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The third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English was released on August 19th 2010 and one of the newly added words was "staycation".

Defined above, there are many reasons to book a self catering holiday cottage and to staycation in the UK. Volcanic ash, airline strikes and an expensive Euro Zone aren't the only reasons. Here are 4 more ...

1) You don't need a passport; you don't need to deal with security and delays at the airport; and you don't need to fly.

2) You don't need to convert your money into a foreign currency and then back again.

3) With our wide selection of pet friendly properties, you don't have to leave your pet at home.

4) When you're at home and not on holiday, you will have a weekly food budget and you will be paying to put petrol in your car. Paying for food and driving to your cottage are two of the main expenses associated with a holiday in a self catering cottage. If your paying for these two things anyway during your normal week, it makes staycationing even more attractive!

If you're looking for a some staycation ideas or tips, then why not take a look at our cottages below? By clicking on the map, you can refine your search by any UK location you want.

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