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With the tenth and final series of Doc Martin airing on our TV screens on Wednesday 7th September 2022, we thought we’d delve into 14 Doc Martin filming locations in and around the fictional coastal village of Portwenn; one of which you can book with Sykes!

The beloved series enjoys the gorgeous setting of Cornwall, from the coast of Port Isaac to the greenery of Bodmin Moor. With this guide, you can uncover these glorious sights yourself and follow in the footsteps of the aloof Doctor Ellingham, played by Martin Clunes, and his lively acquaintances.

So, where is Doc Martin filmed in Cornwall? Read on to discover 14 filming locations…

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Port Isaac Locations
Bodmin Moor Locations
North Cornwall and Beyond
How to Reach Doc Martin Locations

Port Isaac Locations

1. Fern Cottage

Fern Cottage, Doc Martin Filming Location

Wondering where was Doc Martin filmed in Port Isaac? Well, the first filming location that should be on your itinerary is Fern Cottage. One of the most iconic locations in the series, Fern Cottage’s exterior was often used for Doctor Ellingham’s surgery.

You can find this gem by venturing 100 metres from Port Isaac’s centre and ascending a hill in the direction of Port Quin’s coast path. Once you’ve reached the cottage, be sure to take advantage of a quick photo opportunity before soaking up the surrounding views. These include sights of the dreamy Cornish coast, the harbour and the village itself.

Stay Within Reach

  • Folly 2 (Ref. 1080306) – This four-bedroom, three-bathroom holiday cottage rests behind the filming location; a stone’s throw away!
  • Grey Roofs (Ref. 1080671) – A lovely three-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage nestled around the corner, 0.1 mile away

2. Homelands (Ref. 1080318) Port Isaac, Cornwall


If you want to uncover where Doc Martin is filmed in a special way, look no further than Homelands, a superb self-catering accommodation. This white-washed cottage was the home of Aunt Ruth, played by Dame Eileen Atkins and you can find it towards the centre of the fishing village.

Both the interior and exterior of the two-bedroom cottage were used for filming, meaning you will literally walk in the cast’s footsteps during a stay here. You can even find a collage featuring behind-the-scenes shots of the show in the kitchen!

After exploring the nearby filming locations, you can look forward to retiring in Homelands and curling up in front of the electric fire, soaking up the views of the surrounding village and relaxing the evening away in the double bedroom’s en-suite bath.

Stay Within Reach

3. The Old School Hotel

The Old School Hotel, Port Isaac

The Old School Hotel is another well-known Doc Martin filming location, used for exterior shots of the village’s primary school. Louisa, played by Caroline Catz and the doctor’s love interest, worked here as a headmistress before becoming a counsellor in series nine.

Funnily enough, the Old School Hotel once served as an actual school in the area, however, it was converted to accommodation in the 1980s.

The hotel also enjoys mesmerising views of the harbour and is moments away from the South West Coast Path. Portwenn View, a scenic point enjoying vistas of the sea, is also close.

Stay Within Reach

4. Sea Cove Cottage, 25 Fore Street

Sea Cove Cottage

Resting moments away from The Old School Hotel is Louisa’s former house, Sea Cove Cottage. It’s part of the attractive row of cottages on the right side of the street and enjoys glimpses of the harbour below.

Louisa lived in the house until the beginning of series six when she married the doctor and left behind the quaint cottage for a home with her husband. The cottage is now used as a holiday home and can’t be entered; however, you can always snap an exterior picture!

Stay Within Reach

  • Cloam Cottage (Ref. 1080429) – A charming two-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage tucked away on the same street, 0.1 miles away
  • Pibbies (Ref. 1115834) – A contemporary three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment also situated on the same street, 0.1 miles away

5. Buttermilk Confections

Buttermilk Confections, Doc Martin Filming Location

Buttermilk Confections, formerly known as Harbour Treats, is a popular Doc Martin filming location. It was The Portwenn Pharmacy where Mrs Tishell, played by Selina Cadell, works as the village pharmacist. You may also be surprised to know that the ‘pharmacy’ is one of the very few locations which has its interior used on the show!

Whilst it’s a well-known location on the show, the shop is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth! A fantastic variety of fudge, millionaires shortbread, ice cream and more await.

With its location being the centre of Port Isaac, it’s within reach of the harbour, where you can enjoy a delicious bite to eat and sea views.

Stay Within Reach

  • Oyster Bay (Ref. 997729) – A contemporary, semi-detached cottage offering six bedrooms and four bathrooms resting 0.5 miles away
  • Crow’s Nest (ref. 1080317) – A Grade II listed cottage featuring two bedrooms and two bathrooms situated along the street, 0.1 miles away

6. The Cornish Cove

The Cornish Cove

Looking for another filming location where you can tuck into a mouthwatering treat? Check out The Cornish Cove. Whilst the welcoming eatery was only used for filming during series eight, it still makes for a great Doc Martin location ‘pit stop’ during a tour of the area.

Resting an earshot away from the coast, you can stop here for a mouthwatering meal, such as a crab club sandwich or scones with tea before crossing the street and walking off lunch on the South West Coast Path.

Stay Within Reach

Bodmin Moor Locations

7. Pencarrow House & Gardens, near Washaway

Pencarrow House and Gardens, Bodmin Moor

Next on our guide to Doc Martin filming locations in Cornwall is the Georgian manor of Pencarrow House & Gardens. This is where Louisa and Doctor Ellingham have their first date in episode five of the third series. During the date, the couple enjoyed an alfresco concert in the beautiful gardens.

The gardens are open every day, and the house offers guided tours every day except Saturdays. Admissions for adults start from £7.50, whilst children have an admission fee of £5; children under the age of five can visit for free. A café and shop are also available on site, both are open every day except Saturdays.

If you’re travelling with a canine companion, you’ll be happy to know that the historic manor’s gardens are completely dog-friendly!

Stay Within Reach

  • Trelaze (Ref. 959256) – A welcoming, two-bedroom, one-bathroom bungalow settled 0.9 miles away from this location

8. The Old Inn & Restaurant, St Breward

The Old Inn and Restaurant, St Breward

St Breward’s delightful pub, The Old Inn & Restaurant is another must-see Doc Martin filming location in Cornwall and is where a very memorable moment took place. The moment in question is in the fourth episode of series eight, when Louisa gave birth to her and the doctor’s child, James.

The dog-friendly pub offers a warm welcome to any visitor, with flickering fires and countryside views. An array of traditional pub fare can be savoured here, from steaks to large sharer dishes, including The Old Inn Famous Moorland Grill. If it’s a sunny day, be sure to sit outside and enjoy a refreshing pint in the beer garden!

Stay Within Reach

  • Dromore (Ref. 927097) – A characterful cottage resting within the same village, 0.4 miles away, offering three bedrooms and two bathrooms

9. St Nonna’s Church, Altarnun

St Nonna's Church

Another memorable Doc Martin gem, St Nonna’s Church appeared in the seventh episode of series three, where Louisa and Doctor Ellingham attempted to tie the knot for the first time; the wedding ended in disaster after Louisa left the doctor jilted at the altar.

The second time the church appeared in episode one of series six, it was a much happier affair. The couple successfully wed in the peaceful setting of the church and the neighbouring village green.

Known as the ‘cathedral of the moor’, the Norman church enjoys beautiful architecture, which can be admired on the small screen or in person during a visit.

Stay Within Reach

North Cornwall and Beyond

10. Around Port Gaverne

Port Gaverne

If you’re curious to know where Doc Martin is filmed in Cornwall, this part of the guide covers an array of locations in the wider region. We’re beginning this section with Port Gaverne, a charming hamlet that neighbours Port Isaac.

The hamlet is home to many of the show’s scenery shots, and it is truly beautiful! Rugged cliffs, crashing waves and its quaint beach are a few of the things that make Port Gaverne so beautiful. Why not come and see it for yourself, and stop in at the beachfront café, Pilchards, for a coastal treat?

Stay Within Reach

  • Stop Tide (Ref. 1080646) – This charming dwelling sits in the heart of the hamlet, with three bedrooms and one bathroom available
  • Swallow Cottage (Ref. 1080686) – Enjoying the rural scenery 0.6 miles away from the hamlet, this lovely cottage houses two bedrooms and one bathroom

11. Doyden Castle, Port Quin

Doyden Castle, Port Quin

Known as Pentire Castle in the show, Doyden Castle appeared in many major scenes in the show, especially during the fifth series. The most memorable moment has to be when Mrs Tishell barricaded herself in the folly with baby James in the series finale. She did this in the hopes of winning the doctor’s affections, however, it resulted in Louisa and the doctor having to coax her out.

The folly itself enjoys history dating back to 1830, and you can uncover this by embarking on a coastal walk from Port Quin. The property enjoys amazing views of the sea below; the perfect photo opportunity!

Stay Within Reach

  • Dane Cottage (Ref. 1080637) – Perched 3.7 miles away from Doyden Castle, the characterful Dane Cottage features two bedrooms and one bathroom

12. Godrevy Lighthouse, near St Ives

Godrevy Lighthouse

Another location featured in a dramatic moment of the show is Godrevy Lighthouse. The moment in question took place in the first episode of the ninth series. It comprised the doctor racing to the lighthouse on a fishing boat to rescue Mrs Tishell, who got into an accident during a date.

This is a must-see Doc Martin filming location, with major historic significance. The lighthouse is believed to be the inspiration for To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and in the Doc Martin episode, entitled ‘Doc Martin To the Lighthouse’.

Stay Within Reach

13. The Parish Church of St. Winwaloe, Gunwalloe

St Winwaloe Church

Perched on the Lizard Peninsula, St Winwaloe Church was the place of Aunt Joan’s, played by Stephanie Cole, funeral. The funeral took place in the second episode of series five, after the character, unfortunately, passed away from a heart attack.

The church rests in the peaceful civil parish of Gunwalloe and enjoys a wealth of history, dating back to 1332. It’s a Grade I listed building, and has been dubbed ‘the church of the storms’ due to its coastal location making it the target for bad weather.

Stay Within Reach

14. Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel

Camelot Castle Hotel

Camelot Castle Hotel was used in scenes of the very first episode of Doc Martin when the doctor interviewed for the role of Portwenn GP. The coastal hotel also appeared in the fifth series finale, when the doctor and Louisa disrupt a wedding reception whilst searching for Mrs Tishell.

The hotel is within reach of many fascinating sights in the area, including Merlin’s Cave and Tintagel Castle, as well as the South West Coast Path. A complete day out can easily be enjoyed here!

Stay Within Reach

How to Reach Doc Martin Locations

By Road

The best way to travel around Cornwall is by car, especially when it comes to accessing a few of the more remote filming locations. While many of the cottages mentioned above feature off-road parking, the North Cornwall long stay car parks of Tintagel Visitor Centre and Port Isaac Main Car Park are good options.

You can also travel through Cornwall on the bus, with Bus 96 stopping at Port Isaac and Bus 76 travelling across Bodmin Moor.

By Train

It’s also possible to travel around Cornwall via train, with the closest train station to Port Isaac in particular being Roche. St Ives and Newquay, both within reach of the locations, also enjoy rail access. Please keep in mind that due to the irregularity of the trains, it wouldn’t be possible to make this a day trip only.

Our guide on Travelling to Cornwall features even more options for getting around the county. Alternatively, plan your own route via the Doc Martin filming locations map below.

Doc Martin Filming Locations Map

If you want to explore these iconic Doc Martin locations for yourself, why not secure a base of a Cornwall holiday cottage to do it from? For more inspiration on what to do whilst you’re in the area, our Cornwall travel guide is a must-read. Want to discover more of the country’s on-screen destinations? Check out our list of UK filming locations.

Image Credits: Robert LinsdellCC BY 2.0; Mark TurnerCC BY 2.0; Derek HarperCC BY-SA 2.0;Phillip HallingCC BY-SA 2.0Mark PercyCC BY-SA 2.0;Derek VollerCC BY-SA 2.0

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