)?

Alternatively, you could have a fancy dress or face painting contest, a race to wrap the mummy, pin the spider on the web, musical chairs with the aforementioned Halloween playlist or perhaps you want to create your own Halloween scavenger hunt, sure to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

9. Visit a pumpkin patch

visit a pumpkin patch

Next up on our guide to Halloween activities is visiting one of the best local pumpkin patches in the UK to pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving.

Many pumpkin patches also offer additional activities, such as hayrides and corn mazes, adding to the fun during Halloween.

8. Tell ghost stories/read a scary story

playing in a tent at night time

Up the ante this Halloween with a spooktacular storytelling session. Create your own ghost stories; huddle up around a cosy fire or sit out in the garden by torchlight for added impact.

If you prefer to consume a scary story on paper rather than in conversation, try one of these truly terrifying novels.

If you’re looking for some family-friendly fiction, try this selection of spooky stories for kids. A perfect way to celebrate Halloween for adults and children alike.

9. Visit a haunted castle

haunted castle

The UK is a treasure trove of history and within its ancient walls, lies tales of intrigue, betrayal, and the supernatural. Visiting haunted castles in the UK is a superb Halloween activity for those feeling brave!

One of the most famous haunted castles in the UK is the Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a dark and turbulent history. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn, the ill-fated second wife of Henry VIII, who was executed within its walls.

Visitors have reported witnessing her ghostly figure, headless and carrying her decapitated head, roaming the Tower’s grounds.

10. Go on a family walk

Family walking in the woods

Whether it’s a leisurely walk to spot the signs of autumn or a spine-tingling nighttime stroll through eerie woods, a Halloween walk offers an ideal way to celebrate the holiday this year.

11. Host a murder mystery evening

murder mystery

Mystery, intrigue, and a dash of suspense—what’s not to love about a good old murder mystery party?

Hosting one can be a captivating and memorable way to bring your friends and family together for an evening filled with suspense, clues, and, of course, laughter.

Whether you’re new to the world of murder mystery parties or a seasoned host, this Halloween activity is guaranteed fun!

12. Go on a ghost tour

ghost tour

From the ominous dungeons of York to the age-old alleyways of London, this country plays host to some of the world’s most renowned and spine-tingling ghost tours and walks.

Ghost tours promise to be the best Halloween activity for the entire family… if you dare!

13. Bob for apples

apple bobbing

Apple bobbing is a classic Halloween activity. Try to catch apples in a tub of water using only your mouth. It’s a fun and challenging activity that can entertain both kids and adults.

14. Go on a Halloween costume charity run

Halloween costume charity run

Next on our guide to Halloween activities is to go on a Halloween costume charity run!

If you’re looking for a thrilling twist on your typical charity run, then a Halloween Costume Charity Run should be at the top of your list. These unique events allow you to embrace the spirit of the season while making a positive impact in your community.

Halloween charity walks across the UK include; London Halloween Walk, Mind Halloween Walk, Cancer Research Walk and Macmillan Halloween Walk.

15. Enjoy Witch’s Brew tasting

witch's brew

A captivating Halloween activity to do this year is Witch’s Brew tasting. It’s not just a chance to embrace the supernatural, but also an opportunity to explore a world of spellbinding and exotic flavours.

The heart of Witch’s Brew tasting lies in selecting your potions or beverages. These can be a combination of cocktails, mocktails, and various concoctions, each with its own eerie and thematic twist. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Witches’ Brew Punch: A concoction of dark-coloured fruit juices, ginger ale, and fruit chunks, garnished with gummy worms and floating “eyeballs.”
  2. Poisoned Apple Cider: Warm apple cider spiced with cinnamon sticks and cloves, with a hint of black food colouring for that sinister touch.
  3. Cauldron Cocktails: Create a variety of cocktails in different colours and serve them in cauldron-like glasses. Add dry ice for a dramatic, smoking effect.
  4. Vampire’s Blood Mocktail: A non-alcoholic blend of cranberry and pomegranate juices, garnished with a rim of red sugar for that dripping blood effect.
  5. Potion Shots: Prepare shot-sized servings of various liqueurs, each with a spooky name, such as “Zombie Serum” or “Werewolf Elixir.”

16. Visit scare attractions

Pumpkin Carvings

For thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts, the United Kingdom offers a spine-chilling array of scare attractions that promise heart-pounding experiences, jump scares, and nights filled with unforgettable fright.

Alton Towers, one of the UK’s top theme parks, hosts an annual Scarefest event that transforms the park into a playground of terror. For those in the northwest of England, Farmaggedon is the ultimate destination for fear-seekers. It’s a night of relentless fright that promises to haunt your dreams.

Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, The London Dungeon is a renowned scare attraction that combines theatrical performances with a gruesome and immersive journey through London’s sinister history.

17. Visit a Witch museum

tarot cards with crystal, candles and magic objects

For those with a fascination for the mysterious and the macabre, a visit to a witches’ museum is an absolute must this Halloween.

These unique establishments provide a captivating glimpse into the world of witchcraft, the occult, and the dark history of accused witches.

Our favourite Witch museums in the UK include The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, Wicked Spirits in Colchester and Hole & Corner in London.

18. Decorate your garden

halloween garden decor

Next, our guide to Halloween activities offers a bewitching opportunity to transform your garden into a sinister, eerie, and enchanting space.

Decorating your garden for Halloween can be a thrilling creative endeavour, combining the beauty of nature with spooky elements that make your outdoor space come alive with ghoulish delight.

Incorporate oversized plastic spiders, dangling bats, and other creepy crawlies throughout your garden. Hang them from trees, bushes, or on trellises to give visitors a spine-tingling surprise.

Wrap your garden trees with strings of orange and purple lights to give them a ghostly glow. Hang ghostly apparitions or flying witches from the branches for a haunting effect.

You could also use a fog machine to create an eerie, misty atmosphere in your garden. This adds an extra layer of spookiness and makes your decorations even more dramatic.

19. Book a candle-lit tour

candle lit tours

As the nights grow longer and the air takes on a chill, Halloween arrives to cast a spell of enchantment over the UK. This is the perfect season for immersive candlelit tours that promise a journey into the mysterious, the macabre, and the haunted.

The best candle-lit tours in the UK that are ideal for Halloween include the Halloween Candlelit Cruise in York and Wentworth by Candlelight in Rotherham.

20. Book a cottage for Halloween 

cottages for halloween

As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisp, there’s no better time to plan a Halloween escape than in the enchanting landscapes of the UK. While city-based festivities are always fun, there’s something inherently magical about celebrating Halloween in a charming countryside cottage.

Whether you’re drawn to the Scottish Highlands‘ mysterious allure, the Cotswolds countryside’s rustic charm, or Wales’s rugged beauty, there’s a destination to match your Halloween activities.

Have you been inspired by these Halloween activities? Why not add one more to the visit and venture to one of these spooky UK destinations

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